REVIEW: Spectrophilia from Erika Lust’s XConfessions


Directed by Erika Lust

Starring Amber Nevada, Dido Wend

You guys. You guys.

I don’t actually know most of you, but if you’re reading this blog there’s a good chance that you’re into erotic films. There’s also a good chance that you’re a fan of dark poetry, queer sex, and probably creepy stuff. Because that’s kind of my thing, and I don’t make much of an attempt to hide the truth of my dark little ghoulish heart here on my very own blog.

And so I am delighted to tell you about a short film called “Spectrophilia” from Erika Lust, available at her website XConfessions. If you don’t know about this ambitious and ingenious film series, please go check it out. Erika Lust is a filmmaker out of Barcelona who has been making gorgeous, award-winning erotic films for years, and she recently started making short films of scenes that her fans suggest to her–their confessions. (Get it?) Fans and subscribers to the site can write in with fantasies or experiences they’ve had, and twice a month, Ms. Lust films beautiful humans acting them out. The films are short, beautiful, sensual, and really, really hot.

What a cool freaking idea, right? Since these are the experiences and ideas of real people, there’s a special feeling as you’re poking around the website, looking for somebody whose fantasies line up with your own.

So recently, I was on the website, poking around looking for that perfect short film to satiate my creepy, queer, cenephilic, witchy, poetic tastes. It’s a tall order to fill, so I wasn’t expecting much. But then, what should my dilated pupils behold, but a black-and-white, utterly gothic lesbian ghost sex scene, based on a poem?

I don’t think I’ve ever thought “This porno was literally made specifically for me” before. Considering the amount of porn I have seen, that is really spectacular on a number of levels, but it has finally happened. I also had a brief moment of metacognition in which I ruminated, “Is this what it feels like to be a straight white man all the time?”…before I clicked on the button and downloaded the film and got down to business.

And. Shit.

You guys.

This film is fantastic. It is only about fifteen minutes long (as are most of the XConfessions films), and its brevity works perfectly. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to sit through an entire mainstream porno scene, but in my experience, forty-five minutes of hardcore fucking is just too much, unless you have some really exciting twists and turns thrown in, or so many people in the scene that it takes that long to get around to what everybody is doing. Generally, though, I find it gratuitous. About seven to fifteen minutes is really all I need–if I’m not into the performers or the acts happening, I switch to the next scene or find something else to watch.



In “Spectrophilia,” the timing is just right. The first few minutes are all setting up the scene, without overblown dialogue or boring exposition–a woman in a supercute Goth outfit is lighting candles and wafting incense around a very creepy interior that could easily be in a crypt, castle, or basement. She strips and lies down on a striped chaise lounge, rubbing herself, and then…

..she invokes a ghost lover. And it is super f-ing creepy! I’m not going to tell you all about it because that would give away the delicious moments of shivery surprise, nor am I going to tell you precisely what ensues. But suffice it to say that in a gorgeously edited, beautifully shot, and scorching-hot ten-or-so minutes, “Spectrophilia” edified a large portion of my personal sexy-film checklist.

Beautiful to look at? Check.
Hot lesbian sex? Check.
Authentic-looking lesbian sex? Check.
Intense and very real orgasms? Check.
Performers with obvious chemistry? Check.
Otherworldly creepy elements? Check.
Freaking surprise ending?! CHECK.

Oh, and did I mention that the film is based on a super-Gothic poem submitted by an XConfessions member (@i_got_you_under_my_skin)?

If Wednesday Addams were real, this is the stuff she’d be into.*

So please. Please, my dark, dreadful darlings, get an XConfessions membership. Share your fantasies and memories, and watch “Spectrophilia” and other short films, which I am slowly working my way through, as well! (Next on the list: “La Reine des Culottes“! Two words: Mickey. Mod.)


*No offense meant whatsoever, by the way, to Burning Angel–they’re making Wednesday Addams porn and the previews I’ve seen look great! But… not quite this serious or edgy. If you’re familiar with Burning Angel’s horror spoofs, you know what I mean.


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