MANDY MORBID — “Bra size is 28FF or 28 G/H depending on what time of the month it is, style, and amount of cleavage desired.”

WHACK! was lucky enough to spend some time picking the big, beautiful… brain… of alt porn hottie, Mandy Morbid!

WHACK! So, Mandy, what’s your deal? Can you give us your basic info: stats, age, etc, for the n00bs in our readership?

MANDY MORBID I’m 25 years old, born and half-raised in Montreal, half in Ottawa; five feet tall; I have one blue eye and one green eye; my waist is about 24 inches, hips 32, bra size is 28FF or 28 G/H depending on what time of the month it is, style, and amount of cleavage desired. My tits are real, I grew ‘em myself. I weigh approximately 96 lbs and my shoe size is a women’s 4 (kid’s size 2). I usually have pink or blond hair but also sometimes a light green/aqua colour I really like, and I have a couple facial piercings and a bunch of tattoos all over. And yes, those are TIE fighters on my right thigh.

W! How’d you get into this biz and why did you decide to go the alt porn, rather than mainstream, route? Are you just not down with the aesthetics of mainstream, super-plastic porn, or is it more than that?

MM I started modeling for Suicide Girls in 2006 and then I met some people involved in the “alt porn scene” and since I had wanted to do porn all along it eventually just worked out. I generally don’t enjoy “alt porn” or “mainstream porn”. I pretty much only like very well animated Japanese tentacle rape porn. I get asked to be in movies that are considered “alt” because I have tattoos and a shaved head and I don’t tan (and the people making “alt” porn are the people I know—so far). I’m interested in having sex mostly and don’t care too much about the labels. I do however prefer to be involved in porn where I trust the director and other performers and admire their ability to create something genuinely erotic, like Kimberly Kane’s movies.

W! Speaking of aesthetics, you have a look all your own paired with a sweet ass and a gigundo set of jaw-dropping, all-natural boobies. You’ve been blessed, but what do you say to chicks with littler boobs who want augmentation for the industry? Did you just get lucky, or are you anti-plastic?

MM I like boobs. Small or large. Natural or not. I don’t like bad boob jobs of course—they make me sad, but when it’s done right augmentations can be wonderful. I have girlfriends with really great boob jobs and girlfriends with itty bitty titties and I truly enjoy both. Small boobs always seem extra feminine, youthful, and fashionable to me probably because I’ve always had my oversized womanly ones. I did get lucky with them though and I do love them!
As for getting implants solely for work in the industry—I think that’s a matter of personal values. The women I know with augmentations are very happy and don’t regret the modification at all. The girls with smaller natural breasts seem pleased with them and say they would never change them. A choice is a choice regardless of what the motivation is and when it comes to other people’s bodies it’s a choice that’s none of my business.

W! Speaking of plastic, you’ve earned yourself a reputation as the live-action hentai tentacle rape scene girl, so we guess you can’t be too anti-plastic. Or were those tentacles rubber?

MM The tentacles were constructed out of armature wire, rolls of black cloth, dildos on the ends of some, and lots and lots of black condoms. The body/head of the monster was made of out bits of Halloween masks, mainly a big skull. And lots of spit and lube. I am currently planning the next one, must improve on the first try.

W! I would venture to say that tentacle porn is bordering on performance art. What’s your take on the intersection of pornography and art? Are they the same thing? Can they be? Will they ever be?

MM There are a lot of similarities between the adult industry and the fine art industry, a lot of capitalistic, exploitative, sucking similarities. Of course sometimes they end up being the same thing but that’s all relative and subjective. I know pornographers who I believe are genuinely artists and their work is both erotic/pornographic and artistic. Bob Coulter’s photographs and Kimberly Kane’s films are examples of that.

W! So we’ve gotta ask… What do you think of the upcoming Hustler porn parody of Avatar? Blue people fucking seems kind of up your tentacle and hentai alley. Are you excited?

MM Not excited at all, I don’t watch porn that isn’t anime-monster-raping-schoolgirl or that I’m not in (because I like seeing myself fuck). Never saw Avatar. Looked really stupid to me in the previews. I’m all for strangely coloured people though. I’m a huge Star Trek fan and my friends were in both the Star Trek parodies and I didn’t even watch those. I’m not into watching real people fuck. Why would I when I could be doing the fucking myself?

W! You have asthma so serious you need to use a nebulizer and sometimes a gas mask in places where people smoke. And you’ve also got rheumatoid arthritis, which cuts down seriously on energy. And a bunch of other conditions I don’t even know about. Yet your line of work would seem to be one that takes a heavy toll on the body. What do you do to keep yourself healthy and energized?

MM I do have a lot of chronic (and some serious) medical conditions, Zak Smith/ Sabbath (my boyfriend) has a list of them tattooed on his forearm.

(And it’s a respirator with hepa filters, not a gas mask even though it really does looks like a gas mask.)

I try to eat healthy and take my medications properly and regularly. I see my doctors often to keep on top of everything. I try to go to the gym or exercise a few times a week if I’m not too sick. Lots and lots of vitamins, lots of rest and sleep, I very rarely drink alcohol or coffee and I’ve never been able to indulge in recreational drug use, I’m even allergic to weed…that sort of thing. What you would expect I imagine.

But lately I really haven’t been feeling healthy or energized (just had a nasty asthma attack—again) and it’s very difficult because I’d really like to work and perform much more often than I am able to. I simply just don’t have the physical constitution and stamina to be anything more than a very part-time performer. My body is extremely unreliable and it’s frustrating.

W! We hear you had surgery last year. Care to share any details?

MM I have no problem sharing details, but they can be technical and kind of icky… anyway I did have surgery last year for a disease called Endometriosis.

Endometriosis is gross to explain but it basically causes cysts, lesions, scarring and internal bleeding most often around the outside of the uterus and ovaries and the surrounding organs. The scarring can fuse organs together into positions and/or places they shouldn’t be in which obviously would impair those organs’ ability to function properly. It is extremely painful, especially during sex, ovulation, menstruation, exercise, etc, etc. It has also been linked to infertility.

I had had symptoms of the condition and been diagnosed with chronic ovarian cysts—which would grow for months until they were huge and then burst forcing me to rush to the emergency room—since I was in high school but the condition had worsened so much since then that it was ruining my life—I couldn’t function, so I went in for laparoscopic surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery is considered minor surgery—they go in with a small tube with a camera on it to look around and find the disease and when they find it—they laser it away. I had a “significant” amount of disease they zapped and I was shown some interesting pictures of my “before and after” cauterized insides. I went home the same day but it took a few months to really feel healed.

Following the surgery I also went through a six month artificially induced menopause—they gave me a medication that shut down my reproductive system completely—because it’s the hormones that cause the disease to grow. For some people the treatments reduce your sex drive, but not in my case.

The disease is under much better control and my quality of life has improved considerably. That surgery basically changed my life.

W! We hope you’re feeling better! We need more movies from Mandy, like Mandy Candy, which I’m actually trying to get my hands on for reviewing purposes… Could you help me out with that? *wink wink*

MM I’ll see what I can do—I only have a couple copies myself. And thank you, I am feeling better despite my recent asthma troubles!

W! Speaking of your vids, GoodVibes named February “National G-Spot Month.” I say fuck yeah! But there are a lot of haters out there in the scientific community that are still arguing about whether the G-Spot even exists. What do you make of this whole controversy?

MM When I’m finished with medical school I’ll get back to you on that one… Um. Ok. I suspect like the size of boobs and the shape and size of labia and stuff the tissue identified as the G-spot varies wildly in size and mass and so that may be why there’s so much controversy about the objective evidence of its actual existence. I know MY vagina and uterus are tilted at an odd angle (because my gynecologists are always confused when they first examine me, and then they say “hey, your vagina and uterus are tilted up funny, I had a hard time finding your cervix.”) and so if I have a G-spot I think it’s especially difficult to get at. There are some positions associated with G-spot pleasure that just don’t work for me ‘cause of the way my insides tilt. So I can’t say for sure that I can feel mine, and many women probably have something similar going on. There are all sorts of strange things about the body no one understands and even doctors and scientists can’t explain yet—they are actually pretty limited in their knowledge about the human body still I think. This is just another one of those things. I’m not especially concerned with the G-spot since whatever it is I’m doing when I’m fucking it feels good, and that’s all that matters.

W! I feel like scientists saying there’s no G-Spot is like the Disneyfication of the female body—trying to clean them up and make them less sexual. But then again, I love Disney movies and I hear you do, too. I’ve always had a thing for the villainesses, myself. Have you heard about Tim Burton’s plan to make a “Wicked” style movie from the point of view of Maleficent, the villainess from Sleeping Beauty? What do you think? Good idea or bad idea?

MM I hadn’t heard about that yet, but if it’s true I’m all for it! I do love fairy tales, especially the archaic, pagan, creepy parts of them and I think modern fairy tales have been too cleaned up from their—what now seems—bizarre origins. “Wicked” is one of my favorite books, but I refuse to see the musical version, it seems a travesty. I’m also looking forward to the new Alice in Wonderland movie and I adored American Mcgee’s Alice video game. So yeah, good idea.

W! I read on your blog that you hate Vegas, which would make sense given your anarchist/socialist (Canadian-born!) leanings. Vegas is a place where capitalism runs rampant and squishes the souls of mortals. How does someone like you, with ideology that runs so counter to capitalism, make of the porn industry, where cash is king?

MM I think lots of sex is a really good thing. Just like I think good art (the art I like) is a good thing and should exist. Unfortunately there is a terrible soul sucking economic system set up around both these things and to be involved in either industry you have to tolerate and navigate through it. My website is free and so at least with that I could avoid some of the whoring and show that sex and porn can just be done for fun and enjoyment and not solely for profit. Even “Mandy Candy” was done on a very small budget and the whole point was to make something “good” and have fun creating it—not just to get a paycheck. But it is work, and as a performer you are a commodity and you want some compensation and acknowledgment. To eat and pay my rent I need to get paid so I can’t simply remove myself from the system and survive. It’s not ideal, but you just have to live with it and do your best to do what you want your way in spite of it.

W! I guess part of your response to capitalism is in your website, which has free content. Free smut for the masses is quite humanitarian of you, and we here at WHACK! appreciate it. But, I have to ask, how do you make a living? Especially with your medical costs, it can’t be easy.
MM It’s hard to support yourself in porn unless you’re willing to take almost every job that comes along, and I don’t. But I strip, I model, I do ok. Zak and I try to live modestly and spend most of our money on my medical stuff and travel when we can. We don’t have a car or insurance or buy fancy clothes or furniture or drugs or whatever it is people spend money on. Being thrifty and punk about it I guess. I’m quite content in my one room apartment with my old video games.

W! You’ve said in interviews that you think women who are outside the sex industry and who like porn should speak up—do you think their way of speaking up is through watching websites like yours? Do you see the market for alt and queer and female-driven porn expanding? Is the economy hurting your part of the industry?

MM The economy is hurting everything everywhere as far as I can tell, listening to NPR news and seeing for myself how the porn world is struggling. The internet is really changing the porn industry too. I don’t know about the market expanding—but I do think porn has become much more mainstream in general and young people, male and female alike, have different ideas about what’s acceptable and normal—websites like Suicide Girls and such seem to have contributed to more “open” attitudes about sexuality and feminism—I don’t know about my site. I hope it’s doing something similar, although I’m sure my audience is a bit different because my site isn’t “softcore” and is less interactive (which I would like to change). My audience is probably much smaller too, and less likely to speak up or respond openly because it’s still PORN and the stigmas and barriers haven’t completely evaporated yet. (And some of those barriers shouldn’t go away, really.)

W! Do you identify more as straight, gay, or bi?

MM I’m definitely bisexual but I also definitely like the cock a whole lot. I’m more on the straight side of the spectrum, without a doubt. But a hot girl nevertheless will turn me on and make me want to suck on her tits (among other things). I do think it’s really a lot of fun to make a girl cum. But to be fully satisfied I need a real, living, warm, cock to fuck me.

W! Ok, lastly: any projects or websites or movies or projects you want to tell our cultured degenerate readership about? What’s next for Mandy Morbid?

MM We are working on a web-show called “I Hit It With My Axe” for the about us: me, Zak Sabbath, Kimberly Kane, Satine Pheonix, a stripper named Connie, a hair stylist named Frankie, and guest stars—we had Justine Joli (who wants to be a regular) and Sasha Grey (who wants to be a dungeon master) join us already, playing Dungeons and Dragons. We had all been playing for a few months in real life regularly and we all love it, and we’re sort of breaking “girl gamer” and “porn star” stereotypes (or possibly reinforcing some) which is kind of an interesting concept, and the Escapist thought so too. Girls who get naked and do sex stuff publicly plus Dungeons and Dragons is gotta be like the Internet sweet spot! It’s gonna be pretty entertaining I think.

I’m also completely changing my website. But into what is still being worked out.

And as always I’m modeling for Stagg (recently shot with Justine Joli and Charlotte Stokely), and of course my beloved (where you can find me as “Adria”).

10 thoughts on “MANDY MORBID — “Bra size is 28FF or 28 G/H depending on what time of the month it is, style, and amount of cleavage desired.”

  1. Lone Star Angel says:

    I really enjoyed reading this interview. You're an amazing person and you have a great outlook on things. I like that.

  2. Lone Star Angel says:

    I really enjoyed reading this interview. You have an awesome personality and a great outlook on things. I like that.

  3. Levi says:

    This was a very well done interview, and goes a decent way to showing that just because someone works in the adult industry doesn't mean….well, anything other than they have a job that they've chosen to do, just like the rest of us. There are always bad apples that allow a negative spin to be put on things, but the majority of people in the industry have a decent head on their shoulders, and are not just cookie-cutter bobble heads and mannequins that have no souls (that goes for all genders btw).

  4. Mandy Morbid says:

    Thank you for your comments, I've danced at a couple small places in Hollywood. But not doing it much these days, since I've been unwell.

  5. robinson huso says:

    i really enjoyed this interview, and i'm surprised that you respond to the readers comments. i mean, i don't know how big your audience is – but i think it's a great thing you interact with them.

    and tell me, if you and zak ever make it to Austria, i'd be glad to meet you. would be so awesome to meet pornstars!
    (i know you have conventions for porn in the states, but there's no such thing in Austria..)

    all the best.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mss. Morbid,

    Great article, really liked your answers – and therefore your personality …

    I was also wondering where do you meet up with your fans and what is your biggest aspiration in life,

    Keep it up your great !


  7. Mandy Mitchell says:

    Wow, I've never heard another porn star openly describe themselves as anti-capitalist or anti-authoritarian. The porn industry can be a very disheartening place for those with radical values, and I find your words encouraging.
    Mandy Mitchell

  8. Anonymous says:

    damn, i wish i could have met you at some point prior to my settling down! A gamer, intelligent, and incredibly attractive. i do hope for your continued good health and wish you only the best!


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