A House of Illusions at the Poetry Brothel

poetry brothelCome one, come all! Sit right there in the front row, if you wish! You’ll never be able to discern the sorcery of the poets at the Poetry Brothel, no matter how hard you try, ladies and gentlemen. Their magic is real. But we invite you to try to figure them out in public and private readings (for a small fee) this Sunday, March 30, at The Back Room on Norfolk Street. I’ll be there, reading for you as the depressively fascinating Fanny Firewater, spinning spells with sultry verses and losing myself in the atmosphere. Come see me!

To make this illusory evening even more mystical, The Poetry Brothel will be joined by master magician Jordi Magomero, burlesque divas, Foxx Von Tempt and Rosabelle Selavy, and a surprise literary legend, back from DEAD!  The Madame and Tennessee will also present musical maestros, The Hot Club of Flatbush and distinguished guest poets Mark Doty and Diana RaabComplementary St. George Spirits will be served from 8 to 9pm just to get you a little more haunted. Come prepared to purchase your wildest poetic fantasy. ”

Tickets and more info here!


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