Editor’s Note: This is a transcription of Max’s reply to Miss Lagsalot’s inquiry about the ex-pornographer’s current state of being. The original letter can be found below the transcription. Yes, Max sent this pic along with the letter. And yes, he is serious.

Paul F. Little
America’s Most Wanted PornstarTM
La Tuna FCI
PO Box 3000
Anthony, NM 88021-9877

June 18, 2010

Ms. L. Lagsalot

Dear Ms. Lagsalot:

Thank you for writing in with the kind
words of concern, support, & inquiry.
I’m pleased to report that despite my
latest legal lashing — which has left
me a poore(sic!) political prisoner, I am
feeling fit and in superb spirits.
As always, I remain ready to publi-
cize the peril on(sic!) faces when exer-
cizing(sic!) sexually explicit artistic ex-

Firstly, though, let me congratulate
you for launching your weekly on-
line publication Whack! I’m sure
that it’s been quite an exhausting

Let’s get right to it then, and allow
me to state where my case has
settled. Despite the epic efforts
of my legal team led b the ace
1st Amendment attorney H. Louis Sirkin,
who was armed with an air-tight
appeal, the jaded justices of the
11th Circuit Court in Atlanta ignored
his inspired interpretation and logical
explanation of the U.S. Constitution,
and affirmed my unjust conviction
of making religiously immoral
motion pictures which were too
tawdry for the poor people of
Tampa to tolerate.

It should also be stated that
there were never any allegations of
anyone who was compelled to perform
in any of my movies. Also, no one in
Tampa, Florida, where I was prosecuted,
had protested my productions, and none
of the more explicit “European version”
videos for which I was convicted,
were promoted for purchase in America.
They were instead sold by an interna-
tional distributor who was a client
of mine, who re-sold them to an under-
cover postal inspector, without my know-
ledge, consent, or control.

I’m truly troubled by this disturbing
development, not simply for my own sake,
but for what it bodes for the entire
American adult industry. I had hoped
that the appellate court would have
exercized(sic!) a more enlightened under-
standing in upholding the rights of
Americans to enjoy adult entertain-
ment in the privacy of their own
homes, even if it is unsavory to
some religious conservatives.

Equally unsettling is that a jury of
my perported(sic!) peers would be unable
to understand the importance of
free expression as a fundemental(sic!)
human right. Them(sic!) sentence me to
46 months in prison, along with a
fine of nearly $100,000.00, simply
because my movies had somehow
violated their mysterious “community
standards,” which are nowhere writ-
ten down.

As a result of this outrageous
travesty of objectivity & open-
mindedness, I am being held
against my will very substandard

conditions here at the decrepit
La Tuna Federal Correctional Institute,
and will not have my liberty right-
fully restored until early next year
in 2011. In the meantime, I will
continue to hold my head up high,
because I know that I am not
a criminal, but the victim of an
ongoing crime.

Please feel free to publish the
preceeding statement, and add that
if any readers have any questions
or coments for me, I can be
written to at the following add-

Paul F. Little, #44902-112
La Tuna Federal Correctional Institute
Post Office Box 3000
Anthony, NM 88021-9897.

I also have two personal oppera-
tional(sic!) websites, and they are:, &
My movies are also available for
download at:,,
and other fine retailers.


That’s all for this time. Have a
great day, and an even better

Most sincerely,
Paul F. Little
AKA Max Hardcore
America’s Most Wanted PornstarTM
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mark symbol any time you publish
the above, thank-you![sic!])