A Few Quick Updates, Some Videos, and an Invitation

1) An Invitation!! This Friday, come see a 7-minute video excerpt from “Reality,” one of the videos that originally was part of my art show “Consent” at apexart, from March – May, playing at YANS & RETO 2012. The video, which features interview snippets featuring Madison Young, Kelly Shibari, Mr. Marcus, Oriana Small, Danny Wylde, Nyomi Banxxx, and Dan Reilly, and focuses on the realities of filming versus the fantasy pornography attempts to portray. Video pieces by Madison Young and April Flores will  also be featured.

The show starts at 7:30 at the Anthology Film Archives on 2nd and 2nd in Manhattan. Tickets are $9 (general admission) and are available at Anthology’s box office on the day of the show only. There are no advance ticket sales. A reception will follow the festival from 9:30 – 10:00pm.

You can check out details on the press release here, but in the meantime… “This year the festival wants to reflect the social aspects of porno cinemas. Sex creates a community in public and commercial spaces. In his book, Times Square Red, Times Square Blue, author Samuel Delaney portrays porno cinemas as places for encountering (as opposed to networking). In a world where everything is filtered, marketed and mediated, the reality of: “first unzip me, do me, and then we can talk about our lives” is much appreciated.”

2) I am in the final stages of drafting Volume 3 (!!!!) of my upcoming graphic novel, tentatively titled Tracy the Queen. I am having SO much fun writing it, and after I’ve gotten Volume 4 drafted, I plan to post some teasers and concept art. Get excited, people, and in the meantime, know this: there is porn, there are cyborgs, there is espionage, and there is an escaped-lab-experiment-electrical-engineer-talking raccoon. AND, last night at the Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra album release show at Webster Hall, opening band The Simple Pleasure (fronted by GTO guitarist Chad Raines) played what will surely become the book’s Theme Song. It’s not out online yet, but when it is, I’ll post a link or something. It’s called “Tracy, Tracy, Tracy,” and it knocked my socks off.

3) AMANDA PALMER FUCKING ROCKS MY WORLD TO ITS CORE. God, I am so deeply in love with that woman. She embodies the righteously-pissed-off girl rocker that the world, sadly, does not have enough of these days, but she does it with grace and passion and genius, and she does it with hairy armpits because fuck you that’s why. And she creates art that inspires other artists, and she rocks the house down, baby. Oh my god. GO SEE HER PLAY. Like, now. Do it. Have you seen this video? See this video. Do it.

Is your brain on the floor right now? Mine is.

4) Go figure, Dan Savage was right about something. Surprise? Nope. But it’s nice to read that snuggling and being open about sex are scientifically awesome. SCIENCE!

5) And, now that I’ve done a blog post… I’m doing this. Where’s my monkey mask?

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