KATSUNI — “I love everything about sex. It’s like having a great dinner!”

WHACK! Katsuni! Thank you so, so much for taking some time out of your incredibly busy, international, jet-setting schedule to talk with little old WHACK! Magazine! We are assuming all our readers know who you are — after all, they’re porn fans — but just in case they don’t, can you tell us a little bit about yourself to get them acquainted?

KATSUNI Ok so my name is Katsuni. It used to be written with an « M » for years but I had to change it because [of] a trial… I’m French and Vietnamese and live in Paris and Los Angeles. I’m an adult entertainer (performer, producer, feature dancer, journalist). I’m now under exclusive contract with Digital Playground and I love my job and my life!

W! How long have you been a porn actress, and how did you decide you wanted to be one in the first place?

K I started 10 years ago (I know, I’m dinosaur) in France as a contract girl for Penthouse magazine. I wasn’t ambitious at all in fact. I just wanted to get new experiences, have sex and fun, discovering my limits… I had no idea that I could be successful. I became successful just because I always loved what I was doing and I still do!

W! Coming from France, and still doing a lot of work of different kinds over there, what would you say are some of the biggest differences between the American and French points of view about sex?

K About sex, I would say that French people are much more open-minded. There are many taboos in USA and this is also why porn is so extreme. I can’t understand for example why anal sex is illegal in a few states! Everything in [the] USA is more simple… except sex. And this is the opposite in France. Americans seem to want to control everything in their life but with this behavior the risk is [that…] you lose spontaneity. And more than everything else, sex (with food), must stay something natural, spontaneous. It’s good to follow your desires and instinct… but I must admit something, these taboos in USA are a good thing for the business of the adult industry […] because at least people are ready to pay to see nudity… not in France!

W! You said in an interview that you feel that French people are not looking for extreme or humiliating sex in their pornography, like some of us here in the US are. Why do you think American porn tends to be so extreme

K [The] more a country will have taboos, […the] more he will be extreme in porn. Porn is a reflection of society. People are extreme because they are frustrated and need to express their compulsions. Porn has a real function of catharsis. Maybe American men are a little bit afraid of American women who look so powerful, so confident, even dominant… You look in porn and your sexual life [for] what you can’t get in your daily life. This is the great way to get a balance. So to watch for example real submissive girls ready to do anything to please you is probably cool when your boss is a woman! As long as it’s a game, a fantasy, I see no problem with that. Myself I love performing in very rough scenes.

W! The American porn industry has gone through major changes in the new millennium, with the internet eating up profits and the technological landscape morphing so fast. Where do you see American porn in, say, ten years? Twenty?

K That’s impossible to tell you how I imagine porn in twenty years or even ten. All depend [on] new technologies. I guess that one day we’ll have a mix between the new generation of sex toys and games. We have more and more video games which are interactive and where the player has more control and more sensations. Maybe one day we’ll have games which will allow people to have sex between each other on line, but they will use realistic sex toys and will be able to choose their own fantasies and situations. That would be great and dangerous [at] the same time… It would allow everybody to have sex but it wouldn’t help people to have real human relationships… But for sure, porn will always be there. As a business, as pirate market, as part of our life and society. But the ones who will make money will always be the ones who will have the control, not the ones who will perform…

W! You’ve spoken in the past about enjoying acting in features, and about how some porn can be more classy than others. Are you enjoying the current trend toward feature films and parodies? Do you think these are classier or more fun than gonzo?

K I love gonzos. I love performing in gonzos because it’s real sex, it’s wild, it’s rough and watching gonzos turns me on. But doing features is mentally more interesting. You play a character, belong to a story, a situation, it’s different! Parodies are more and more successful because porn is first an entertainment and if you can have fun, laugh and enjoy the story which won’t be boring for once because it will remind you [of] a famous existing movie or TV series, then that’s perfect. To add humor in porn allows to play down sex and I’m sure that it bring more/new audiences, like more couples or women.

W! What kind of porn do you like to watch in your private life, if any? What gets you off?

K I always focus on girls and I need to… not know them! It won’t turn me on so much if I know the girl. I like amateur style, [to] see beautiful girls with nice curves. I love big natural breasts. I like simple scenes with one girl [and] one guy or one girl with two guys. As long as it looks real, as I can see that they enjoy [it] and that the girl is hot, it turns me on.

W! You recently had a Fleshlight of your very own made! What was that experience like, when they made a mold of your pussy? Was it sexy, scientific, fun, or creepy?

K That was everything [at] the same time! I will never forget it. In fact I did it in the bathroom of a huge suite in Las Vegas during the last AEE show. All the Fleshlight crew was there for a party in the living room and I had to ask for some intimacy. I felt too shy and confused! The whole bathroom was covered by plastic sheets, the guy who was there to make the mold (a real pro working in the mainstream industry in Hollywood) was dressed like Dexter and I had to lay down, open my legs, and wait… wait… as [if] I was going to get a baby or an alien between my legs. Not very sexy… The funny detail is that I had to touch myself before, in order to have my pussy more « happy »! I had to go to the restroom to touch myself with a vibrator and get ready. I really came and got a very intense orgasm. I had to go out of the restroom, feeling so uncomfortable, ashamed of my pussy which was more than happy!!

W! Do you like using sex toys yourself? Any favorites I can try?

K Yes of course, I use men ! Besides, nothing is better of course than my own fingers and hand… but when I feel lazy, when I have too much stress, no time, a small but powerful vibro is my best friend! You should try Lelo. They are cute, classy, great!

K What are your favorite sex acts to perform when you’re not by yourself?

K I love everything about sex. It’s like having a great dinner. I like eating and drinking, have a full dinner from the starters to the dessert! Sex is to me very similar. It’s so good to taste everything, to enjoy each minute, taste each inch of my partner, enjoy men and women… Then regarding the sex acts what I prefer to do? I love kissing, sucking (feet, nipples, fingers, cocks…), swallowing… One of my favorite position is « spoon », sensual, comfortable, exciting.

W! You are very, very busy these days! We hear you’ve just signed on to present your very own French TV show about Hentai! Can you tell us about that?

K Yes I just signed my contract and I’m so happy! It’s going to [be] my own show on a popular musical channel called MCM (like MTV) in France and I’ll present the show each Saturday night. It will be of course very sexy as it will be about Hentais (X-rated animes). A few years ago I had a show on another channel to give sexual advice and people liked it. Hopefully they will follow me in this new adventure! I can’t wait. First show will be end of October and will be probably broadcast on the internet too.

W! You are one of the most decorated porn stars in the world, with numerous AVN awards and dozens of awards total from many different places. What do you think has been the key to your wild success? K In fact it’s simple, I like what I do and I really think that I’m here for the best reasons. I love sex, I love sharing it and showing it but I never forget that it’s a job too. I try to be serious in what I do… Lots of girls are more beautiful than me, sometimes they do more hardcore scenes… but some of them are not so much into it or just want the fame or money. Fame and money are consequences of your job… but they’re not the key. The key of success is a balance between will, strength, pleasure, and intelligence. And if you bring your instinct, some spontaneity, and your own touch and personality, you have no reason to not be successful!

W! You’re up for even more awards as we speak! What can our readers do to cast votes or show support?

K I’m nominated for Adult Movie Entertainer of the Year at the next Club’s Gentlemen Expo in Las Vegas (ED convention in August). And believe me it means A LOT to me. I’m very invested in my career as a feature dancer. I love it as much as I love doing scenes and I feel really happy to be nominated! Please spend two minutes and vote on http://www.theedawards.com. I need your support!!!

W! And we hear you are working on your own comic book? Holy crap, you must be the most multi-talented porn star ever. Can you tell us anything about this project?

K You know today many porn stars are developing projects outside of porn. It’s such a chance to be able to do different things! So, besides my activities as an adult performer I’m looking for new challenges and creating this comic book is one of them. It will be a comic a little bit inspired by animes for the design of my character, the sense of humor, the erotic side of hentaïs, but still the main style will [be] closer [to] the American comics. There will be a lot of action. My character is an agent who has very specific powers and the idea is to follow her in a series. We don’t want to just do one album… It will be published in France and hopefully it will be then translated for the US market! I’m very excited about it as the character tells a lot about myself. I also co-write the script and it’s [a] great opportunity to express myself… Besides that I’m also writing a book about my experience in porn and I may have my own video game soon…

W! And last but not least, any websites, events, signings, appearances, or feature dancing gigs that we can funnel our fans to?

K Sure! I’m a real geek so it’s not difficult to find me on the web!
•You can see all my best scenes, exclusive, private scenes on my official website http://www.clubkatsuni.com and get a free access to many porn stars’ websites such as Jenna Haze, Tori Black, Alexis Texas… Meet me behind my webcam.
•My blog (in French and English) http://www.ilovekatsuni.com
•I’m also on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter…
•Next appearances:
-Asia Adult Expo in August
–Macau -Erotic conventions in Belgium and France in Sept.
-I may be at Sexpo in Sydney, Australia in Oct.
AEE, Las Vegas January 2011.
-For my feature-dancing appearances, please check my website or follow me on twitter.com/katsuni!

–Sinterview conducted by WHACK! staph sexpert, Miss Lagsalot

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