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It’s the end of August, and that means it’s time for my monthly round-up of s3x-positive and adult-industry links! I skipped last month in deference to the Kickstarter I was running at the time. That means we’ve got some catching up to do! Here’s what crossed my smexy-internet radar over the past two months.

Okay, so the Fallwells.

Jerry Fallwell Jr., mainstay of the evangelical right, stepped down from his position as president of Liberty University when the alleged “bull” in his cuckolding practice with his wife, Becki, came forward. Which, on the one hand, I mean, get it, right? Do your thing! But, if you’re gonna get your rocks off in a consensual non-monogamy three-way sitch with another man… I dunno, maybe don’t base your political and religious career on condemning other people for their sexual desires and practices. And also, maybe don’t throw your wife completely under the bus when you get called out as a hypocrite. Just my two cents.
Anyway, eagle-eyed journalist Lux Alptraum wrote an interesting breakdown of the prevalence of non-monogamy in American culture, and how the Fallwells’ situation fits in, for NBC. To wit:
“We’ll continue to have ‘sex scandals’ in which ostensibly monogamous political figures sheepishly admit their monogamy has been more aspirational than actual. And we’ll continue to uphold monogamous, heterosexual marriage as a goal and even a requirement for everyone’s supposed happiness, rather than reject it as the ill-fitting, repressive and punitive institution that it has been since its beginning.”
Read the rest here!

Let’s talk about glory holes and Covid-19.

Back in July, the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control encouraged folks to keep having sex during the pandemic. But they wanted people to mitigate risk where they could. Suggestions included: “use barriers, like walls (e.g., glory holes), that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact.” Naturally, the glory holes tip caused a bit of a stir, so Zachary Zane at Xtra asked some experts about whether using a glory hole would really reduce the risk of contracting Covid.
Here’s a nibble:
“The whole point of the glory hole is to avoid kissing, [Perry N.] Halktis, [dean of the School of Public Health at Rutgers University] explains. “Kissing is an ideal transmission vector because it’s mouth-to-mouth, and we know COVID-19 is airborne and transfers through saliva droplets,” he says. The barrier will help prevent the spread of airborne droplets, at least in theory.
Read more at Xtra!

Wolf Hudson on Pioneering Bi Male Adult Content

Wolf Hudson has been openly performing in gay, straight, and bisexual porn for years (apart from his two-year retirement from 2016 to 2018). But only recently has his bi content really started to blow up. Now, the veteran performer’s bisexual content is getting hundreds of thousands of views and making him “The King of Bisexual Porn.” He recently wrote about his experience for Men’s Health. Here’s a smidge of the piece:
I’m constantly flooded with emails and messages on social media from different people all over the world thanking me for the content I’m putting out.…I want to give people a sense of worth, inclusivity, and pride. I want to let bi men know that they’re not alone, and through porn, I’ve been able to do that.
Read the rest of his article here!

WAP, WAP, and more WAP

I love everything about “WAP,” and I hope you do too. Not just because the song absolutely slaps. Or because it’s catchy and summer-y and damn do we need that right now. Or even because it’s a carnival of delightful ways to talk about wet-ass pussy. No, what I appreciate most about “WAP” is the fact that it has led to so much cultural conversation about the merits of wet-ass pussy, how to talk about wet-ass pussy, and how to handle wet-ass pussy. These are conversations we should have been having all along, and now, we are.

  • Case in point: Vulture‘sRachel Handler asked a gynecologist about everything from whether some of the acts suggested in the song are safe to some of the backlash from right-wing commentators. Here’s a snippet:
    From a gynecologic point of view, this is just talking about normal physiology, normal response. And what’s so unusual about it, of course, is that “nice” women don’t talk about this. Men are constantly bragging about how hard their dicks are and how long they are, but women don’t get to brag about how wet they are.
    Read more here!
  • And Vice‘s Rachel Miller talked to a child psychologist about how to  handle “WAP” and kids.
    I don’t believe parents should try to prevent their older children or adolescents from hearing the unedited version of the song or other songs with sexual content. Instead, parents should focus on equipping their children with comprehensive sex education and tools to critically examine media.
    Read the rest here!
  • I even wrote about WAP in the context of adult entertainment, and how I predict “WAP” becoming its own category on porn sites soon, for YNOT.

Thanks for helping us move forward on female sexuality and culture, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion!

How to Make Smut More Feminist

Okay, this article is from 2017, so I honestly don’t know how it just came across my radar. But it’s brilliant, so I’m putting it on your radar. In it, social-sex entrepreneur and “rampant feminist” Cindy Gallop gives Glamour‘s Gigi Engle four easy tips on how to make adult entertainment more woman-friendly.
A taste:
“Start talking about sex just completely naturally, as part of how you self-identify,” says Gallop. “I encourage every woman to be open about the fact that she enjoys watching porn. I encourage every woman to talk about the fact that she watches porn and she is free to talk about it in any way she wants.”
Read the rest of Cindy’s tips here.

I’ve Written For YNOT…

Over the past two months, I’ve written eleven new short pieces for YNOT. Well, actually, twelve, but only eleven were published. They range across topics from Obama following a porn star on Twitter to Mia Khalifa’s war with BangBros to the cautious reopening of some adult film studios to how much cam models earn and more. Read up on all of it at YNOT!

…And Podcasted!

I went live with Gaia Morrissette on “My Orgasmic Life” to chat about the impacts of pornography on how the rest of us have sex. We talked body hair, anal play, not mistaking porn for reality, and lots more. You can listen in here or watch the whole live video here!

And I Continued Kickstarting!

July’s Kickstarter to fund my company’s newest comic book collections didn’t make its goal. But that’s cool, because we relaunched it in August, and now it’s better than it was before! When you preorder Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter and our 10th progressive comics anthology now on Kickstarter, you’ll support the work of more than 35 indie creators from around the world!

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