A Rant on Luna Luna


I went on a bit of a rant over at Luna Luna today about why feminists shouldn’t shut up. Ever. Enjoy!

“Look. Feminists do not need to shut up about misogyny on the internet. Feminists need to not shut up, ever, until our desire to see equality for all people— including those who were not born or do not identify as female—is met. Until the system that treats us as if we are inferior, crazy, other, is toppled. We need to keep yelling, keep acting out, keep challenging until we see the changes we’re demanding enacted. Because guess what, finger-table-tapping people: change does not ever come about because the powers that be (whether that’s government, media, society in general, or even guys who specialize in viral content online) see how nice and quiet and calm we’re being about everything, and suddenly feel badly about what jerks they’ve been.”

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