Anybody else watching Transparent?

So I signed up for a free thirty-day trial of Amazon Prime so I could get some stuff shipped for free during my move, and planned to cancel it before I got charged. Like you do.

But I got caught up in the move and forgot, and Amazon–the bastards–charged me a hundred bucks for an entire YEAR without even telling me about it. No e-mail. Nothing.


I discovered that I can now watch a bunch of stuff for free, and I’ve started watching Transparent, about the time and adventures of Maura (Jeffrey Tambor), a transgender woman who’s coming out late in life, and her horrible, self-absorbed, rich kids who are all trying to navigate their own sex and love lives.

It’s kind of obnoxious in the way it deals with money, race, and a bunch of other things, but it’s also groundbreaking and adorable. For instance, when her daughter Sarah asks Maura, “So, are you going to dress up as a woman all the time now?” Maura answers, “No, I’ve been dressing up as a man my entire life.”

YES, THANK YOU. Hooray for media moving forward!

I’d love to hear everyone else’s thoughts, if anyone’s been watching it, too!

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