Cindy Gallop Will Make You Think, and Bring You Hot Sex Videos, All at the Same Time

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One of the most disheartening things about working closely with the porn industry and the larger sex industry is that it historically hasn’t attracted many people like Cindy Gallop: people who really want to change the world for the better and who see that the ways in which we relate to sex could be a huge part of doing that. Cindy believes that not only is it important for people to “talk about it” when it comes to sex, but that doing so can be freeing, healthy, and profitable. People with the iconoclastic and groundbreaking mindset of Cindy Gallop are a rarity in the old world order of porn. The real truth may be that there just are not very many people in the world like Cindy Gallop, and fewer still who want to make sex one of the stages from which they pontificate, instruct, and sing. The world of sexual entertainment attracts plenty of beautiful people, talented people, and intelligent people. But the type of businessperson we most often see in porn and other areas of sexual business are those who want to turn a quick profit on something that’s easy to sell. Hence the current downfall of the porn industry: once one of the most lucrative businesses on the planet, porn has been ravaged by the rise of the internet and all its free porn, but because there’s not much money to go around these days and most of that money seems to be in the “legitimate” (what a silly dichotomy) tech sectors, nobody has been swooping in to make things better for pornography. The “quality” people and all the money are drawn away by other sectors, and porn is left with little in the wherewithal department to reinvent itself.

Enter a whole host of young, talented, creative, and hungry people who have been popping up in pornography and making a lot of noise over the past few years. Stoya, Camille Crimson, Jincey Lumpkin, Madison Young, Jiz Lee, April Flores… all these people are seeing the creative possibilities in pornography, and all of them are chomping at the bit to make something more out of it. But squeezing a penny out of artistic or authentic sex, as opposed to prepackaged and boringly filmed same-old, same-old fucking… is a euphemistically “tough” thing to do.

Enter Cindy Gallop. A hot package of brains, business know-how, entrepreneurial energy, and vision. I won’t spend all my space here on the blog talking about what a godsend this woman is for anyone she comes in contact with, but I will say something on behalf of the porn industry: she has got a fucking brilliant idea here, and she wants everyone to copy her.

I sat down with Cindy in her stunning Black Apartment last week to talk about her latest startup,, and I was simultaneously gob-smacked (to use a term Ms. Gallop loves) and inspired by every fucking word that came out of her mouth. And I’ve even heard a lot of it before.  It was that good. The interview stretched out for a good 20+ minutes, most of which will be aired on WHACK! Magazine over the next week or so, and Part 1 landed today. I was there when she said all this stuff, but after watching the footage, I am re-inspired by it all today. I want to go out and knock the world on its ass. I believe I can.

Some snippets that really made me want to stand up and salute, and will make you feel the same way, no matter what industry you’re in:

“Something that I believe very strongly is that everybody should realize the value of what they create. I believe that if you create something that gives people pleasure, you should absolutely see a financial return on it.”

“I believe that all businesses of the future should be about doing good and making money simultaneously.”

“Real disruption comes with individual creative vision…. Believe that you can do things differently and do them differently…. I’m all about deciding what I want the future to be, and making it happen.”

You can check it out at WHACK! Magazine, or you can watch it here. Either way, if you’re a creator, an entrepreneur, a businessperson of any kind, a lover of sex, a performer… whoever you are, just watch this.

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