| October 29, 2012 | 10:00 am

After much thinking and much talking it over with friends and colleagues, I have decided to step down as editor-in-chief of WHACK! Magazine as of this week. It’s been about three and a half years now since my buddy j. vegas and I started WHACK! Initially it was all a big joke–we were going to run a fake porn news magazine (think The Onion of porn) to help promote a webisode we were working on together, and write as some of the characters on the show. But as things got rolling, we realized that we were really on to something. The adult industry didn’t have much in the way of news outlets at the time, and certainly none with a sense of humor. Before we even took stock of what was happening, we were running a fully functional half-news, half-parody online magazine that poked fun at performers while also doling out honest reviews of DVDs, interviews with the stars, press releases, product reviews, and scathing yet hilarious op-eds. We collected a cohort of the smartest and most deranged writers we could find, from the razor-witted Maxxx Peters to the sweet yet filthy Lolly Gagger to the passionate yet pervy Christian Madsen, and soon we were getting press passes to conventions, VIP passes to events, and requests for interviews from everyone from newbie performers to porn legends.

It’s been a fantastic experience, and many of my greatest professional achievements so far have come as direct results of my involvement with the “provocative periodical for the cultured degenerate” I oversaw. The contacts I’ve made and the good times I’ve had have been many. But to every thing, turn, turn, turn, and so on; for the past year I have had less and less time to devote to WHACK! as I have pursued other creative projects. It has gradually become clear that while I love my magazine very much, I don’t enjoy administrative roles. I’d rather be writing or interviewing or painting or curating than handing out deadlines, editing, posting, formatting, and networking about advertising costs. Likewise, my cohort in crime all this time and my editorial director, j. vegas, has begun work on some other projects, gotten married, and had a baby, and has found less time available to work on the magazine. And so, as of this week, we will be both be turning over the magazine to our indomitable friend Christian Madsen, who will become the Freak in Charge at WHACK!

I will continue to write reviews and conduct interviews for the magazine, and to help Christian out during the transition. I’ll still be showing up at industry events and shoving a microphone in people’s faces, waxing philosophic over movies with titles like “Ass-Eaters Anonymous #32,” and ranting about pubic hair, but as time goes on I will be working more on my graphic novel, taking “Consent” out of New York to conventions and museums all around the country, and pursuing my other creative projects on my own.

It’s been a wild ride. To quote the late great Doctor, “I never knew where I was going, but I ripped the tits off everything that got in my way. By the time they figured me out, it was too late.”

| April 12, 2012 | 7:21 pm

And the writeups and reviews and hype just keeps rolling in for Consent at apexart, you amazing creatures (a month from today… *tear), like a wave at a beach that’s a little dirtier than you want it to be, and you’ll probably go home with a sunburn, but hey, it’s a day at the damn beach dammit! Quit whining.

Some from Aby San Thomas for StarringNYC, and featuring the BEST photo from the opening (featured above and stolen originally from Eat the Cake NYC): ‘Lynsey calls porn a distorted mirror of society, explaining that although porn isn’t always what consumers want to see, it’s what those who make it think people want to see. “People have never really been asked to talk about pornography and their own personal relationship to pornography. And I found out that when I asked people, it was like the floodgates had opened. People really, really wanted to talk,” says Lynsey.’

And some from The Sex Files by Ralph Greco over at ShortandSweetNYC, who manages to spell my name wrong and not say much but is still nice.

And from the folks at apexart itself, a little bit on my next event: a discussion panel about responsibility, ethics, education, entertainment, and sustainability in porn, featuring yours truly, Cindy Gallop, Sarah Forbes, Dan Reilly, and Madison Young (and likely a few others–confirmations pending). Free booze, riveting conversation, and porn all around you! Life, my darlings, is oh so sweet.


| January 14, 2012 | 12:00 pm

We don’t know if you all know about Miss Lola. If you’re a New York pervert or a fan of WHACK! Magazine’s weird and wild miscreantism, chances are you’ve heard Her name before. Miss Lola is a New York nightlife icon, lording Her luscious lady self over the annual Sybarite Awards here in Manhattan, and Her websites HedoOnline.com and MissLolasHouse.com. She throws adult lifestyle parties at the hottest venues in Gotham, like the Provocative Press media extravaganza we co-hosted with her during Exxxotica NJ last year. She has more latex in Her closet than the Trojan factory’s warehouse. She knows Her way around a whip and a strap-on, boys, girls, and everybody in between, and She wants to share Her wealth of wicked knowledge with the masses, so this notorious sex educator, sex columnist, Playboy TV host, and all-around Mistress of Delicious is about to start a sexpert column here at WHACK! Magazine!

You heard right, mewling messes: Miss Lola is coming to WHACK! to help educate our confused and curious readers about all things sex! We can’t really believe it, either, to be honest! Starting soon, Ask Miss Lola, her infamous online advice column, will find a sometimes-home here in the perverse pages of our website. For more details on Miss Lola and her plans for your depraved inquiries, tune in to Mad Mic Radio tonight, 1/14, from 6:00 – 9:00 pm EST to soak up the sounds of the sexpert herself!

There’s no time like the present to start asking! Send questions about sex, love, relationships, masturbation, and more for Miss Lola’s consideration to editorial@whackmagazine.com with the subject line, “Ask Miss Lola.” With a wish and a prayer, your dirtiest delusions might be cleared away!

| November 14, 2011 | 8:00 am

The 2011 Fleshbot Awards were a classy-ass event. Held last Friday, November 11 (on 11/11/11—that’s prime calendar real estate!) at the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan, the awards—giant silver dildos—were handed out by New York City’s porn and sex royalty in front of a crowd of the East Coast’s most sophisticated aristocracy as they sipped free drinks (courtesy of Fleshlight—thank you, fake vaginas, for getting us sauced!) and enjoyed burlesque and aerial shows.

“So, what is the lowlife likes of WHACK!’s debauched drunks doing writing about these awards?” you may well ask. Well, we’re proud to say that Miss Lagsalot and j. vegas managed to sneak into the press balcony and take advantage of the three-hour open bar! Open bars are to the WHACK! crew of creeps much like truffles to high-class pigs—we can smell ’em from miles away and we’re not afraid to squeal, grunt, and paw at the ground until they let us get at ’em. Given what we knew of our friends over at Fleshbot, a site we like to think of as our classier, smarter, and better-employed older sister here in NYC, we were confident the Awards would be a killer party. We left three hours later drunker and absolutely not disappointed.

Over the course of the evening, our besotted eyes beheld the aerial stylings of none other than NYC’s own Stoya, who then hosted the event with Sara Benincasa, two burlesque performances by the artistically challenging and panty-moistening DeeDee Lux, one more by GoGo Harder and (who has convinced Lags that the sexy boy-scout uniform is sadly underutilized, and that this needs to change). They hobnobbed with other porn press, wormed their wasted way into the VIP to say hi to Joanna Angel and Belladonna, partied with Jiz Lee (ok, Lags swooned over Jiz Lee at the after-party—that’s almost the same thing), and got all giddy over watching Alan Cumming accept his award for Sexiest Fashion for his fragrance, Cumming (we, for one, are gratified that he’s finally taking full advantage his fantastic last name—check the video for his new fragrance below). All in all, they had to admit: Fleshbot may be more respectable than WHACK! by a long shot, but they sure know how to throw a down-and-dirty party!

A list of the presenters, awards, and recipients is hanging out below. But first, partake of Miss Lagsalot’s Alan Cumming obsession:

The Fleshbot Award for Sexiest Movie, presented by The Baronness, to Steve McQueen, for Shame—award accepted by DeeDee Lux.

The Sexy Art award, presented by Buck Angel to Molly Crabapple

The Sexy Music Award, presented adorably through a translator by Rafael Alencar to Fischer Spooner

The Sexy Technology Award presented by the lovely Ryan Keely to Minna for the new Ola

The Sexy Book Award presented by Stephen Elliot to Kristen Schaal for her Sexy Book of Sexy Sex

The Porn-to-Mainstream Award presented by Chris Nieratko to Joanna Angel

The Mainstream-to-Porn Award presented by Ben Kissel to Chyna

The Sexy TV Award presented by the stunningly gorgeous Justine Joli to Game of Thrones (Nobody from the show could be here so Justine took the dildo home—unfair! We could have presented that!)

The Sexy Fashion Award presented by Patricia Field to Alan Cumming (who wore a kilt, because can)

The Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Fleshbot reining queen Lux Alptraum to Dan Savage (who accepted via video)

| November 10, 2011 | 8:00 am

Lola Bastinado livin' it up in latex on the red carpet at Provocative Press.

Natasha Star lighting up the night.

Misti Dawn and MC Lars break the dress code and look good doin' it!

Nyomi Banxxx? Too sexy for pants.

Lola gets down to business while Lags takes in the scenery...

Sinnamon Love shows off her assets. Do we even need to put the "-ets" on the end of that?

Brittany Andrews takes a break from spinning to spin some dirty dreams in the minds of the press!

Moe the Monster is too cool for the crowd of ravenous media, and too sexy for the rest of us.

Natasha Star, Moe the Monster, and Brittany Andrews?! Who turned up the thermostat out here?

DJ Renegade with Pablo Escobar, Jr. were too provocative for the club!

Chocolate Haze melted the mouths and minds of us all!

Brianna Bliss classed up the event, thankfully for the rest of us sinners.

Does CeeJay Strokes EVER not look like a class act?

Moe the Monster, Miss Lagsalot, j. vegas, Lola Bastinado, and CeeJay Strokes make the most of the VIP inside at Provocative Press! Jealous? You should be!

| October 26, 2011 | 9:00 am

WHACK! Magazine is proud to announce that in collaboration with HedoOnline and Amnesia NYC, on Saturday November 5th, Amnesia’s red carpet will be overflowing with some of the adult industry’s hottest and horniest names! ‘Provocative Press’ promises to be a massive, maudlin media event, welcoming all manner of press coverage with open arms to ogle the teeming seas of sexy stars that will stroll down the red carpet that evening. “I’m thrilled to bring Provocative Press to New York,” asserts Lola Bastinado, the event’s executive producer, NYC nightlife maven, and HedoOnline head honcho. “This is the night the industry shines and is celebrated—giving it the support and exposure it deserves!”

Ms. Bastinado continues, “I’ve worked closely with WHACK! Magazine in the past year and I’m inspired by their work and growth. Since Amnesia NYC is also nominated top in the northeast by Nightclub and Bar Magazine and Felix Parache is nominated for Venue Manager of the Year by Bizbash, I’m honored to orchestrate an evening where the upper echelons of these various industries can come together to celebrate their success with friends and fans!”

“Our team at Amnesia NYC has single-handedly brought fun back into nightlife in NYC, and Provocative Press is no exception,” grins Felix Parache, owner of Amnesia NYC. “Every industry, especially the adult, works very hard to provide for its customers. This media event, hosted by WHACK! Magazine and HedoOnline, is the perfect event for the industry to enjoy a night off!”

Come party with your favorite pack of pretentious pervs from WHACK! Magazine, Lola Bastinado herself, and a lineup of adult film stars that will make your head spin and your heart pound! Featured celebrity guests appearing include smut superstars Andy San Dimas, Misti Dawn, Nyomi Banxxx, Sophie Dee, Misty Stone, Mr. Marcus, Angel Vain, Priya Rai, Sarah Vandella, Emy Reyes, Becca Blossoms, Sinnamon Love, Tessa Lane, Jasmine Tame, Khloe Kush, James Bartholet, Moe the Monster, and more to be announced as the time draws nigh!

“I’m speechless,” said j. vegas, Publisher and Editorial Director for WHACK! Magazine. “We’ve gone from an unknown blog satirizing the adult biz to a full-fledged online jizz rag, spilling out industry going-ons mixed with our signature brand of thoroughly original content. Unless you’re giving and/or taking dick on film, it ain’t easy to get this sort of recognition in such a small amount of time. And to be hosting a red carpet event in the greatest city in the world with all our porn peeps is something we couldn’t have done without Lola being the champion of our cause. Now, who’s ready to get good and drunk?!”

When: Saturday November 5, 2011
Where: Amnesia NYC 609 West 29th Street
New York, NY 10001

Doors will open at 10PM and the party will continue until 4:00AM.
Red Carpet will begin at 12:30 AM and continue until 4:00 AM

More details at the press page for Provocative Press, right here!

| October 22, 2011 | 2:27 pm

Team Yellow: Gia "The Fountain" DiMarco and Lyla "The Jaguar" Storm

Last night’s live tag team match-up of the featherweights, broadcast live on Kink.com from the Armory in San Francisco, was one hell of a match, ladies and gents! Yours truly was there with bells on to get a peek at the smallest and toughest girls from the internet grapple, grope, and fuck each other into submission right before her very eyes, and the eyes of hundreds of other screaming fans. Personally, I was super-excited: not only is the spectacle of wrestling always kind of homoerotic and therefore exciting anyway, but the women wrestling last night were all under 105 pounds; they were MY SIZE! I have long maintained that I’m tough as really small, pointy nails and that nobody should take my diminutive size for weakness, so watching the tiny ladies of Team Blue (Serena Blair & Emma Haize) take on the equally little ladies of  Team Yellow (Gia DiMarco and Lyla Storm) was so validating for oft-mocked, Napoleon-complex-bearing, 95-pound me.

Team Blue: Serena "The Jockey" Blair and Emma "The Haizer" Haize

And what a match it was! For serious, you guys, they were tied neck-in-neck for the first three rounds, points being awarded in nearly equal parts as the fighters fondled, fingered,  licked, smothered, face-sat, and kissed in a desperate struggle for dominance. Team Yellow’s long, lean, tan Gia and Lyla dominated early, their eagerness to fight and fuck clear in their grinning faces, hile Team Blue’s paler, more buttery-bodied Serena and Emma got pounded, but over the course of three twelve-minute rounds, I learned a few things: 1) tall, skinny girls are WIRY and not to be meddled with, but 2) compact, pale, Irish-looking girls are STRONG. These girls were rookies, and their inexperience showed in their lack of solid wrestling moves, but Emma Haize, whose teammate Serena seemed a bit out of her depth as she was forcibly fingered by the Yellow ladies, dominated this match. Emma was shorter and less lean than her opponents, but the grim determination on her face as she held Gia down and smothered, fingered, and kissed her all at once was truly impressive. This woman was strong as a very small ox, and not about to let the championship go.

When she won it for Team Blue, she got her just deserts: a six-woman strap-on orgy starring Team Blue and Kink.com staples Isis and Donna, in which Team Yellow’s Gia and Lyla were double-teamed by giant dildos for a full twelve minutes. The best thing about Ultimate Surrender? There are very happy — actually GUSHINGLY happy — endings for everyone. In the end, especially on International Fisting Day (which was duly observed by Team Yellow, several times over and much to the glee of the audience), everybody wins.

Everybody wins!

— Miss Lagsalot

| October 18, 2011 | 8:25 am

You heard right, wankers! For the third year in a row, your favorite porn publication, WHACK! Magazine will storm the Edison, NJ convention center and rock the socks of everyone at the Exxxotica NJ adult industry convention from November 4-6! We’ll be prowling the exhibition floor with our cameras and cretinism, and probably a pack of smokin’ hotties, getting interviews with stars and fans alike for our illustrious website! You won’t want to miss the star-studded event where you can not only meet your favorite stars, but the whole degenerate crew from your favorite provocative periodical!

But that’s not even the half of it, horndogs! If you can’t make it out to Edison to meet the biggest names in the bang biz, never fear! You can meet the cream of the crop at the raging, rocking media event we’ll be holding that Saturday night, November 5, at Amnesia in New York fuckin’ City! We’ve teamed up with our favorite hedonist, the beautiful and bubbly sexpert Miss Lola Bastinado, owner of HedoOnline, Playboy Radio host, and Executive Producer of the Sybarite Awards, to bring you Amnesia’s finest memory loss-inducing insanity on November 5, along with a long and luscious red carpet where you can see your favorite adult stars step out of their limos (hopefully flashing their panties) and saunter into the club! Join the WHACK! staph, Miss Lola, Priya Rai, Mr. Marcus, Angel Vain, Nyomi Banxxx, Missty Stone, James Bartholet, Sara Vandella, Emy Reyes, Becca Blossoms, Sinnamon Love, Natasha Starr, CeeJay Strokes, and more on the red carpet or inside the club. P.S.: whisper “WHACK!” at the door and you get VIP access! Take a peek at the flier below for all the deets: more updates will certainly come hard and fast!

For more info on the amazing Miss Lola, visit her website or check out our Sinterview with her!

| September 27, 2011 | 8:00 am

WHACK! MAGAZINE First things first: can you tell us a bit about who you are and your history in the industry for any readers who might not know?

NICA NOELLE I’m the creator of and sole writer/director for adult film studios Sweetheart Video, Sweet Sinner Films, and Sweet Sinema Productions. I’ve been directing adult films for about five years and prior to that I was a journalist and a legal worker. Throughout my twenties, I was a part-time stripper.

W! You are one of the adult industry professionals spearheading the Adult Performers Association: what made you decide that an organization like this was necessary?

NN It was a mixture of both personal and professional concern.  There were a few events that took place in our industry that caused me and others to feel frightened and unsafe.  On a personal front, I didn’t understand why others were making decisions about my health and safety that I wasn’t necessarily on board with, and I wasn’t sure if I had any recourse. There was a great deal of pressure to “go with the flow” and not raise any concerns publicly. I also felt a general (and growing) sense of confusion, hostility and unrest in the industry since the collapse of AIM Healthcare. As these things came to a head, I decided I should educate myself and try to make things better, or just leave the adult industry altogether.

Meanwhile, January Seraph, my partner in APA, was feeling exactly the same way and for very similar reasons. Once we started talking we discovered we had many of the same concerns, beliefs and goals. She’s very action-oriented and productive and so am I, so together we’re like a well-oiled machine. We brought the APA from conception to reality within a few days.

W! Who else is involved in getting it started?

NN Here are the roles we’ve currently assumed:

Nica Noelle – Co-Founder, mainstream media outreach and communications emphasis

January Seraph – Co-Founder, technical infrastructure & development emphasis

Madison Young – AP Community Resources and Outreach Chair

Maggie Mayhem – Sex Education & Safer Sex Chair

We’re still establishing who the Financial Advisor and Legal Advisor will be from a small group of people we’re considering. Additionally we are still establishing what other positions are needed, policy surrounding the terms and voting policy regarding these positions in the future.

W! In one or two sentences: what is the Adult Performers Association?

NN APA is an organization of adult performers and our supporters who are passionate about improving health, safety and quality of life for adult film entertainers.  We endeavor to reach these and other goals through education, encouragement, advocacy, resources and support.

W! Who is it for and what will it hopefully accomplish?

NN The APA is designed to improve the lives of Adult Industry Performers, but we believe everyone in the industry will benefit from our research and efforts. We intend to address health and safety conditions in the workplace, to educate performers on their rights, facilitate dialogue with agents, producers and studios, and rework our outdated and inaccurate image in the mainstream press.  Our ultimate goal is that Adult Performers will have access to healthcare, and develop a sense of security and empowerment through education, improved work conditions, and reduced social stigma.

W! One of the things I’ve seen repeated on the website and in interviews is that this organization is not meant to be “anti” anything. What might it be against? Why might people think that?

NN I think there’s some perception that we may be competing with other organizations or trying to rabble-rouse, but that’s not the case. We may not agree with other organizations on every issue, but we’re not about competition or infighting. Our ONLY agenda is to assist performers and to help to improve their quality of life.

W! You have also said that the organization will be not profit-oriented — that the idea stems from a sincere desire to help advocate the rights of adult performers. How does the APA plan to make the money required to offer resources to the community?

NN Through funding and donations. Right now that’s what we’re aiming for. We’d like to provide this service at no cost to performers.

W! The organization believes that it’s important to offer performers more testing options and to avoid a monopoly on STI testing. But isn’t centralized testing what worked so well for AIM and the industry?

NN We’re not “against” the centralization of testing — it’s just important to make sure it’s done right, that qualified doctors and labs are involved, that procedures are consistently followed, and patient questions and concerns properly and thoroughly addressed. There’s more than one way to structure a centralized system and we’d like to educate performers on ALL possible options. We think the proposed system can and must be improved upon if Performers’ rights are to be protected.

W! What could go wrong with a monopoly on testing? How do you hope to prevent that?

NN There’s a reason why antitrust laws exist, and why our legal system generally frowns upon monopolies in business.  At bottom, a

Nica Noelle

monopoly means there is no market competition, and — like it or not — competition is often what motivates business owners to offer the highest quality service at the lowest prices.

Following that reasoning, if Performers have no choice but to test at one lab, there‘s a potential for that lab to develop a lax attitude with respect to quality and service.  Because even if the service falls below standards, what are unhappy performers going to do — take their business elsewhere? They can’t! They’re not allowed! We believe that’s a potentially dangerous state of affairs.  But we are always open to dialogue and debate. Our only agenda is to act in the best interests of Adult Performers.

W! How frequently would the association like for performers to be tested for maximum safety?

NN This is an issue we’re currently researching and once our research is complete we’ll share our findings.

W! The organization plans to facilitate dialogue and understanding between the gay and straight porn industries. What steps would the association like to take?

NN There’s a lot of tension between the gay the straight porn communities, and a lot of fear, hostility and misinformation. Obviously both sides would benefit from increased understanding and cooperation as well as unified safety and testing standards.  We plan to facilitate some much needed dialogue so we can move forward as a group.

W! Providing résumés for all performers for perusal by potential costars is also on the docket, to be provided by agents. What issues do you hope to address with this system?

NN Performers want to know who they’re working with.  Performer resumes would answer such basic questions as, how much experience does this performer have? What kind of scenes have they done? Who have they worked with? If you’re about to have sex with a person, you have a right to know something about their work history and level of experience. Performers don’t all share the same boundaries and/or proclivities, so they should have the opportunity to turn down a scene if a costar’s resume makes them uncomfortable.

W! Media outreach is also a part of the plan. What type of image makeover do you hope to provide for performers and the industry in general?

NN The image of the Adult Performer is not at all reflective of who we are today. There are men and women from all walks of life performing in adult films by choice; not out of “desperation” or because they lack the skill set to do anything else. The notion that every performer is a drug addict, a sex addict, a victim, or just a confused and exploited person, is patently false. Performers confront daily these damaging stereotypes and live with the resulting sense of isolation, loneliness and depression.  In order to protect themselves from scorn and discrimination, Performers routinely lie about or hide what they do for a living. They may also disconnect from “civilian” friends — and even family — to avoid negative reactions and ultimatums.

W! Another goal is to be a group health plan for performers. Is health insurance a major issue in the industry?

NN It’s beyond major. It’s at a crisis level. Performers should and must have access to health insurance, and there is no item of higher importance on our agenda than this one.  It’s untenable that any adult performer should go without basic medical care. We work with our bodies, and we kiss and touch each other on a daily basis. It is absolutely necessary that we get our physicals, mammograms, and wellness appointments as needed, and investigate and treat symptoms in a timely manner.

W! Education seems to be a big goal, also — you’re planning videos and workshops on industry-pertinent topics. Tell us what topics are being discussed and why they are important.

NN Important topics include health tips, safety tips, hygiene and etiquette. But our videos will also demonstrate what a Performer can and should expect to encounter on an Adult Film shoot.  This includes paperwork and 2257 forms, and what those forms represent in terms of privacy.  Also, Performers should know what type of scene they were booked for, and they shouldn’t feel pressured to agree to a change in terms when they arrive. They should know that a director and/or costar should not ask for “extras,” on camera or off.  They should know that if they feel uncomfortable for any reason, they can and should leave and contact their agent or Adult Industry mentor.

We’ll also address the process of leaving the industry. Topics will include how to transition back into “civilian” life and provide resources to help navigate any rocky emotional/psychological terrain.

W! The association hopes to become a resource for information, support, and community in the industry, particularly for new performers. What do you wish people had told or helped you with when you when you started?

NN I wish that not only the permanence of digital media had been impressed upon us, but the implications that being in adult videos would have with regards to our personal privacy, via 2257 documentation and dissemination. I wish I had known exactly what privacy rights were being signed away before I took my first AIM test, so that I could have made an informed decision about whether I was okay with taking those risks. I wish there would have been an online community of adult performers who made themselves available to newcomers who had questions, or a website that would have alerted me to some of the health and safety issues about which every adult performer must become educated and navigate continuously throughout their career in adult films.

W! You’ve maintained that this is not meant to be a labor union, but it seems that many of the proposed changes would be effective only if every performer utilized the association’s resources. If providing a resume, using alternative testing facilities, requiring more recent tests in partners, and so on, were to be voluntary rather than mandatory, isn’t there a danger of two separate industries arising: one that utilizes the protocols of the association and one that doesn’t? How can this be addressed?

NN We’re hoping to change community standards so that the voluntary becomes the norm. After all, 30 day tests are a self-regulation that the Industry agreed to, but that standard wasn’t imposed upon us by external forces.  Industries often agree to their own code of ethics and conduct, and the Adult Industry has already demonstrated an ability to do that.  The APA is confident that if we introduce valid suggestions and solutions the Industry will respond. And with each area of improvement and success, confidence in the APA will grow. We look forward to proving ourselves.

W! What can our readers and adult performers do now to help the association?

NN Right now, just pay attention. Listen with a critical ear to what’s being said to you, both by us and anyone else who claims to have your best interests in mind. Don’t get angry or indifferent — just listen, and analyze the information being offered. Does it make sense to you? Why or why not? Use your voice. Question. Suggest. Comment. This is your industry. This is your health. This is your life. You have every right to be part of every single decision and debate. Beyond that, visit our website. Follow us on Twitter. Read our posts and updates, and stay aware.

We don’t want to charge Adult Performers for membership, but we will have a donations page available soon on our website for fans and supporters. We’re very grateful for those who wish to contribute to our cause.

—Interview conducted by the ever-curious and curiously evil Miss Lagsalot.

| May 22, 2011 | 10:32 am

Angel Vain at the WHACK! booth

Ladies and germs, I just woke up for the third morning in Miami and realized that, despite the very loud doomsday prophecies from Christian groups over the past week, and some real overzealous protesters outside the Exxxotica Miami Beach convention yesterday (one sign said “Porno Sex is Sin,” which isn’t exactly logical but at least isn’t confusing, either; another, however, said “Homo Sex is a Threat to National Security,” which defies all explanation), the WHACK! crew is still all here and having a blast. Unless, of course, we’ve been taken up in the Rapture and just didn’t realize it.

…actually, that’s very possible. We’re headed back to the Miami Convention Center today to  hang out with Lexi Love, Eve Laurence, Trina Michaels, Angel Vain, and Lola Bastinado at the WHACK! booth, and we’ve got interviews on the books with Teagan Presley, Adrenalynn, Keni Styles, and Kirsten Price, then clean up our crap and go to the beach for the night.

…this might be Heaven. And if so: Screw You, doom-mongers! If anyone in this world has sinned according to your rules, it’s the WHACK! staph and our porn brethren, and it looks like we made it past doomsday and the judgment in one piece. One big, juicy, sexy piece. Come join us today!

Ceejay Strokes and Lola Bastinado at the WHACK! booth

| May 19, 2011 | 6:12 pm

Word up, bitches! The WHACK! crew is officially here and assembled in sunny, hot, humid, horny Miami, getting drunk and waiting for the gates to open on tomorrow’s fap-fest to begin: Exxxotica Miami Beach will get underway at noon tomorrow, and we’re kind of hoping and kind of terrified to see all your sallow, lonely, salivating faces light up at the sight of our fabulous Women of WHACK! at our very own, very fun booth.

Not only will we be joined by the luscious Lexi Love, the tall and tit-tastic Trina Michaels, the lovely Eve Laurence, and bombshell-blondness of Angel Vain, and the stern ministrations of Mistress Lola Bastinado, but we’ll be riling up the rowdy, randy crowds with a very special, totally unique, and jaw-droppingly perverted game you’ve got to see to believe!

Don’t wait for us to post pictures, video, and commentary here, on Facebook, on Twitter, or on Ustream, fuckers—find us at Exxxotica tomorrow through Sunday to get in on the live action!

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