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Hi, world! I want to introduce you to Oneshi Press, the publishing company I co-created with my partner in life and creation, Jayel Draco.

Oneshi Press is the result of oodles of hard work and two lifetimes of unyielding creative vision. The short version of the story is that we both have ideas for projects–most of them, right now, art books of various types–that are ambitious, genre-bending, and wildly unconventional. In each, a whole world is created–a world we want to invite readers into. But first we need to get them to the public! We’ve walked the standard publishing path for years now, approaching publishers and agents with our projects, only to be turned away with lots of apologies and compliments. After lots of talking and tons of consideration, we decided that with our combined decades of professional experience in writing, illustration, publishing, web design, and more, together we have the capability, vision, and dedication to start publishing these projects ourselves. So we’ve created Oneshi Press as a way to bring the unique, immersive worlds we’ve created together into this world… with your help.

As the video above explains, we’re looking for support from amazing humans like you to help us get Oneshi Press off the ground! We can put in a lot of our own time and resources to get these books made, but the truth is that each one of them is so big and requires so much work that if we don’t collect some funding, they may never be finished. Tracy Queen, our graphic novel, is almost 300 pages long all by itself! Our other two current projects–a comic book called PACK and an art book called The Great Nations of Rendaraia–are also majorly ambitious. Between the three of them, we could spend a lifetime of nights and weekends toiling away…and we have more ideas to follow! We also want to publish work by other people once we have the resources, so collect those resources we must!

And so we are looking to you, our dear friends and adored fans, to help us by donating literally ANY dollar amount you can on a monthly basis via Patreon. Each dollar, follow, and share helps us get closer to our goal of turning our visions into realities! We’re offering some great rewards to those who contribute, from access to exclusive high-resolution artwork to letters from your favorite characters to cameos in our books, and more! Check out our Patreon page for all the details and choose your level of patronage, or share and like and support us on social media if that’s more your speed. You can also learn more about all of our upcoming projects, future goals, and support team at our website,

Thank you so much in advance for your help! We hope to thank you with rewards and, eventually, with stunning books in print and digital formats. We create worlds, and you’re invited.

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