A Profile of Erika Lust: Now at Rolling Stone!

erika lust crew film shoot lynsey g

Lust and members of her crew on a shoot, courtesy of Erika Lust.

I’m very proud to announce that I have a new piece up at Rolling Stone! It’s a profile of one of my porno heroes: Swedish pornographer Erika Lust. I’ve been a fan of her work for many years, and was even able to meet her once when the poetry organization I performed with was hired to perform at the opening of her film Cabaret Desire at the Museum of Sex in New York City.

Since then, I’ve kept an eye on her creative output, and have enjoyed what I’ve seen! Erika’s work is narrative, beautiful, honest, and deeply erotic. Now, she’s expanding her vision to include guest directors, more diverse performers and employees, more international filming, and so much more.

I spoke with Erika herself about her goal of creating a better sexual world by way of better porn. I also talked with fans and critics of her work, with performers and other pornographers, all about her vision and her creations.

A taste:

The goal is of showing people how to have better sex while giving better consent seems to be working. “I get a lot of e-mails from men, saying, ‘Thank you…I tried to watch porn with my wife,” says Lust. “‘She never liked it. And now we watch your films, and we had the best night ever!’ One of the biggest problems with sex is that it is still so taboo that people don’t talk about it. Everybody is feeling that they are alone, that they are strange, that they are perverts and they can’t share it with anyone else. But in the end, we are all perverts!”

Go read the rest at RollingStone.com! Thanks for reading!

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