Call for Submissions! The Yokozuna Project: Letters to Subs from Doms

I got this e-mail from Christian Madsen at WHACK! Magazine:

I’m putting together a series of articles for WHACK! magazine called “Yokozuna” (Japanese: Grand Champion). It centers around doms writing a letter/poem to a sub: a real but anonymous sub, a fictitious one. The perfect sub, the imperfect sub. The sub they themselves feel they have inside them, or any submissive they feel a need to write to.

So, hey, all you friends who are doms! Do you have a story or idea or fantasy or anti-fantasy you want to write about? Christian would love to hear it! E-mail him at! These pieces can be anonymous or attributed, and they can cover anything you’ve wanted to say or not say to a sub. Personally, I’m verrrry interested to read them!




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