Christmas Travel Blog

A few MORE notes:

1) The Red Dwarf set did not enter into last night’s peace-vibe-making. My own living room, however, is quite hot to have all manner of crazy sex in.

2) I’m now on a train. I’ve been working on several longer blog entries for you all to read over your long post-Christmas recuperation periods (I’m sure you’ll be delighted by them, as they encompass how to become a male porn star and how much I hate humanity… as it relates to porn), and in so doing, I’ve been reading up on some of my other favorite porn- and sex-related blogs, like Violet Blue’s excellent “Open Source Sex.” I recommend that you do the same. But, be warned, DO NOT DO IT ON A TRAIN where the people walking by can SEE your computer screen. I’m pretty sure the images of boobs and tied-up, gagged ladies with boobs parading across my laptop screen did not make me any friends among the ranks of those debarking the train at Paoli, PA.

3) It’s supposed to snow tomorrow! On CHRISTMAS! Aaaaaack childhood Christmas nostalgia head-explody!

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