KELLY PIERCE — “I want some big floppy boobs!”

WHACK! MAGAZINE Hi Kelly, thanks so much for taking some time to talk with me and all our WHACK! readers! In case there are some readers out there who aren’t familiar with you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself to get started?

KELLY PIERCE Aw, thanks for inviting me to do so! Of course I can! Hello, all! My name is Mrs. Kelly Pierce. I was formerly known as Kelly Shore. I’m one of top talents in transsexual porn and one of the top TS cam talents! I was also an LGBT activist since I was 16 and the first transsexual secretary of St. Pete Pride in St. Petersburg, Florida. I retired in ‘09 when I got married to my husband Mason Pierce, and I am now returning with a brand new couples site with my husband… Case in point, my married name 🙂

I have recently become an activist for porn and porn performers, with the help of people like Michael Whiteacre and many others.

W! You have an interesting past, as a prominent LGBTQ activist and then a performer! I hear you eventually left Florida for your own safety. Do you want to talk about that?

KP Sure! The Westboro Baptist Church was allowed to come to the PRIDE parade to picket and cause a commotion with children present.

W! Oh NO, not those guys!

KP It was quite disgusting. While I was up on stage introducing the entertainment we had and the plans for the day, one of their followers was screaming up at me, “Lesbo! Dyke!” and so on.

W! Wow, they were kind of clueless about trans people, huh?

KP Definitely. And he was saying I should be married, and finally I said, “DUDE, I’m a TRANSSEXUAL!” And then after that I became an abomination. And I should be dead and what not.

W! Which is not hard to accomplish with those people.

KP So I responded with, “Oh please, you closet fag, you will be in the bathrooms later sucking dick in the porto-potty.”

W! laughing

KP It pissed him off, and the lesbians in front were messing with him. After that I became their number one target, by them getting my number and work information off the St. Pete PRIDE website. They’d prank call me over and over. And then one day, while I was walking for lunch, they called and asked if I was ready to die.

W! If you were ready to DIE? Oh my god, that’s a threat.

KP They said they could see me. The cops did nothing of course. But I responded, “If you are gonna do it — do it.” I’m waiting — obviously nothing happened, knock on wood. So I hightailed it out of Florida after that, not wanting to take the chance since the cops would do nothing. Maybe this guy wasn’t crazy enough, but the next guy might just be. This was my first time dealing with anything this crazy. I went to high school as a girl and starting living as a girl at age twelve. So it was a shocking display to me, and, yes, I will be the first to admit to being scared.

W! I guess that growing up as a trans person, you probably developed a thick skin to harassment, but that’s WAY too far over the line.

KP Yes, I actually had it quite easy in high school. It’s the reason I got involved in activism to hopefully help others that hadn’t been blessed with accepting parents or an easy transition or lifestyle. But being dead would have served no purpose at all for the cause.

W! Good point.

KP LGBT people get killed a lot — especially transsexuals. Half of the murderers are never found or convicted. A lot of the cases are closed as fast as they are put in the paper. Some have even gotten off even after being seen by 20 or more people. It’s really quite disgusting the way discrimination finds its way into courts so these killers get off with a hand slap. I remember hearing about the reason I got into activism: a transsexual who modeled for lingerie and bikinis was killed by a taxi driver in New York, who screamed “Die, faggot, die.” And he walked free. Amanda Milan was her name, I believe.

W! That’s just awful.

KP It really is. So that’s why I high-tailed it out of St. Petersburg!

W! What activism work have you been doing recently, from your new location in Chicago?

KP I’ve been doing most of it online by helping girls with my blog; it has information on hormones and advice to lift your self esteem. And how to transition properly and good doctors for surgeries. But it really serves as a purpose for all walks of life. Many have self esteem issues.

W! That’s a great resource. I’ve heard a lot recently about young people without health insurance getting hormones from the black market, which seems terribly dangerous.

KP It is very dangerous. There is a place in Chicago called Howard Brown that will do hormones for free, for girls, with a doctor on staff. It’s really quite helpful, and some of it is pay depending on your income, but next to nothing. My blog also serves for my activism on porn.

W! I’m interested to hear more about your journey through porn. You started as a makeup artist for porn performers, right?

KP I did! I did mainstream talent make up for sites for about a year and worked as platform artist for MAC and Artec Textureline. And one of the girls was like, “You should do porn!”

W! A-hah! I was wondering how you decided to make the jump.

KP I couldn’t afford all the costly surgeries like FFS and breast implants doing make up. And porn was an outlet for that. However, I had B cup breasts before I got implants, from being on hormones young. They looked pretty authentic.

W! Did you start in the industry in Florida or in California?

KP I started in Florida, and then Chicago, and then California

W! Wow, Chicago? Didn’t know there was much of a scene up there.

KP Yes, there is.

W! Well I’ll be damned. Did you go to cosmetology school, or just learn on your own?

KP And yes I went to Hairmasters of Cosmetology in Bloomington, Illinois. However, I wouldn’t say they taught me much about make up! I was just a natural, I think. I was a religious reader of seventeen and YM! laughing

W! Haha, they’re full of tips!

KP Yes! But I started my career with TSSEDUCTION/KINK. They looked like a wonderful site to me; great photography and videography. They paid for my testing and travel, and gave me a place to stay, which was pretty awesome. Isis Love was the director at the time, and she was a lifesaver.

W! Wow, what a great way to enter the industry. So you’ve had breasts for a long time, but I see on your website that you are taking donations for a new boob job?

KP Yes, new boobs. You have to get them done every few years. These are about 5 years old. The problem with implants they don’t last forever.

W! Why every five years?

KP Well, it’s every 10 years. But I want to do over the muscle, instead of under like I have now, just so they flop and don’t just jiggle. And I want to go a tad bigger.

W! Haha, so you’re into floppy boobs?

KP Yes! I watch straight porn mostly and I love girls like Vicki Vette and Kelly Madison. I want some big floppy boobs! And I don’t think there is a lot of that in my market. We have big boobs but most of ours aren’t mobile!

W! How big do you want to go?

KP Well I’m a double D now/515 CCs. So I probably want to go 650 ccs. Nothing crazy!

W! I prefer floppy, myself. The real “high and tight” implants just look like balloons sometimes.

KP I agree. I just think it looks sexier for the guy viewer to see the boobs flop when fucked.

W! Haha, that’s a great line right there. Your new motto?

KP It is! But I’m hoping that with my come back I’ll give my fans much more hardcore sex since I’ll be performing with my husband. It will be his first time in the porn world — he comes from the corporate world!

W! Oh, how interesting! Will you two be exclusively working together?

KP No, I’m hoping to perform with a lot of mainstream female talent on my site. We, in our personal lives, don’t think you can sleep with the same person for the rest of your life, so we do threesomes, both of us being bisexual. So my new site will be like a reality show of our sex life and our normal day to day life, too. It will be the first transsexual couples site.

W! Oooh, fun! When are you going to launch the new material? Pre – or post – boob job?

KP Pre – boob job — probably not doing the boob job till 2012. And the first part of will launch in October, with webcamming and amateur content. Then in February it will launch with professional content as well.

W! That sounds really great — a site that can show people that transsexuals are part of normal couples, too.

KP Exactly. Some of us have real relationships! I’m actually a step-mom and love my step-daughter.

W! I was hoping to talk about that — it’s just not something you hear very often, especially from trans porn performers. I think it’s important for the public to hear about families from porn people in general and more specifically people like you!

KP I’m very family oriented! I’m pretty much a regular girl only with something extra! I am a devoted wife and step-mom. I rarely go out. My life is spent at home and I enjoy it. About as wild as I get is my sex life with threesomes.

W! Well that’s pretty wild compared to a lot of family types.

KP I don’t drink — blah — I don’t do drugs, besides hormones. I’m pretty straight-laced otherwise. But according to my friend Shelley Lubben, we are all drug addicts and drunks

W! Right, as are ALL women in porn. Obviously. How did you come across Shelley?

KP I want to be a spokesperson for the girls in my community. I think many of us trans performers get a bad rap. They mix us in with the gay niche when we are an entirely separate niche. We test and we test hard, at least in the US, and 98 percent of the time we use a condom. No US transsexual porn stars have ever been on a list either. Yet we get persecuted it seems. And stars who perform with us get persecuted and called “crossovers.”

I came across Shelley through Lukeisback, when she posted an interview or two by her. I was quite disgusted by what she was saying. Then I went to her YouTube account and got even more disgusted. The lies she was telling and all the horrible things she had to say.

W! She seems to think that everyone in porn is the same, and they’re all bad. But she was one of them.

KP Exactly! I think there is something more there than meets the eye. She is a tortured soul. Not from porn, from something else. However, if she really thought porn was the root of all evil, she’d do what she does for FREE. I didn’t get paid to be on a PRIDE board or to speak out for LGBT. If she thinks porn is so bad any money she receives she would think would be tainted.

W! That’s an interesting point. Do you think that anti-porn activists are mostly out for money, or really on moral crusades?

KP MONEY, pure and simple. She pays herself 60K a year. Teachers make 30 grand a year, if that. Why 60K? I believe Michael Whiteacre even exposed her 2009 tax records. This woman is making a lot of money off conservatives and making a lifestyle off it. It’s the “but for cause” argument: but for porn she wouldn’t have a job.

W! Exactly — she wouldn’t be doing what she’s doing if she hadn’t started out in porn!

KP If she hated porn so much, why would she go to the porn karaoke nights or get her boob signed by Ron Jeremy? Quite Christian of her.

W! It’s actually very sad to see someone so troubled do this all so publicly. And it’s a shame, too, that she makes it seem as if Christians can’t enjoy porn — the two don’t have to be on opposite sides of everything.

KP She is making money off this, and I am not saying bad things have not happened on sets. But if we were all enslaved or all forced, the cops would be having a field day. It’s called a cell phone. Porn stars do porn for money. It’s a business. And the ones I know are intelligent, funny, and great people. I haven’t come across the druggies or girls that feel victimized — if anything, I’ve come across women who feel empowered and are running an empire. Like Jesse Jane. She is amazing. She gives a great name to porn. I hung with her while she was here promoting her new tequila line, Diosa, and she and her husband are great. She is a class act. But Shelley only points out the bad apples. Shelley, there are bad apples in every genre of work.

W! Exactly — in porn there are just as many types of people as outside of porn, include people with drug problems. And people who are sober, intelligent, business-savvy, and loving their lives, too.

KP Exactly. Another thing about Shelley: she claims she is cured of alcohol and drugs. In one of her debates she seemed two sheets to the wind, slurring her words. And Shelley Lubben claims she received herpes from porn… And god cured her.

W! Wow, really? I didn’t know that one.

KP As far as I know, herpes is incurable.

W! Perhaps it’s just in remission.

KP She has never proved she has had herpes. When asked for proof, she has not given it. She was escorting 8 years before she even got into porn… She was in porn less than 2 years, and did a total of what 15 to 18 movies.

W! Do you think that Shelley Lubben and other people like her have gotten a lot of publicity because the political climate in the US has shifted so far toward conservative, and they are riding that wave?

KP Yes, I think she has gotten a lot of her publicity for that reason. And conservatives and Christians want to listen to anything anti-pornography, whether it’s true or not. And that’s how her pocket is getting full each and every year.

W! What do you think activists and pro-porn people like you can do to help raise awareness that porn isn’t as evil as they’ve been told?

KP Well I notice stars like Alia Janine and others have also gotten some mainstream interviews on news stations speaking out for porn. I think if you are a director, pull out the camcorder and do a documentary. Michael Whiteacre has done a documentary called The Devil and Shelley Lubben. I also think if you are porn performer start showing up for these meetings, especially if you live in California. If you want to keep our industry alive you gotta fight for it. Use your popularity on your blogs, YouTube accounts, Ustream, etc., and speak out and give real facts. Overshadow people like Shelley.

W! What types of activism for porn have you been doing (whether it relates to Shelley or not)?

KP I actually am doing my own YouTube documentary on porn and Shelley Lubben. I speak out all the time on my Twitter and blog.

W! Great! What’s the documentary called?

KP It’s a point of view on the life and times of a transsexual porn star, exposing washed up porn stars trying to make money off porn. I haven’t came up with a name yet to be honest. I will say this: half the girls that stand with Shelley are getting help from her. Most likely those girls weren’t sellable anymore so they turned to Shelley. And now they are trying to make money the way Shelley is. She lies to them and says, “I will get you more attention than porn could ever get you. Get you on MTV.”

W! On all the talk shows that belittle porn. Speaking of which, you were on the Maury show! What was the topic of that episode?

KP I did the “Man or Woman” show. It was a fun show. I was the only girl in bikini they thought was a female, which felt pretty good since there were about five genetic girls on the stage.

W! Awesome! So the audience had to try to figure out if you were a man or a woman?

KP Yeah, and I had these college frat boys who kept mouthing, “Well aren’t you, or are you?” They fell out when they found out. But after the show, the crowd wanted me to come back down and I took pics with all of them and the frat boys. So overall for me it was a good experience. They had to ask me to leave the stage area because they do their shows right after each other. I didn’t know they taped so many in one day.

W! I bet it made some people realize that you can’t judge on appearances, too!

KP Yeah they did.

W! I heard you were also on the Discovery Channel? What for?

KP I was on the Discovery Channel I did that about my life as a transsexual and going to school as a girl. I didn’t do that till later in life. When I was in high school I had a chance to be on Oprah and other media outlets but refused. I didn’t want the kids to think I was doing it for attention. The Local news channel HOI News tried hard to get me on the news.

W! Wow, how did all these media outlets find you?

KP They used to come to the school unannounced and the school would alert me and I would run home!

W! Wow, you really went to a great school, huh?

KP Well no. I lived in a town of 2,500 people, and the school was 400 students total. I was put in a special class for the first 2 years of high school for, quote unquote, my safety.

W! A special class? With like security guards or something?

KP No, with one teacher and the other kids had ADD and other problems.

W! Oh man, you were in the “special” special class? Ridiculous!

KP And the class was put on a point scale; if you got 100 points a day, you were given privileges, like going to lunch, etc. But they wanted me to dress gender neutral, as in baggy T-shirts and no purse, and gender neutral shoes. But I could still wear makeup and do my hair.

W! What?! How do you even BEGIN to dress gender neutral? It’s not like there’s a “neutral” store you can shop at.

KP So because that’s what they wanted, my mom and I went and got me some of the sluttiest clothes that you could wear in school, to piss them off.

W! laughing

KP And so every day I was not given points and couldn’t even walk to my locker alone. I had to use the teachers lounge for a bathroom. However, when a lawyer came in, he said the school handbook doesn’t read: “a girl has to dress as a girl, and a boy has to dress as a boy.” So it’s discrimination.

W! Totally! It’s like they were making you hide.

KP After 2 years of meetings with the school board and fighting with the principle, I was finally allowed to dress how I wanted and go to school as a regular student, which is all I wanted. That’s how it became news worthy, because activist from all over showed up.

W! Did it go well for you when you started regular school?

KP It did. It paid having hot girls for friends.

W! It always pays to have hot girls as friends in one way or another.

KP The school board had more issues with it than anything. The kids were like, whatever.

W! Haha, good for the youth!

KP By my junior year everyone pretty much was like, “That’s just Kelly.” I never got beat up or anything crazy like that.

W! I heard something about homecoming queen?

KP Yes, I was the homecoming queen for my school and a cheerleader. And a corn queen of the corn festival, which we have every year. By junior year I lived a pretty normal life.

W! Ah, the corn festival, of course. That’s hilarious.

KP Yeah my husband calls me the corn queen. So yeah and I still talk to most of my friends from high school, and they know I do porn. They are just like, “You were always meant to stand out!” I know that after I came out, kids left and right started coming out. They even made a bathroom on the bottom floor that I used at the end of my senior year.

W! Awwwww that’s so cute! Full circle, baby!

KP They put it as a handicap bathroom so it would be covered. But the principle told me, “If we ever have another like you, they will be able to go to school with no problems.” So I guess that makes me proud of my hometown. It took them a couple years to come around.

W! It’s tough to be a groundbreaker, I guess, but it’s so great that you made things better for other people.

KP I think my most memorable moment from my high school life was my next door neighbor, an older veteran. My sister and I would walk to school and he would always play that song “Dude Looks Like a Lady” by Aerosmith. I guess he thought it offended me. My sister would dance and rock out to it. He would get so mad and call me a fag! But by my Senior year he apologized to me and said, “You are all right kid.” And that was that.

W! Gggawww that is SO cute it’s killing me!

KP But that to me for some reason is one of the moments that stood out to me the most.

W! That’s just classic overcoming prejudice right there.

KP He hated me so much, you could tell. But by not arguing with him, and laughing and being me, he came around. That’s what I tell all people: dance to the beat of your own drum. People will come around and if they don’t, you will surround yourself with people who do support you.

W! Hear, hear! Well, my dear, I think that’s a great note to go out on!

KP Good! Sorry about the Shelley Lubben stuff. I get so heated about her

W! Haha, that’s perfectly ok! I do, too. She makes me really angry.

KP She makes so much money off her lies. She should be exposed for it. Thank you for letting it be heard.

W! Hopefully if people in the porn community keep speaking out against her, she’ll fall by the wayside. And others like her.

KP I think it will happen. Girls who have thousands and thousands of followers just need to speak out.

W! I’m excited about your website launch and boob job! Keep us at WHACK! posted on any big news you have coming up so we can help you publicize it!

KP I will! I can’t wait for my new boobs to flop flop!

W! Hahaha, neither can we!

W! Thanks so much, Kelly!

KP Thank you.

—Sinterview conducted by our cooze correspondent, Miss Lagsalot.

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  1. Kamaji says:

    Great interview. Interesting and entertaining. I always find it interesting that members of the LGBT and often, even straight porn communities come off as educated and well-informed, whereas Ms.Lubbens and those like her are often revealed for being little more than muck raking right wingers looking to make money off anything and everything they can with zero substance to back up their positions. I believe that Kelly nailed it when she said many are probably in the closet and are not dealing with it well. Good luck to Mrs. Pierce and the Whack Magazine crew. We need more info and content like this on many subjects.


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