An Audiobook, A Video, and a Live-Stream Q&A, All for You!

I’ve been known to get up to some audio & visual hijinks from time to time. And sometimes a bunch of those things happen at once. Like right now! Read on to find out about my audiobook, a new video of an old live-stream, and my upcoming live-stream Q&A!

What’s That About an Audiobook?

Okay, now that the recording is in the bag, I feel like I can officially announce that my memoir-slash-informative-book, Watching P*rn: And Other Confessions of an Adult Entertainment Journalist, is being turned into an audiobook! And I’m super excited to tell you that I’m the one who recorded it! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been in the studio about three days a week to read through the whole book. It was so much fun, OMG! (I’m crossing my fingers that I did a good job and I’ll get to do other audiobooks in the future.)

The recording is now in the hands of the sound editor, and I may go back in to do some touch-ups in the coming weeks. Then, sometime this fall, Watching Porn will be available as an audiobook!

I’m super excited about this new phase of existence for the book. I love audiobooks because they make books accessible for so many people who either aren’t able to or who aren’t into reading traditional books. I wrote Watching P()rn to help more people understand the worlds of pornography, sexuality, and sex work, and I especially want differently abled folks to be able to access that information. So an audiobook is a great next step for my darling book!

I’ll fill you in more as soon as I have a release date and more information. Maybe I’ll do a live-stream release party or something. Stay tuned!

Video of “Chapter 21: Winner!”

I had practice reading Watching P0rn aloud before I recorded the audiobook. As a step toward making it more accessible to more people, I spent the year leading up to the recording live-streaming one chapter at a time. And about a month ago, I did the last live reading of the last chapter: “Winner!” This chapter is the book’s culmination and conclusion, where my work as an adult entertainment journalist reached a pinnacle. And it felt like a good way to end the book.

You can watch the video here, or check it out on Facebook or YouTube. (I’d love it if you hit that “like” button!)

You can watch the live-streams of all the chapters at my Facebook Page or on my YouTube Channel. And don’t forget to “like” it and comment so I can become a YouTube/Facebook Live star! Or something!

Speaking of Live-Streams…

This Saturday, I’ll be going live on Twitch with the creative team behind Children of Gaia: War & Horses, a pulp-fiction fantasy novel I edited and will be publishing with Oneshi Press! Along with author Peter Lampasona, co-illustrators Jayel Draco and Chris Covelli, I’m doing a live-streamed Q&A on August 31 at 1:00 pm MDT (3:00 Eastern, 12:00 Pacific). We’ll be fielding any and all questions about this unique book, which is Kickstarting right the heck now!

War & Horses is an illustrated fantasy novel set in a weird-western setting and modeled after the dime-store pulp novels that romanticized the Old West. Except this isn’t the Old West—it’s a fantasy realm that encompasses everything from gunslingers to faerie societies to eternal spirits and much more. And we’re not just Kickstarting the book—we’re also releasing a soundtrack to the Children of Gaia universe alongside it!

Learn what it’s all about and ask any questions you’ve got this Saturday! Just sign in to Twitch (it’s free and super easy) between 1:00 and 3:00 to join the live chat and fire all your questions right at us. We’ll be ready for you! You can RSVP on Facebook or just show up for the stream—we’re happy either way!

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