NYOMI BANXXX — “Honestly, we all have a little freak in us!”

WHACK! MAGAZINE All right! Nyomi motherfucking Banxxx! Thank you so much for setting some time aside for this interview! I know you’re really busy.

NYOMI BANXXX Yes I am, but never too busy for WHACK! Magazine!

W! You are kind of like the mega-business-woman of the adult industry. Exactly how many businesses are you running right now?

NB Oh wow! Four right now. Yes, I’m trying to build my little empire here!

W! Holy moly, four businesses? How do you ever find enough time to stay so sexy?

NB I have my record label FBC Records, That’s Common Production, which is my mainstream company, NBX, which is my adult company, and AKISS, which is my clothing line. As for me staying sexy, honestly I think it’s in my DNA!

W! It’s amazing that you’re at the head of so many companies. Most women are scared to even be in charge of one. Have you found that being a female business owner is difficult, or that people respond to you differently because you’re a woman?

NB Somewhat, yeah. I think the biggest problem is them getting over the fact that I’m a porn star and I have some kind of a brain. It’s kinda hard to have meetings, cause you know partly that he’s not really listening to you fully, he’s thinking about, “How I can get her in my bed?” It’s crazy! But I knew what I was getting into when I decided to do all that, so I take it all in stride.

W! It seems like maybe the best way for high powered porn stars, especially female porn stars, to go right now is to own their own companies and make their brands recognizable. Do you have any advice for other women who would like to do the same thing?

NB You’re right! I always tell the new ladies coming in, “If this is something you really want to do, then you need to treat as business. Your name is your company, your body is the assets and stock in that company. Trademark, copyright. Do your research on who’s the hottest in the industry and where you fit in. Know your markets! And never sell yourself short! Know your worth!”

W! You seem to be a woman who’s known her own worth from the get-go, and you’ve overcome a ton of obstacles to get to where you are (which, by the way, is the TOP of the adult industry). Not only are you a business owner and a widely recognizable face in adult, but you’re also… oh my god… African American! Has it been difficult to get to the top being a minority in a very white-washed industry?

NB Ummm! It’s been a ride. I came in knowing that we live in a white society, so I knew the obstacle from dealing with mainstream. I really wanted to make a difference when it came to the industry view of African American women. I wanted them to see us as more than just big ol’ ghetto booty, that we have class and sass as well as glamour.  You’re right, I knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted to do it.  Three years ago, I was told by an old agent of mine that I need to be content and happy where I was at, with my age and color, that I was working. I was like “WTF are you serious?” Just know I was then very set to prove this idiot wrong.

W! Wow, I can’t believe an agent would say that! How did you prove the agent wrong? How did you show your class and get to where you are as a megastar performer instead of just another “interracial starlet”?

NB Just know, I’ve heard some of the craziest racist things in this industry, from, “Black girls on covers don’t sell.”

W! Oh my GOD!

NB I just kept building my brand, going to conventions, staying connected with my fans via internet. Making myself more marketable to the viewers whether I was black or white. And truly loving the job that I do. I love my fans, I love my work, and I believe it shows. Not only that, but my fans got to see me grow as sexual woman in this industry. So it’s kinda like they went on that journey with me.

W! And you have been on a hell of a journey! I hear you grew up in a conservative Christian family Chicago! The Midwest is a very hush-hush about sex kind of place. Did you grow up with conservative sexual attitudes?

NB Oh my God, yes! I mean, I was in the choir, usherboard… you name it, I was in it.  But as I got older I became more spiritual than religious. I believe in having your own relationship with God, and not how someone else thinks or feels your relationship should be with him. Because in truth, he’s the only that can say yay or nay to me entering into those pearly gates. Chicago has a lot of Closet Freaks!

W! I lived in Chicago for one year, and that was enough for me! It is too cold and too conservative! So how did a spiritual girl from the Midwest end up in the Valley?

NB I stepped out of that continued circle that Midwest families build. I always wanted something different. Plus, the cold weather is not for me. But anyhoo, I thought I’d stayed in Chicago too long; it was time for me to really do me. So I packed my little black car up with my prayers and headed to Hollywood!

W! Did you pursue mainstream acting first? Music?

NB Yes! I’d actually been modeling since I was teenager, in beauty pageants and all. I was also in music, which is my first love. I was signed to a major record label for a few years.  And acting, which I still do. A lot of mainstream projects. Actually I starred in a movie that I produced that has won five festival awards. I’ve written a few screenplays. This past October I wrote and shot a horror film. So I say I walk that fine line between mainstream and porn.

W! Wow, you might be the ultimate “Crossover Star”! I wonder why the industry hasn’t highlighted you in that way. What’s the name of the movie you starred in that won so many awards?

NB Ummm! Can we say “color”? It’s called Caught in the Game. I’ll send you a copy!

W! Fantastic! Can’t wait to see it! And what’s the name of your horror film? Is it out yet?

NB It’s called Souls. We are actually in post-production with it now. We were hoping that it’ll be ready by the spring, but we don’t know as of yet.

W! Well keep me posted; I love horror films!

NB I sure will!

W! Speaking of your projects; any big names on your music label that you’re itching to promote? Any work of yours we can hear?

NB Well I’ve decided to come from behind the chair and go back in front of the mic. So I’m working in the studio now “NB Banxxx introduces Sweety Montvale.” Sweety Montvale is what my pornstar name is supposed to be if we follow that script of street name you grew up or were born on, and first pet. Also my other artist, Brooklyn James, is a sexy hot R&B singer who’s always on the Red Carpet with me. Jo Joe D, a rapper out of Chicago, Isaiah Da Prophet, also a rapper out of Chicago, Cardo, who’s here in California, and a group I just picked up from NYC, The Elements. We’ve combined on a few songs.

W! Wow, you are a powerhouse, lady. So much going on!

NB Yes I’m trying to leave a my legacy behind. I remember when my father passed away a few years ago. I wrote in his obituary that his legacy will live on in me. My dad always wanted to be a singer and superstar, as he would say. But he got caught in that cirlce that was created for him. The funny thing is that we are both Libras, his birthday is the 10th of October and mine is the 14th.

W! That’s really interesting. Libras are very stable signs, from what I know about them, but very driven by ideology. It sounds like you both want to make it big to spread your message! What is your message, in particular, Nyomi?

NB Honestly, I have so many. Making my dream into a reality! To never judge a book by its cover, take the time to read the pages to know the person.  And also that it’s ok to be a sexual being, especially in the black community where they make it so taboo.  Honestly, we all have a little freak in us!

W! Wisely said, Nyomi.

NB Why thank you!

W! I’ve got to ask: where did you get your name from? Was it the combination of two supermodels: Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks?

NB Yes. Two super models in one! When you put  Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks together, it  makes The Always Keep it Sexy Nyomi Banxxx!

W! Perfect! And you do keep it sexy, and glamorous, for other women like you.

NB Thank you I try!

W! Any last words for our ravenous readers? Projects you’re working on, or websites for them to visit?

NB Well I’m not sure when this is coming out, but I will having a “Be My Valentine” Nyomi Banxxx contest that will award the lucky winner a private one-on-one cam session with me. I will do the live drawing via UStream. I’m going into production shooting NB Diary 2; I was able to hook the sexy Jada Fire to appear in it. Also, my website will relaunch at the end of February www.NBBANXXX.com, and just my entire 2011 “The Takeover” campaign.

I just want to thank you guys over at WHACK! Magazine and to my sexy fans who I love dearly. If it wasn’t for my fans, who would know who the hell NB Banxxx was? So I want you guys to continue to Keep it Sexy! And support 2011 “The Takeover” campaign.

Oh, how can I forge this, I started a foundation called “Popaloc” for a family meember who has MS. This is a charity true and close to my heart! I will do fundraiser to raise funds for him and his family!

W! That’s incredible! How can people contribute to Popaloc?

NB Right now, we’re still in the beginning stages of it! I will be doing some charity events. So I will definitely keep you guys posted.

W! Ok, sound great! Thanks so much, Nyomi!

—Interview conducted by WHACK! staph degenerate Miss Lagsalot.