I Made (& Curated & Edited) a Thing!

The cover of the Becoming Anthology, with art by Sonne.
The cover of “Becoming.” Art by Sonne.

The Best Anthology I Ever Anthologied.

I’d like to ask you to take a moment and stare at the image to the left.

Are you staring at it?

Isn’t it amazing?

First of all, the image is gorgeous.

Secondly, do you see that immense list of names on it?

That’s thirty-seven amazingly talented and brilliant human beings whose work I have collected into the Becoming Anthology, which just launched on Kickstarter.

I have never been more proud of anything in my life.

Anthologies Are the Rising Tide

Years ago, when I co-founded Oneshi Press with Jayel Draco, we had an ambitious slate of projects we wanted to put into the world. Most of them involved the two of us, and a few of them involved several more people.

But we also knew that we wanted to do more than publish our own works. We wanted to bring our years of experience in all facets of publishing, our hard work, and our lofty goals about what indie publishing could be…to as many other creators as possible.

We truly believed that a rising tide raises all ships, and that we could help make that happen. That our contributions could be part of indie comics becoming better for everyone.

A page from "The Chicxulub Impact" by Kyle Lawrence, Feli White, and Franco Colman, in the Becoming Anthology.
A page from “The Chicxulub Impact” by Kyle Lawrence, Feli White, and Franco G Colman.
A page from "I Can't Wait" by Russell Nohelty and Angela Oddling, in the Becoming Anthology.
A page from “I Can’t Wait” by Russell Nohelty and Angela Oddling.

Becoming Bigger and Better

So, back in 2018, we started publishing comics anthologies. Our first anthology was small—just 44 pages, including four short comics from people we knew and ourselves. It was a modest start, but since then we have published nine more anthologies. Each one was a little bigger, a little more beautiful, a little bolder, than the one before. 

Now, we are up to our eleventh collection of indie comics—Becoming. It is 128 pages long, featuring 16 comics and artwork from thirty-seven brilliant creators from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and geographies.

The collection explores the process of becoming—of the journey of transformation. The stories inside cover everything from horse fights to mindfulness to vampirism to loneliness to living one’s truth and beyond.

I am proud as hell to say that I curated and edited this collection, and wrote three of the short comics inside it—including new pages from Tracy Queen and PACK

Becoming Is Live on Kickstarter!

And now I’m crowdfunding its printing and distribution on Kickstarter. The campaign just launched!

For the next month, I’ll be raising funds for this anthology—and paying out bonuses to creative teams from any funding we receive above and beyond our goal! The more pledges we get, the more we can pay our creators! (That’s in addition to the royalties we pay on sales after the Kickstarter.)

I truly believe that indie creators like myself deserve to make a living doing what they love, so this campaign is really important to me. I’d love to prove that team really can make the dream work, as they say.

Now, I’m inviting you to take a look at the Kickstarter campaign that just launched! Every pledge, comment, and social media share helps this campaign get seen and supported by more people. I’d very much appreciate it if you could do any of the above to help me and the three dozen other creators who made Becoming!

Click here to support Becoming on Kickstarter!

PACK 4.1 cover page in "Becoming"
A page from “PACK 4.1” by Lynsey G, Jayel Draco, Jeff Foulsham, Ludwig “Flattsquat” Olimba, and Cardinal Rae.

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