All This Not-Quite-News Is SO Exciting!

Moving and camping and running around and stuff is exhausting, y’all. I’m so brain dead after the past few weeks I can’t seem to get my thoughts into a coherent enough order to blog well!

So instead of writing a badly considered post that I’ll just feel silly about later, here are some tidbits to keep your drool levels up!

1) Word is being whispered of my videos from “Consent” being shown, possibly, at the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas in January, to coincide with the AVN Awards and AEE Expo! Rumors have been started about a party to celebrate the event. Invites might go out to the stars I interviewed. This probably has a lot to do with the amazingness of Kelly Shibari. This could be massive and incredibly fun. There will definitely be more information on this available soon! If you read this blog, there is NO FUCKING WAY you will miss it when it hits, because I will not SHUT UP about it.

2) I got a first round of photos from Natasha Gornik today! I’ll pick my faves for editing and use as publicity, so I can’t show any of them just yet, but let’s just say this: she asked me to bring objects that spoke about my kink. I said, “Ok.” Fuck. Yeah.

3) I’m going to New York ComiCon this weekend! I will totally dress in a ridiculous outfit. I will definitely take pictures. I will absolutely learn a lot to  help me write and market my graphic novel. I will tell you all about it, as this will be my first comic convention, and I’m sure to make some interesting connections in my filthy mind between it and adult entertainment conventions, with which I’m much more familiar. Stay tuned!

4) In the process of moving, I sadly had to get rid of a whole lot of old, broken, and otherwise no-longer-usable sex toys. It was a sad day for me to throw them all away, but a lovely time to imagine someone going through the trash to collect recyclables and opening that bag. *snicker* But I’m so very happy to say that, upon unpacking, I have realized that I still have an absolutely massive collection of sex toys at home. Whew. Crisis averted.

5) Big announcement coming up about WHACK! Magazine… I’ll keep you all informed!

6) I was interviewed on Monday by a writer for DNAinfo about an upcoming article on New York’s place in the porn community! I’ll let you all know when that hits!

7) Also, lots of changes in the personal sex life are getting me to pondering about what role porn plays in all of it… I sense a lengthy essay coming on, which may go here or may be shopped around to a few other publications. We shall see!

And that’s all for now, folks! Also, Camille Paglia is a rock star! Over and out.

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