Likewise, the short experimental film What Makes Us Queer, by Courtney Trouble and Tina Horn, juxtaposed the thoughts and words of queer porn personalities with footage from their films in a fascinating examination of what sexual imagery can do when drained of the sexy audio. I’ve been intrigued by this idea for some time — what happens to the brain and the genitals when you watch porn without the sound on, and furthermore, when the sound is replaced by thoughtful commentary? My answer? Absolutely. Fucking. Riveting. Of course, it may have helped that I’m familiar with most of the stars interviewed, and have already seen most of the footage being played. So I didn’t have as much of a mental disconnect between what I was seeing and what I was hearing, having already gotten familiar with the people, their parts, and their sex. Others may have had a harder time piecing everything together, but all things told, and given that What Makes Us Queer won the Best Experimental Short audience choice award, I’d say my positive impressions were shared by others. The film forced viewers to think about what they were seeing instead of just reacting, as porn often allows us to do, and the result was excellent. Sexy, edgy, and intelligent. The perfect combo! (That is, if you don’t count Wolf Hudson and James Darling as a combo… cause… if so, then they win every combo contest. Ever.)

Perhaps more to the point of what WHACK! is all about, the Bring It! porn selections were excellent, as before. There were not one, but two scenes featuring Jiz Lee, my absolute favorite performer of all time, so I would have been happy no matter what, but even so, the sampling was impressive. The offerings ranged from very hardcore BDSM filmed in a very hardcore, outdoor, almost snuff-film like light by Domme Jaguar, to gorgeously lit and sumptuously performed hetero lovemaking from New Sensations, to live sex performance-as-education between Jiz Lee and Nina Hartley, to two trans men (Buck Angel and Fallen) going at it in the most hardcore and—forgive the dyke conn o tations because I don’t mean to invoke them but there is just no better word in our language for this scene—butch scene that ever butched. Buck Angel is a fascinating figure. As the first out trans man to become a major force in pornography and sex education, he is important. He is searingly intelligent, blazingly ferocious in his sexuality, and intensely masculine. He is a powerhouse performer. I have so much respect for him it kind of hurts my eyeballs. But… honestly? I just don’t find him sexy. His brand of sexuality and sexual performance just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t dig grunting and growling and rumbling, and those are Buck’s things. As are bare aesthetics — bed, wood paneling, carpet, no frills — and hardcore closeups. I just don’t get off on those things. But plenty of people do. So sitting through his scene with Fallen was a study in patience and intellectualization of porn for me. Objectively, it was fabulous. I’m glad it exists. But I wasn’t so into it myself.

Conversely, Strap-on Jo, who I’ve known for some time via Twitter… so hot in person. Holy crap. I interviewed her twice and it was all I could do to keep my hands off her ass. I was trying to be professional, after all. But the second interview? After I’d seen her fucking Ned Mayhem’s mouth with her bright red strap-on and squirting with pleasure without even being touched when he gagged on her cock? Not so easy. And when she told me she can orgasm just by thinking about it? Let me tell you, darlings, not going home with her was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. Ever. Oh, also, her scene was incredible.

At any rate, the scene from Live Sex Show (which, again, you may know about my adoration of, and if you don’t, you can read all about it here) with Jiz and Nina won the Bring It! award, and I was happy about that. And all the porn was fabulous. And I’m so glad — so glad — that Cinekink provides a place where a bunch of somewhat pervy individuals can get together on a weekend afternoon in a dark theater and do their best to stay seated, sophisticated, and presentable while watching it. As an East Coast child of the 80’s, I have never lived in a time or place in which one could go to a theater and catch a dirty movie. I don’t know if I would if I could, given the rumors of what went on in those theaters. But I am a huge advocate for the idea that adults should be trusted to handle sexual material like adults, with poise and appreciation. And though most theaters tend not to want to take the risk, Cinekink gives us the chance to prove ourselves, creepy and weird and wank-prone as we may be.

—Miss Lagsalot

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