ALEX CHANCE — “I’m really loud, and I do really like it hard!”

WHACK! MAGAZINE Hi Alex! Let’s do this official-like: can you give me your name and tell me a little bit about yourself so that our readers know who they’re dealing with?

ALEX CHANCE My name is Alex Chance. I am 22 years old, and I’m from Virginia. I just got into porn back in August, and I really like it!

W! So you’re 22, so you didn’t turn 18 and immediately jump into the adult industry, so how did you make the decision to start doing porn?

AC Well actually I’ve been on camera since I was 18, and I almost got into porn when I was 18. It didn’t work out. I had a “real job” for almost four years, working in marketing. I bartended on and off, and then decided to just kind of take the plunge into porn. One of my friends’ wives had shot for Score magazine in Florida (?) and they liked my pictures, and it’s kind of been history since then.

W! Ah, so you’ve been flirting with the idea for a while.

AC Yeah.

W! So are you a person who’s just always loved sex, or do you have some other ultimate goal?

AC I’ve always loved sex. laughing And I also want to make it a career, so…

W! Well yeah, that’s good. I think a lot of people get into the industry thinking that it’s just easy money, but these days you really have to work hard to get what you want and make a career out of it.

AC Yeah, it’s a business.

W! So how have you decided to brand yourself, on the business end of it?

AC Well I’m getting ready to buy and I’m going to try to get a website up by next year, probably February. I’m going to start shooting content for that soon, and I’m going to try to get that business up and running and do some more scenes to build more of a fan base.

W! Well I’ve seen a few pictures and it seems that you’ve got a niche carved out for you already… Because… you have giant breasts.

AC laughing Thanks!

W! And they look natural. Are they?

AC They are, yes! I’m a 36 DDD.

W! Wow. Wow. Do you think you’re going to have back problems someday?

AC I already do.

W! Oh my god, really? I’m sorry I said that!

AC Yeah, but I’ve got back problems for other reasons, too. I’ve gotten into a few car accidents. I’m not exactly the best driver in the world. Go figure, typical female porn star, not good at driving. laughing

W! Well I think it’s really cool to see a girl that’s natural and just rocking it. People like you are rare in the industry, which is strange but true. Have you found yourself filming niche scenes so far

AC Yes, that’s pretty much what I’ve shooting so far. The last scene I did was for Titty Creampies #2 for Evil Angel.

W! Excellent name. So do you think that you’ll eventually market yourself into other niches, or stick with big boob stuff for a while?

AC I’m going to try that. I’ve been losing some weight—I’ve lost about 20 pounds since my first scene with Score. I’m looking into get more into other niches, cause I don’t want to just be booked for the big boob work.

W! Are you the type of person who, when you diet, it affects the size of your breasts?

AC No. I’ve lost 20 pounds and I still have the same sized boobs.

W! Whew! Thank god!

AC Yeah, I think men would be sad. Yeah I’m always about the same size.

W! So what companies have you shot for so far?

AC I’ve shot for Reality Kings, Bang Bros, Plumper Pass, ATK, Rodney Moore, Evil Angel… andI just had a new scene come out for Reality Kings with Jmac, and it’s under “Tit Time” on there.

W! laughing Awesome. You’ve done a lot of work for having just gotten into the industry a few months ago! Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you’re like dying to get with?

AC I really do want work with I think it’d be fun, and I really have a pornstar crush on James Deen. I really do want to work for Wicked, you know, all the big companies. Hustler, all of that.

W! I think everybody has a crush on James Deen, actually. I just read an article on him on some mainstream website. He’s adorable. What type of shooting are you doing? Are there things that you’ve decided to not do on camera?

AC I am not doing anal or interracial at the moment. It’s definitely something that will come up in the future for me, just not right now.

W! Starting out slow, I see. Did you ever do just women on camera? I know some people start out that way.

AC I have done girls, in my personal life! But I haven’t been booked for any girl-girl work yet, no.

W! Oooh, that’ll be exciting.

AC It will be!

W! Who do you want to work with?

AC Actually, I have a really good friend of mine, Emma Ash. I’m hoping we can work together soon.

W! Hot. Very nice. So you said you’re from Virginia originally? You don’t have an accent at all. Are you from an urban-ish area?

AC I’m from Virginia Beach.

W! Ah, so not the “deep south” part of Viriginia. Growing up on the East Coast… attitudes here are different about porn and sex than near LA where things are a little more open in some ways.

AC They are much, much different.

W! What was it like growing up in Virginia as someone who loved sex and wanted to get into porn someday?

AC Well I grew up in church. I was the girl that was in church on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and again every Sunday.

W! Wow, so how did that work? Were you really guilty about it when you discovered sex?

AC Nah, not really. I mean, honestly, I missed church, and I think it was a sign.

W! How are things different out there for you?

AC Well it’s acceptable out here to do porn. Even for people who aren’t in the porn industry, whereas in Virginia it’s very taboo and not looked at well.

W! Have you always been an exhibitionist?

AC Kind of.

W! So then do your parents know? Do your fellow youth group members—

AC No! Oh, no, they don’t know.

W! Ok then I’ll make sure not to send them a link to this interview.

AC Ok.

W! So what are your full measurements at the moment?

AC I’m pretty sure I’m 36DDD-32-40. I’m not positive about that, though.

W! See, that sounds healthy to me. In porn you tend to see basically one body size and shape, and I think it’s important to see people who are different sizes. And just seeing these tiny women, but I like to see women who don’t fit that body type. I think you look fantastic the way you are.

AC Thanks! I think I’ll lose about ten more pounds and be done, just so the bigger companies will shoot me.

W! Well, that makes sense. And hopefully that happens soon.

AC Me too! Thank you!

W! So do you want to tell anything in particular to people about yourself, or why to watch your work?

AC I like to have a lot of fun when I shoot scenes. I like to think it’s the way I actually have sex. I’m really loud, and I do really like it hard. I like to really have fun with it, and treat every scene like it’s the best scene ever. So I hope everybody enjoys watching it!

W! Well that sounds fabulous. Thanks, Alex!

AC Thanks!

—This interview conducted by the raging raunch-monger Miss Lagsalot. Look Alex up on her Twitter!

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