7 Months Later = 3 New Comics!

Oh, hey, what’s up?


What do you think of my casual slide back into blogging after… *checks notes*Seven months?

Pretty slick, huh?

I’m not sure what happened.

The most honest, yet least satisfying, answer is probably “life.” This has been by far the busiest year yet for my publishing company, Oneshi Press, with 5 Kickstarter campaigns in 2022 alone. And each campaign isn’t just the campaign itself. It’s also the months of preparation, marketing, and hype, the campaign itself. And then the months afterward of placing orders, packaging, and shipping out rewards.

With just a two-person team, all of that work adds up! Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day, the week, the month, and things slide.

I’m sorry that you slid, dear reader…

…But I hope your slide was fun!

Anyhoo, it just occurred to me that I hadn’t written for a while. Which means you might not even know about…

My 3 new comics in the Destinations Anthology!

The 12th anthology of short comics from Oneshi Press is on Kickstarter RIGHT NOW!

The theme of this 140-page collection is Destinations. It includes 17 short comics from 30 diverse creators around the world…

Including me!

I wrote three short comics that will all appear in this anthology, and I’m really proud of each of them.

A panel from “Tracy Queen: Destinations” with art by Nizamt

“Tracy Queen: Destinations

Our favorite love warrior is so ready for movie night with her partner. But then Elle is abducted by a crime syndicate desperate to keep her from releasing an article on their ties to city government.

But the gangsters don’t know who they’re dealing with…or who her girlfriend is. They’re about to find out that nothing comes between Tracy Queen and movie night cuddles.

With writing by yours truly and art by Nizamt, this is 8 pages of a surreal and brutally satisfying short story from Tracy Queen’s adventures!

A panel from “PACK: Destinations” with art by Sean Bova

“PACK: Destinations”

This is the first short standalone comic set in the world of the PACK of 6 stray dogs—and their stray man—who fight crime on the streets of Brooklyn.

In this 8-page comic co-written by me and Jayel Draco, with art from Sean Bova and letters from Cardinal Rae, a neighborhood kid makes his way home at sunset.

Even though myriad dangers stalk his path, the PACK is determined that he’ll make it to his stoop in safety.

Concept art from “The Madam’s Journey” with art by Kayla Raney

“The Madam’s Journey”

I am stupendously excited to share this short comic set in the Children of Gaia fantasy-sci-fi universe. I’ve been developing the main character, Fanny, for years. This is the first time she’s been fully brought to life on the page, and Kayla Raney’s art is just… *chef’s kiss*

Fanny started out as a precocious young villager outside of the Great Nation of Arilyness in the realm of Rendaraia. But she always wanted more out of life. Her dreams went up in flames along with her culture when the empire invaded…but she fought her way to where she always wanted to be. Now, she runs a successful brothel in the occupied city of Waldeghast, where she and her workers demand the respect of all those they service.

Fanny is destined to become a very important character in the Children of Gaia universe. I hope you’ll love her courage, wiliness, and grit as much as I do!

These three new comics deal with arrivals, endings, and destiny. So do all fourteen of the other short comics inside Destinations!

I hope you’ll take a look at the campaign and back at the tier that’s best for you! And, if you’re on the fence, I have

5 reasons why you should give it a chance:

  • It’s a truly gorgeous collection of stunning work from an amazing group of diverse creators from Brazil to Nigeria to Ukraine and beyond!
  • The more money we earn on the Kickstarter for Destinations, the more we can pay out to the creators for their amazing work! 
  • We’re printing the book on recycled and sustainably sourced paper using non-toxic inks!
  • We’ll plant a tree for 🌳 EVERY 🌳 SINGLE 🌳 BACKER 🌳 through a partnership with One Tree Planted!
  • Destinations just freaking fantastic!

    Here, let me show you some of the other fabulousness inside!

    There’s even MORE where all of that came from! It’s truly an astonishing collection of comics. I’m kind of in love with it, and I bet you will be, too.

    Oh, and  maybe I should have mentioned this earlier…

    The Kickstarter campaign ends on Thursday, December 8! So get over there quick, before time runs out!

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