MADISON MONTAG — “I’m dying to go bra shopping!”

WHACK! recently caught up with the biz’s hottest new TS talent and one of our favorite ladies, Madison Montag, to discuss her transition to boobaliciousness!

WHACK! MAGAZINE Hi Madison! Thanks so much for taking some time to talk to WHACK! after your big surgery! Can you tell the readers what you just had done?

MADISON MONTAG I had my first breast augmentation done right after Valentine’s Day. Perfect Valentine’s Day present, eh? I’m planning on getting more work done soon but for now this seemed appropriate for me in my transition.

W! How big did you go?


MM The BIG question every wants to know. I’m a 32C and I got silicone! I didn’t want to go too big where, it [would] look like I had firm balls on my chest. The oversized tits are so overrated. I did the surgery for myself and I’m very happy with the results.

W! So has it been long enough that you can tell us how you feel about your new boobs? Or is too soon to tell?


MM It has been six days since I had surgery, but I am loving the results so far. I have an amazing plastic surgeon. My friends say they look and sit naturally on my body, and they love to squeeze them. laughing It’s crazy how society and men react towards a nice rack. It has changed so much [more] than my bra size. I’m no longer the girl with no boobs and I’m very proud of my new boobs. I know everyone is dying to see, but they’ll just have to wait.

W! Did you pay for the surgery with the money you’ve made in the adult industry?


MM Hmmm… let’s just say a mysterious benefactor paid for them. Santa Claus came a little late this year. laughing

W! You’ve been pretty busy this past year, and lots of other things have changed for you, aside from your chest! What else has been going on?

MM Well, I went to Vegas for the AVN Awards and got my surgery, which was all a great experience. I got to work with my best friend, Sarina Valentina, and produce some new fine art photos that are the last photos of me before my surgery. Autographed prints are available at They’re a different look from what I’m used to, but I hope my fans enjoy it!

W! I hear that you’ve been in the middle of some big changes not just for yourself, but for all TS performers in the adult industry! Tell us about all of that! What happened to set things in motion?

MM I personally can’t take credit for the big changes, but I can say that some other TS girls in the industry all got together and had a meeting with AVN, and next year the transsexuals at AVN should be able to walk the red carpet and the winner of Transsexual Performer of the Year will be able to accept the award on stage. As a fellow AVN nominee, I’m proud of them and what they’ve accomplished. Good luck next year to everyone!

W! Have you experienced anything you’d consider discrimination in the industry before, or was AVN the first time you saw that kind of treatment for TS stars?

MM I’ve never experienced any discrimination from the industry, only in my own niche, but that’s a different story. Personally, AVN treated me right and gave me second row tickets and let me walk the red carpet right after Ron Jeremy. I was also interviewed by Jesse Jane standing next to a female director from Hustler. So I wasn’t treated like a “second class citizen” and was not treated poorly or discriminated against. I was treated like any other genetic girl there. I’d like to thank Peter Warren from AVN for giving me good seats and being helpful throughout AEE and AVN. I’m happy with everything and I had a great positive experience at the expo and at the 2012 AVN Awards.

W! In what ways do you think visibility could be improved for TS performers?

MM Shelving of TS pornographic material with heterosexual porn, rather than only homosexual porn, would go far to increase acceptance and appeal. People need to understand that TS models are often as feminine as GG models, and that men of all colors can enjoy our beauty. Additionally, it would be extremely helpful if taboo terms such as “shemale” and “chicks with dicks” were regulated to less common use. These words give the impression that the enjoyment of TS materials are only for the homosexual man. They focus on the aspects of our bodies that remain male, and not on the ultra-feminine beauty and persona many of us convey

W! As a relatively new performer in the genre, do you think there’s a chance coming for young girls like yourself to change the way TS performers are seen in the industry, or by consumers?

MM Yes. The barely-legal transsexual is rare in our niche, but I don’t think it will be for long. Every day, girls are transitioning younger and becoming a lot more passable than the girls who transitioned later on in their lives. I mean, I transitioned young and I was nominated for [an] AVN my first year being in industry and being the underdog. I didn’t have a lot of work done to myself, and was a 32AA. But knowing the right people and having the right look got me to where I am now.

W! A lot of people in the mainstream don’t realize how popular TS porn is, but it makes a huge amount of money for the industry as the fourth most popular “genre” of porn. What do you think could account for the fact that it’s so popular and yet kept so “secret”?

MM You get the best of both worlds, and no one has to know about it. Your husbands, your boyfriends, your sons are all looking at us, just no one needs to know about it. TS porn is “your best kept secret” to most men.


W! Do you think that if TS performers got more visibility, the mainstream might learn more about TS individuals and maybe some of the taboos would lift?

MM Possibly over time, yes. The world is just not ready for us just yet, but with time I know we’ll be more mainstream and accepted in society.

W! Well, anyway, back to you! Now that you’re all boobtastic, what do you plan to do first?

MM I’m dying to go bra shopping! All my clothes/dresses fit me well now and I fill them out better, but my bras don’t. I went from a 32AA to a 32C in less than two hours. I can’t wait to get some to show my new assets! My whole life kinda has changed in a way. I’m no longer a little girl, more like a young woman. It’s fascinating to share my transition in front of my fans and the camera!

W! Are there any new scenes or projects you’re working on that we can get the word out about for you?

MM Well my best-selling, Xbiz-nominated DVD, American Tranny, from Reality Junkies is something worth watching. Bareback, flip-flop, and a hot teen cheerleader. Can’t get any better than that, eh? Also you can check my first TS scene at performing with my friend Sarina. Let’s just say I was a bad girl and had to be handcuffed in that scene!

W! Thanks so much, Madison! Heal up and we hope to see you back in the saddle soon!

MM Thank you for having me back again! I always enjoy our interviews.

—Interview conducted by our editor-in-chief, Miss Lagsalot.

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