BOUNDARIES 7 — “It will finish you off like a snifter of brandy after a luxurious meal of lesbian love!”


Triangle Films

Directed by Kathryn Annelle

Run Time 120 minutes

BOUNDARY BREAKERS Justine Joli, Bobbi Starr, Kimberly Kane, Sammie Rhodes, Skin Diamond, Gracie Glam, Asphyxia, Ariel X

I’ve been looking forward to Boundaries 7 for a while. As you might be aware, there are few things I enjoy more than some delicious dykey smut, and this vignette series from Triangle Films looked like it would fulfill my female-on-female fap fantasies. The title of the film, too, seemed to promise plenty of particularly kinky pussy pleasing; when you watch as much porn as I do, you find yourself looking forward to the edgy scenes that stand out from more ho-hum horny fare. Especially after last week’s über-vanilla Star Trek: TNG letdown, I was ready to enjoy some much-needed rough raunch. Bobbi Starr graced the cover, and if anyone in the whole wide world of wanking has a higher Boundary threshold than she does, I’m sure I don’t know who it is. I was more than ready to find out exactly what would bring her to her limit, and how gorgeous she would like while reaching that far-off, fantastically hardcore edge.

Imagine my surprise, then, when, as the movie progressed through four fabulously female-friendly scenes, I could not for the life of me figure out what Boundaries were being crossed. Was it supposed to be the professional relationship between personal trainer (Ariel X) and erotic dance teacher (Skin Diamond)? The accountant (Bobbi Starr) and client (Justine Joli) understanding? The boss (Kimberly Kane) and employee (Sammie Rhodes) line? The… no boundary whatsoever that seemed to exist between Gracie Glam and Asphyxia? None of these so-called limits seemed to be quite glaring enough to fit the movie’s title, and I was left sitting on the couch with my hand down my pants, very confused and very turned on all at once.

It’s not that the movie was bad by any means — the lady love here is packed from inner to outer labia with women getting each other off in a series of sexy, sensual, and ever-so-satisfying ways. But it wasn’t exactly the crazy kinkfest or envelope-pushing parade of perversion I expected it to be, either. Compared Kathryn Annelle’s previous, perverse offerings, like River Rock Women’s Prison and Strap-On Lesbians, Boundaries 7 seemed incredibly tame.

But not in a negative way. This movie, while it might not break any records for weirdest or wildest or WHACK!-iest or even wettest all-girl film you’ll ever see, is nevertheless worth wanking to. If you like the female form, or two female forms together, doing all manner of naughty things to each other and screaming in ecstasy over and over again… Then you’ll most definitely end up screaming in ecstasy over and over again, yourself. This is the kind of porno that goes on the shelf to be enjoyed, piecemeal, again and again, for years to cum. This is the kind of lovely stuff that will finish you off like a nice snifter of brandy after a hearty but luxurious meal of lesbian love. As a matter of fact, the only boundaries that might really be broken in this movie are each performer’s former record for “Most Orgasms Achieved in a Single Scene.” Or maybe that was just me.

—Miss Lagsalot

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