Almost-30 Ennui

You guys, next week I will turn 30. Not only will I lose my twenty-something status, but on the day of my birth, my New York Statre driver’s license will expire. So I will have to feel old and go to the DMV on the same day. I am very seriously considering dressing up in a RIDICULOUS outfit with wild makeup and a crazy hat for the new photo. Bring the new decade in with a bang, right? I may need a boa. Please, help me out with suggestions for this.

In the meantime, I’m watching the artwork progress on my graphic novel! Jayel Draco is drawing, inking, coloring, shading, and magick-ing his way through the second page of our eight-page sample, and so far it looks stunning. As soon as there’s something share-able I will be sharing it, and we’ll be launching the website in the next few months as well! Squee!

Also, before I turn 30, I will be participating in The Poetry Brothel’s “Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre” event this Saturday at The Forgotten Works Studio in DUMBO, where I’m told Jiz Lee recently did a photo shoot for her charity/art organization Karma Pervs! Hot stuff! I hope to have some photos of myself, performing as Fanny Firewater in a 1913-ish outfit, that evening. There will also be music, aerial performance, featured poetry readings, tarot card readings, a photo booth, a Valentine-making area, and lots of sexy/dirty/debauched poetry and mucho booze-o! Please, come join the party!

In the works:

1) A mega-huge party for yours truly at a strip club in Manhattan! Details to follow!

2) Upcoming interviews for WHACK! Magazine with Whore! Magazine, Buck Angel, Cindy Gallop, and Robin Byrd!

3) Exceptional awesometude from the other side of the big 3-0.

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