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Basically me lately.

It’s been a busy few weeks at chez Lynsey G., with a few publications, a cliticism podcast, and a super-rad expert-guest slot all happening! That’s all just after I finished my Montana Book Festival readings and just before my upcoming trip to Los Angeles for book promo! Here are links to the stuff I’ve done that I hope you enjoy…and a few things I had nothing to do with that are also really cool!

Things I’ve Done Lately

  • I wrote an article for MEL Magazine about women who got started in the porn-making game later in life than most. The indomitable Morgana Muses, Erica Lauren, Vicky Vette, Tanya Tate, Angie Rowntree, and Jacky St. James all helped! A nibble:
    Some of this, of course, are the benefits of age — namely, self-confidence and business savvy. “Sometimes I hear of situations where girls believe they have to do everything that’s asked of them by directors and agents, even when they know they won’t enjoy doing it,” says Tate. “Older women are generally more assertive compared to young girls due to our life experiences. So they’re less likely to get into difficult situations.”
    Read the rest here!
  • Also for MEL Magazine, I paired up psychotherapist Naada Bracey with an advice-seeker who wants to keep up an active sex life with a depressed partner. A tidbit:
    “Most of all, keeping open lines of communication with your partner is vital,” says Bracey. “Couples who talk to each other about sex have the most satisfying sex lives. When desire disappears or wanes, our task is to identify what makes us feel sexy and to reclaim that. That, however, can take careful self-reflection and couples communication.”
    Keep reading here!
  • I gave “expert” testimony about why porn is not sex education to Teen Vogue! I’m so excited to be featured in this kickass magazine, and as an experthere, no less! A taste:
    “Most porn is not realistic,” says G. “But, that being said, it’s easy to forget that it’s a fantasy, and that most of us won’t have the same experience we’re seeing on screen. In that vein, I think that the most incorrect thing I see in porn isn’t a specific act or situation, but more of an attitude that all of this is easy. Of course, ‘real’ sex is rarely this easy, athletic, or orgasmic. And it’s usually way more awkward.”
    Read all about it !
  • And I rambled on about being a porn critic, the intricacies of adult industry economy, what makes hot porn so hot, why it’s hard for me to review sex toys, and more on the Dildorks podcast! Bex, Kate, and I had so much fun chatting that I forgot we were recording! I probably said some not-as-smart-as-possible things. Hope that makes it fun to listen to! Also, um, they named the episode Cliticism, which is actually the best thing ever. (Also, there are bad puns. Mostly from Kate. I loved them.) Listen here for free!
  • Some of my comics are out! My sci-fi, sex-positive, feminist graphic novel about a mafia-boss-turned-biochemist-turned-pornstar-turned-warlord, Tracy Queen. And the comic I’m writing about vigilante dogs, PACK! Both had 8 new pages published in the 2nd Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology! You can get print copies from me, or digital copies from Kindle or ComiXology!

Things Other People Have Done Lately

  • Scientist Nicole Prauss looked inside porn star Ela Darling’s brain while she had an orgasm to learn more about how our bodies and minds work together during sexual arousal!
  • The headline is enough to interest you in this one: “The Women Making Feminist Tentacle Porn
  • A trans man talks about how revolutionary the experience of watching VR porn is for him and his partner!
  • Two of my favorite sex-focused academics, Laura Helen Marks and Rebecca Sullivan, collaborated on an article about late capitalism, nostalgia, and sex work in The Deuce
  • And Lauren Rosewarne wrote a fabulous article about why radical feminists who object to sex work are totally not real feminists and I love it.

Okay, darlings, I’m off to work all weekend before I head to L.A.! Hope to see you there!

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