A Massive Interview with Courtney Trouble, Reposted!

I can’t believe I didn’t post this simultaneously on WHACK! and on here! But maybe this is better, because after all, Courtney Trouble is one of the coolest people I know in the adult biz, and one I’m proud to call a close colleague. So double-posting might get her big announcements and even bigger plans double the attention! Courtney–love ya!

WHACK! MAGAZINE Hi, Courtney, it’s been a while since we talked for the benefit of the readers of WHACK! Magazine, and you’ve had quite a lot going on! What have you been busy working on?

COURTNEY TROUBLE I have been busy being a major slut, that’s for sure! SO much porn performing. Also, the boring half of that: restructuring my businesses.

W! Really! Tell me more… *drool

CT Tell you more about being a major slut? My pleasure! My scene with Jiz Lee just went up on QueerPorn.TV, I did a scene with James Darling that just went up on NoFauxxx, and I’v got scenes with Dia Zerva, Paris Kenneddy, Bianca Stone, Charlie Spats, and more coming up in the next month or two. Also, planning two scenes with non-trans guys: Wolf Hudson and Ned Mayhem… that’s a pretty big deal, yeah?

W! Wow, busy lady!

CT The rest of my life outside of fucking on film is all super business-related. Designing websites and planning parties, like my pride party on June 24th, Queerly Beloved!
And my wedding and 30th birthday both coming up in August and September, whoa!

W! Holy wow. We have a lot to talk about!

CT Let’s start where you wanna start 🙂

W! Ok, first: I have a crush on pretty much everybody you just mentioned. Were any of them, or will any of them be, first times working together for you?

CT Aside from Jiz Lee, I had never fucked or performed with any of these people. Just work crushes come true!

W! Wow, so you’ve been in bliss during that side of your life. Were any of the scenes particularly amazing (so I can try to get readers to watch them)? Or do you project any amazingness to come?

CT My scene with Jiz Lee for QueerPorn.TV was pretty out of this world. It was our third performance together, and it was pretty much perfect! We shot a lot of footage, but the scene that’s up now is back-to-back fucking with just our hands and bodies. We both soaked the bed with… Jiz! You can buy it on it’s own as a download at queerporn.tv/store

W! I’m so there. Yum yum yum…

CT And use WHACK to get 20% off any clips in that store while you’re at it! (Til the end of July.) Cuz I love you guys.

W! Squee! Thanks! Well, let’s move on to the second part of this cornucopia of awesome: restructuring your business? In what way?

CT Well, since we last spoke, I have released two DVDs on my own line, TROUBLEfilms. I have also picked up some other films by other directors for distrobution, including Tobi Hill-Meyer’s trans woman porn film Doing It Ourselves. Pulling my two membership porn sites QueerPorn.TV and NoFauxxx.com into the mix, there’s a lot of stuff to keep track of! I am also bringing two more porn sites into the TROUBLEfilms family really soon, on a supervisory level, including one that’s a specialty site for fans of FTM trans porn and directed by the amazing James Darling.
I’m literally making SO MUCH PORN. NoFauxxx.Com, of course, turns ten years old this year, and I have to say this somewhere… I am restructuring the entire website, including renaming it IndiePornRevolution.com — but that’s an informal announcement.

W! Wow, NoFauxxx is going to be ten years old? That’s monumental. A smallish porn site lasting that long is huge in any case, but groundbreaking queer porn? That’s really something. Why do you think it’s lasted so long?

Stolen, of course, from the San Francisco Guardian. Thanks, guys!

CT It’s lasted this long because it is a labor of love through and through. People see that, and support it. There has never been a lack of customers, or a lack of people who want to perform for the site! The only reason it ever would have died is if I had decided to move on from porn, or moved on to making more mainstream porn. But the truth is that the mainstream loves NoFauxxx.com (or Indie Porn Revolution — I guess I should get used to that!) — as soon as they see what I’m talking about, people immediately get it, and enjoy it. That’s why I’m changing the name — to reflect what’s really happening with this kind of porn. It’s not scary or dark or twisted — there’s something for everybody. It’s kind of like indie music or indie film — untouched by Hollywood tropes, classic, tasteful, edgy, and above all real.

W! Absolutely. NoFauxx is a classy name, but I do think that you’re on to something with Indie Porn Revolution. Over just the few years that I’ve been aware of and following alt/indie/queer/feminist/etc porn, it’s gotten bigger and better and more popular. I can hardly imagine the changes you’ve seen in ten years.

CT I mean, it just didn’t exist. And now it’s everywhere. Ten years ago Alt Porn was being born, but this whole softer side, the indie side, was completely missing. Alt porn was hard and harsh and very, very niche. A real “alternative porn” didn’t exist. Softer bodies, softer sexualities didn’t exist.

W! Have you ever had a moment where you thought maybe you would move on, to more mainstream porn or out of that line of work altogether?

CT Nah, never. I mean, I make projects that are easier to sell all the time — heterosexual stuff, lesbian stuff. I have a ton of it! But my version of mainstream or “normal” includes intelligence, diversity, and decency. So if I was able to be “mainstream” and also keep those values, then I suppose I’d already be there. But I love being my own boss too much to go make porn for a big company, is the honest truth. I hate censorship. And I don’t put myself through that, even if it hurts my sales.

W! Honestly, I think that what you put together with NoFauxxx and all your other projects may have been a model for people in more mainstream porn, especially business-wise. You’ve always kept it small, done it your way, and managed to keep afloat. I think that may be the future of all porn. Do you think I’m crazy or on to something?

CT I think that you are both crazy, and on to something.

W! Haha, yes!

CT People are looking specifically at my business model right now and wondering, “How do we do that?” But the problem is then they say, “How can we profit from that?” And that’s where they slip up. I can pay my rent and bills and I can buy food and clothes and whatnot, but that would simply not be enough for a majority of the people drawn to production jobs in the adult industry, I’m betting.

W! True. Which is maybe where the more political and artistic visions of a lot of people in indie porn come in. Not to be glam, but to say something.

CT Indie porn, like indie film and music, comes directly from the heart to your receptive parts. It’s made because for the artist, it just simply has to be made. There’s no way around it. I either make this or I die. Maybe that sounds intense or dramatic but it’s true. And my audience benefits from that. I’m simply lucky that I make any money from this at all, because otherwise I’d be doing it anyways, but for nothing. (Not to say steal my work; please don’t.)

W! Haha, of course not! Get it by typing WHACK! and getting a discount. So you’ve got a lot of landmarks coming up… 10th anniversary of NoFauxxx, soon to be Indie Porn Revolution… 30th birthday… and… wedding?!

CT Yea! A decade of porn, three decades of me, and a wedding.

W! Wowza. Is it going to be like the most epic queer bonanza of awesome ever?

CT That’s sounds like my bachelor party but yes! It will be romantic and quirky.

W! Well I hope we all get to see at least a few pictures.

CT I will save one or two wedding photos for public release. My relationship is for sure part of my private life though for the most part. Unadvertised. My partner’s not in the adult industry, and I’d like to keep it that way! Jiz Lee and Billy Casto are planning my bachelor party…

W! Holy moly, that’s going to be fun. Speaking of parties….

CT YES! If you want to hear about a real party of the century… On June 24th I’m throwing a huge summertime daytime dance party at El Rio at 3pm for $7. Anybody is welcome to attend. I mean, really. Fly to San Francisco and come to this party. The babes from Cum and Glitter, a live sex show collective, are doing a kinky kissing booth.

W! OoooOOOOoooh…

CT So you can make out, get a lap dance, get spanked – whatever you want I’m sure within means, it can happen to you! That is probably what will most appeal to the WHACK! crew!

W! Hahaha, you know us so well.


W! Yes, tell me about your performance! I hear this is a big deal because you haven’t been doing it so much recently. (Also because you’re sexy.)

CT I am a trained dancer and used to be both a burlesque performer as well as a nude peepshow dancer at the Lusty Lady, but took a break these past few years to focus on porn. But I’m missing the stage like crazy and will be returning to it, at this party, for the first time ever in San Francisco. I can’t get too deep into my act, but it will be fully nude and involve ice.

W! Oooooooohhhhhh…..

CT For the ladies (and other people who like boys) James Darling will also be doing a striptease… or some kind of performance. He’s kind of a perv, so we’ll see! But I’m looking forward to watching him before my act!

W! Ok I’m kind of drooling on myself. Ahem. Let me regain my composure.

CT laughing

W! Are there other features/performers/enticements? And why during the day?

CT Yes of course. During the day because it will be hot out and it’s a patio party, so you can drink, smoke, make out, and dance hard — just remember your sunscreen! People like to party during the day during San Francisco Pride…

W! You Californians are WHACK!-y.

CT Queer electro hip hop artist Lady Tragik is our headlining performer, she’s a fucking babe and really talented, too. My BFF Jenna Riot is DJing the main part of the party — she’s also a babe. Chelsea Starr is also a babe. Dorian Faust, burlesque queen of the Bay… also a babe. I’m seeing a pattern here. I like babes and I like to throw parties with them.

W! Dorian Faust may also be the coolest burlesque name I’ve ever heard.

CT Yeah totally! She’s AMAZING. She just went up on NoFauxxx.com this week. She’s a Cum and Glitter gal, too.

W! Oooooh, even more reason to visit the site now!

CT I stream all the performances from their crew.

W! Wow, I may have to check on my bank account and see what my options are to get out there for this party.

CT Yes! PLEASE DO! You can buy pre-sale tickets online for $3 off.

W! Not bad a’ tall! I’ll try to funnel some WHACK! readers to it, if nothing else, and I WILL check into plane tickets. So when do you plan to re-launch NoFauxxx as Indie Porn Revolution? Are any of these big things coinciding?

CT If you type in IndiePornRevolution.com into your browser right now, it will take you to the site — it will be a seamless transition. The site will stay exactly the same, perhaps with a new Mission Statement page and video trailer.

W! Ok, so you’re moving right along! Fantastic! Let us know when you’ve got new banners, etc.

CT But I do think that the Ten Year Anniversary and my 30th birthday will be the same thing. You’ll have to interview me closer to the date (Sept 15th) but I’m pretty sure it will involve TONS of porn stars and a  swimming pool.

W! Oooh! I can book that in advance. Fantastic! Well Courtney, thanks so much for taking time! I’m so looking forward to all your awesome future stuff.

CT No, thank you! WHACK! is an awesome magazine, and you are an awesome culture-maker for us.

W! Thank you so much! Aw jeez! Squee!

CT xoxoxo

—Sinterview conducted by the always-into-it Miss Lagsalot.

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