A Slight Detour into Dinosaur Sex

Yesterday’s trek back to NYC was rather epic: 10.5 hours in the car, no less than four detours (one to take pictures of windmills, one by accident, one looking for maple candy, and one extremely disappointing search for a “Silver Lake Sea Serpent” which seems not to really exist but led us on quite a journey, which I will someday title in my memoir as “Insufficient Sea Serpent Signage”), and torrential downpours most of the way. We’re now somewhat rested and ready to go, but I have too much work to catch up on for a comprehensive blog. Instead, why don’t you go to Slate and read about how dinosaurs had sex? I’ll catch you up on the news and gossip tomorrow.

I dunno how they had sex, but this video sure shows how they terrified children…

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