TRINA MICHAELS — “Never turn your back on a heel!”

Trina Michaels , one of WHACK!’s favorite babes and a “porn star turned wrestling diva”, made her Dragon Gate debut during Wrestlemania in Atlanta the weekend of April 2nd, and she wanted to dish all the juicy news about her appearance with John Moxley to us first! We’ve got the scandalous scoop right here for ya, suckas!

Trina, whose promoting talent has gotten her a mention on Dave Meltzer’s site (he called her “the smoothest promo of any woman in the business,” by the way) and elsewhere in the wrestling world and gotten her champion, Jon Moxley, a WWE contract, brought her ongoing rivalry with glamour model turned diva wannabe Reby Sky to the ring at Dragon Gate’s “Mercury Rising” event on April 2nd. (By the way, the event was broadcast live on PPV; you can get all the goods here.) And holy horndogs, Batman, did she bring it! When Moxley won his match against Arik Cannon, Trina and her co-promoter went into the ring to celebrate his victory, but Reby, unwilling to admit defeat, DDTed Trina’s teammate. “So I took one of my heels and hit her from behind, because,” Trina told us, “you should never turn your back on a heel!” And you should never, we might add, turn your back on Trina Michaels.

The next night, April 3rd, Reby got even by DDTing Trina to the floor, knocking her out almost completely. The YouTube video is below, and the whole fight will be out on PPV soon, but beware! It’s pretty brutal. And for that very reason, I have a feeling that Trina won’t let this stand. So Reby, if I were you, I’d watch my ass for a while. Trina may be cute, but she’s one bad bitch and she’ll be looking for you, I guarantee it.

The fights were so good that they’ve been discussed all over the wrestling media ever since. “What made this show so good?” asked one commentator, but we think we know the answer.  It starts with a Trina, ends with a Michaels, and has two delicious double-D’s in the middle.

Check out Trina’s footage below!

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