Interview at Comic Book and Movie Reviews!

interview at comic book and movie reviews with lynsey g

told you all that this year was all about comics! And by gum, I meant it! (Please feel free to imagine me taking off my straw hat and stomping on it as I yell “by gum,” probably with a long stem of wheat or something clenched between my teeth. Also maybe a beard…Aaaanyway.) This week, I was the subject of an interview at geekdom community website Comic Book and Movie Reviews!

In the interview, I chatted about how I got into writing and publishing comics after spending years writing about porn. I talked about my sex-positive, feminist graphic novel Tracy Queen and how it spawned my new publishing company, Oneshi Press. I also revealed my creative hero, our ideal theme song, and more. (Caution: Super geekdom ahead.)

A little nibble:

Our tagline, which is sort of also our motto, is: “We build worlds…You’re invited.” We believe that stories are best told when their worlds are richly imagined and lavishly illustrated, so we spend a lot of time on world-building before we release anything. Also, what’s the point of making a gigantic, beautiful universe, unless you invite others along for the adventure?

Read the rest at Comic Book and Movie Reviews! And while you’re there, nab one of the T-shirts the website is selling, featuring the Oneshi Press logo! Proceeds go to keeping this rad geek-community staple afloat.

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