CAMILLE CRIMSON — “If I could make sure that every couple had great sex … that would be my life’s work.”

WHACK! First of all, thank so much, Camille! I’m really excited to open up a dialogue between WHACK! and yourself—we have a lot to talk about!

Camille Crimson Well, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me!

W! Can you give us a little bit of information about yourself for readers who don’t know who you are?

CC I’m a 35-year-old redheaded French-Canadian who runs a few porn websites with her boyfriend, most notably The Art of Blowjob.  I look after the coding, the web design, the photo editing, taking care of a lot of the administrative work and keeping up appearances online.  I’m a big geek, I love to cook and I love making music.

W! So how did you get into the biz and what’s your take on being an adult performer? Is it fabulous?

CC Well, I got into the business because my boyfriend and I were making websites and we got stiffed on a major project.  We had our own Mac-related website for fun and we decided to set up a tip jar.  We had also been taking photos, so we put a few up and saw the tip jar overflow.  Eventually, the photos went from pinup to more erotic and we decided to make a website.  It started with photos only and then we expanded to The Art of Blowjob, and the rest is history!

W! You maintain a healthy distance from the big hub of the industry and the big studios — why?

CC Basically, I’m not a “pornstar” or anything like that.  I shoot with my boyfriend, we do all the shooting and production ourselves and it’s not so much about putting out a product as it’s about doing something we both love.  There’s nothing “industry” about what we do really.

W! You’re so soft-spoken! Are you naturally a quiet kind of person? How does this help or hinder you in your career?

CC Well, I’m quiet.  I get some requests to speak in public or go to big industry events and I mostly opt out because it’s not really suited to my personality.  I’m outgoing when it counts, I’m happy to have meetings and I certainly speak my mind, but the big shmoozing isn’t for me.

W! Or maybe it’s just the Canadian aspect. Canadians tend to be more polite than us down here, specifically people in the American porn industry. Do all Canadian women give such tender blowjobs?

CC I don’t think so, but then again, I haven’t been privy to too many Canadian blowjob sites, sadly.

W! I’m really excited about the Art of Blowjob. I’ve watched enough old school porn and enough modern porn to see that the idea of what makes a blowjob sexy has changed drastically since the seventies. Whereas they were once beautiful expressions of sensuality, they now seem to be considered good only if the woman is choked and gagging and drooling uncontrollably on the dick. I’m sure this feels good for the man, but it’s not always fun to watch. How did you decide to take BJs in the more sexy, sensual direction?

CC It’s just what’s natural to me.  It doesn’t feel good for me to have my hair pulled out of my scalp, tears and mucus running down my face and being pushed to the point of nearly vomiting.  That’s not really giving a blowjob…  That’s taking a merciless throat ravaging.  Giving a blowjob requires skill, different sensations, teasing, seduction, varying speeds, use of lips, tongue, throat, cheeks, palms and fingertips, focus on all the parts of the penis, the balls and the surrounding erogenous zones.  It’s wonderful sensual pampering, not just a means to an end.

W! I hopeThe Art of Blowjob might be able to bring a little sensuality back to the act in mainstream porn. Do you think it’s possible to turn this ship around?

CC Well, I think that there are a lot of directors out there who are trying to make porn a little less one note.  Whether it’s queer porn, couple’s porn, kink porn that actually has discussion of safety/respect, educational porn, artistic porn, realistic porn…  It’s all essentially saying that porn can be more than people paid to have sex with each other in a fairly uninspiring way.

W! I like it that some of your blowjob scenes start with a flaccid penis. It reminds viewers that not all men are hard all the time, even on camera. Seems like a healthy idea to keep in mind. Do you do this for a reason or is it just how things start out sometimes?

CC Well, mainly it’s because we’re just the two of us.  If Mike (my boyfriend) is fiddling with the lens and I’m figuring out the best place for a light, we’re not going to be immediately ready to jump into the act.  We don’t have fluffers.  Even though we do obviously have to set things up to shoot, we keep our videos as close to reality as possible, which includes the moment where he turns to me or I turn to him and we know it’s time for a blowjob.

W! So, really, do you think your guy is the luckiest man in the world?

CC We’re both pretty lucky.  It’s not all blowjobs and rainbows since we’re running our own business, but we really enjoy everything, even the blogging and editing and coding.  Plus, we often celebrate a job well done with a tasty meal and some wine/beer, which is a nice reward.

W! Do you hope to make more men like him by educating their partners about blowjobs? Or are you just getting people off?

CC I really hope so.  I answer my e-mails/comments on blogs/places where I post and I talk to a lot of guys who really want blowjobs.  I try to talk about how they need to appreciate their partner, make them feel special, make sure that everyone’s satisfied and communicate honestly about what they both want.  And then I mention that they should watch some of my videos to get some tips.  If I could make sure that every couple had great sex where everyone felt respected and satisfied, that would be my life’s work right there.

W! What’s your sign?

CC I’m an Aries.

W! Do you give workshops or lessons? I think you should.

CC I don’t, because I don’t really like speaking to crowds.  I have written about how to give the perfect blowjob, and I might like to expand the education some day, but filming an educational video is more complicated than you might think.

W! The love and chemistry between you and your man really shows in your videos. Do you think chemistry is the most important factor in making good porn?

CC Yes I do.  That’s why I think a lot of mainstream porn doesn’t work.  I’m not saying that the performers have to be madly in love (although that’s nice), but I think they should at least know/like each other and be genuinely attracted to each other.  I’ve read that directors like Tristan Taormino will ask performers who they have crushes on and match them up for shoots.  That’s a really good way to ensure that a scene won’t just be people going through the motions.

W! Most porn with a connection between performers or characters, with slow, sensual scenes, is marketed directly and only to women. Do you think this makes sense, or is it doing men a disservice?

CC I think there may be something to be said about men/women wanting slightly different things from porn, but marketing has taken it too far, making it so mainstream porn (or porn for men) is very wham-bam-thank you ma’am and women’s porn is Fabio riding a horse on a beach.  There’s a lot more common ground than we’re giving people credit for.  If even a video with only a blowjob can work for men, women and couples, it’s fair to say that we’re a lot more alike than we think.

W! You talk in some interviews about cum being a part of your connection… This sounds very spiritual in nature. What are your religious/spiritual affiliations, if any?

CC I’m a dyed in the wool Atheist.

W! You play guitar, too? So that means you’re good with your hands… Ever consider lesbian porn? Or are you only into men?

CC I’m very attracted to women as well, so that’s something I’d love to pursue.  For now, it’s all about the blowjobs.

W! What kind of music do you enjoy? What do you read?

CC I love all sorts of music.  I’m really into NIN, System of a Down, Genesis, Peter Gabriel and Emilie Simon, among many others.  Lately I’ve been reading a lot of coding, photography and film books.  I’m always trying to learn more.

W! Any big projects you’re working on that we can tell our readers about?

CC Not for the time being, but there are certainly new things on the horizon.

W! Once again, thanks so much for your time!

CC It’s my pleasure!  And I hope you all check out my blog ( and add me on Twitter (, Facebook (, Flickr ( and Tumblr (!

—Interview conducted by WHACK! staph degenerate, Miss Lagsalot.

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