On her whirlwind trip to the City of Angels last week, WHACK!’s own weird and wonky wordsmith, Miss Lagsalot, followed some directions from Oriana Small aka Ashley Blue to a small motel on the beach in Santa Monica. Innocently thinking perhaps she would witness a porn shoot involving standard pounding and pop-shots, or, given Oriana’s reputation for the hardest of hardcore, maybe some anal ravaging, Lags was astonished and aroused to instead walk into the midst of a furiously fucked-up still shoot with the infamous pervert Ashley/Oriana, LA-based model Audrey Bernal, and legendary high-art fetish photographer Eric Kroll!

The afternoon unfolded in varying levels of surreal, sexy, and scary as latex, gold sequins, a chainsaw, Ashley/Oriana’s notorious sloppy slobber, and a blood substitute made their appearances on the scene, but when they were all ready for dinner, some fucking amazing images had been made, a few even featuring the hesitant but just-horny-enough Lags herself!

Fapping friends, if you’ve never heard of Eric Kroll’s photography, we suggest you do so immediately. The shots you see here are only s tiny corner of this man’s boner-bringing and stunning ouevre. Look him up at his blog, www.ericdavidkroll.blogspot.com, or just do a Google image search. Trust. You will love it.

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