KIMI INCH — “There’s a little kink in most people’s lives, whether they know it or not!”

Miss Lagsalot recently had a chat with New York kink goddess, Kimi Inch of We think you’ll enjoy their conversation…

Kimi 1WHACK! First of all, Kimi, thank you so much for your time! Running a hot kink venture in the never-sleeping city of New York is a full-time job, I’m sure. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, personally, so that our readers all start on the same page?

Kimi Inch Well I’m originally from the west side of the States and I moved around all over the place while I was growing up — San Fran, San Jose, Reno, Las Vegas, Seattle, to name a few cities, until finally ending up in NYC after high school in 1998. I had a scholarship to an acting school, but all I wanted to do was party when I got to NYC and that eventually led me to a DJing career.

After 9/11, I took the DJing to Tokyo and began playing at fetish parties there. This introduction to the BDSM scene excited me in ways I never thought possible. Up until then, my perception of that world was very negative. I thought BDSM was for weirdos and bored married couples in the Midwest. What I discovered was very cool, open-minded people looking to explore fantasies and have a good time.

While living in Tokyo I met some Eastern European ladies that worked as dominatrixes at a private club in Roppongi and they suggested I check it out. Apparently there is a high demand for tall, blonde, northern American mistresses in Tokyo and I ended up doing very well financially for working there once a week while enjoying myself. The rest is history, as they say.

W! You’ve lived all over the world and acquired all kinds of experiences in different fields. Can you give us some of your background and how it built up into your current career?

KI Basically I had no idea what I wanted out of life so I just tried everything! I never wanted to settle down and I wanted to have freedom in my work and life so I kept searching, moving and shaking, and all that. When I fell into the dominatrix work I loved it instantly, but never thought I would take it this far. Most of my friends, family, and even people I dated had no idea of my secret life as a pro domme. It took time before I felt confident enough to embrace who I was. However, I’m so grateful I was able to try so many experiences all over the world. I think the more knowledge you have, the better, and that’s what I gained from all my traveling and many, many job ventures.

W! What, specifically, made you decide to take the leap and make your living on kink education?

KI Around 2005 there was a new dungeon opening in Manhattan called Sensual Punishment. The owner had heard about me and contacted me about coming to work for him. I was no longer working in dungeons and preferred to be an “independent” Mistress.  However, when we met and spoke it became clear that I would be perfect to train the ladies that would be working there. I already had several years’ experience and had enjoyed taking many classes and seminars in the BDSM field, so I was anxious to share my knowledge while empowering the new Mistresses to reach their full potential. I realized from this that I love, love, love to teach!

W! So, tell us about Domi Dollz! How and where did the idea begin, where is it now, and what does it do?

KI I can talk about Domi Dollz all day darling, it’s my baby! Basically my friends and myself were tired of the way BDSM was portrayed in the media and online. It’s always the same dark, gothic look, which can be very intimidating to those who are curious about learning more. We don’t identify with the “scary” AKA hardcore side of BDSM, but there seems to be an abundance of it online. There is a beautiful art to this world that seems to be overlooked, and the people I associate with are high-profile, interesting, intelligent, beautiful people looking to enjoy life. Domi Dollz is the softer side of BDSM, great for curious women, men, and couples.

W! Your website says that Domi Dollz offers an alternative to the kink options that are already available — what, specifically, is different about Domi Dollz versus other kink organizations?

KI Well I encourage you to take a look a see for yourself. We appeal to a more mainstream market and thrive on fashion, music, art, and most importantly… fun!

W! Domi Dollz offers event hosting, models, performers, DJs, music, workshops, salons… Is there anything you think you couldn’t apply Domi Dollz’ unique take on kink to? Maybe children’s birthday parties?

KI Ha ha, yes, we draw the line when children or animals are involved! But seriously, the sky’s the limit and we are excited to see where else this can go. We are already taking meetings with a production company based in LA about filming a reality TV pilot and I’m currently working on a new sexy music compilation called “Alter Egos.” To keep up to date with the debauchery of Domi Dollz, check in at our site for upcoming events and news.

W! What types of kink does Domi Dollz specialize in? Your website frequently mentions the Scene, with a capital “s.” What does this “Scene” include?

KI The Scene is a term used by Domi Dollz to encompass everything from kink and fetish to BDSM. It’s a big “Scene” out there that ranges from soft activities like getting dressed up in a corset and going out to a play party to full-on, hardcore, all-leather/latex dressing up and whippin’ the shit out of someone in a session.

We prefer to allow the audience to decide what the “Scene” is for them. What’s your style? How far are you willing to go?

Domi Dollz specializes in fun and sexiness and all that goes with it.

W! What types of kink do you, Kimi Inch, specialize in?

KI Well well, that’s a little complex actually. Kimi Inch is me, myself, and I — but I’m not only Kimi Inch, I’m also Ms. Nina Payne. Now before you call the loony bin and label me someone with multiple personality disorder — keep in mind that we all have many sides to ourselves.

Ms. Nina Payne is my Mistress name and I specialize in mind games, sensuality, role playing, bondage, spanking, flogging, whipping, cropping, nipple play, CBT, foot/shoe worshiping, sensory play, cross dressing, humiliation — the list goes on and on!

Now Kimi Inch enjoys switching it up a bit and likes to be dominated from time to time. Tie me up, spank me, pull my hair — as long as it’s all on the light to medium side, I should enjoy it. If I’m in a relationship and I always have to play dominant role, I begin to feel like I’m at work! I need variety and at the end of the day, it makes me a better Mistress to play both sides of the coin.

W! Are all the Domi Dollz tall and statuesque? Or just you and the ones I’ve met?

KI Ha ha, yes, most of us are above 5’8” but it’s more than just height, it’s about presence. All the ladies of Domi Dollz know how Kimi2to command attention by not only using their beauty but their personalities as well. I have ladies from all over the world sending us emails and wanting to join DD; while this is very flattering, it requires more than just another pretty face.

W! How do you make domination and submission and etc. FUN? How do you make it relatable to a new, less hardcore audience who aren’t already deep into the scene?

KI The majority of my friends are “vanilla.” They don’t attend parties or do sessions and I see what appeals to them. So most of us have never visited a dominatrix, but many have been tied up in bed or given a playful spank, or tried a role-playing game. There’s a little kink in most people’s lives, whether they know it or not! We make it fun by making it light and accessible to not only men, but women and couples as well. Domi Dollz aims to empower and inspire while creating a fun space to explore fantasies and the unlimited possibilities for bedroom encounters.

W! Domi Dollz takes chic and puts it together with fashion and gets sexy as a result. You’ve been featured in Time Out New York. Would you call yourself and your colleagues fashion icons?

KI Wow, I wish I was arrogant enough to say that about myself but really I just wear what makes me happy. I can’t speak for the other ladies, so I’ll just say that I like my style. It makes me feel sexy and powerful and I get a kick out of seeing people’s reactions to what I’m wearing. I think many women forget that sensuality is about stimulating all the 5 senses. I consider all of this when I leave the house looking to dominate New York City and wherever else I wander.

W! Because Domi Dollz has operated around the world, you have a global network of support from those who know you — to what do you attribute the success of the project?

KI Domi Dollz gets around! Luckily we have many supporters mainly in Japan, Australia, and the UK, but we are hoping to expand to all over the globe. I think so many people identify with Domi Dollz image of empowerment, sexiness, and fun — really, what’s not to like?

W! Tell us about your salons! What kinds of experiences can attendees expect?

KI I don’t want to give too much away, but for those that are in attendance — don’t expect to sit in your seat all night. These salons are interactive, hands on, and vary from learning on how to be a dominatrix, to getting in touch with your sensuality and inspiring romance in the bedroom.

Kimi3W! When is the next one, and can I please go?

KI Of course my naughty little pet! We would love to have you and WHACK! Magazine join our “Kink 101” salon on Sept 25th at Coco De Mer (236 Elizabeth St in NYC). This salon is a charity event to raise money for Safe Horizon.

Doors open at 7pm and class starts promptly at 7:30pm. The gorgeous ladies of Domi Dollz will be attending and we plan to have many sexy men and women running around serving the attendants complimentary cocktails.

For tickets and to RSVP (seating is limited) contact

W! Is there any way our readers can get involved with the salons and the organization, aside from just attending events?

KI Absolutely, the more the merrier! Ladies interested in becoming a Domi Doll should email a picture and some background information to me directly:

All other inquires please email my personal assistant:

W! Tell us about Safe Horizon and why our readers should buy tickets to Kink 101 to support it.

KI Safe Horizon is the largest victims’ services agency in the United States, with more than 60 locations serving more than 250,000 children, adults, and families affected by crime and abuse throughout New York City each year since 1978. I have personally volunteered for them in the past and it’s such a great cause. To make donations directly please visit their site:

W! Ok, last question: where can our readers find you on the Internet to find out more?

KI I thought you’d never ask!

Mwah! 😉

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