Lynsey G. Is Going LIVE!

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You heard that title right: I’m getting all up in places, live and in the flesh (sometimes)! So mark your calendars and get your butts to the following events!

10/12 – Live-Streamed Q&A

This Thursday, October 12, I’ll be taking to to do a live Q&A with my partner in life, crime, and business, Jayel Draco! At 7:00 pm Mountain Time (that’s 9:00 Eastern, 8:00 Central, 6:00 Pacific), we’ll go live on Jayel’s Twitch channel to answer any questions you have about our indie comics company, Oneshi Press! Sign in to join the live chat, or send us questions on Twitter, and we’ll answer ’em! I mean, I know you’ve got queries about just how my feminist porn star-slash-warlord-slash-biochemist-slash-mafia-boss Tracy Queen got started! And maybe you’ve been wondering when you can buy the whole graphic novel. Or maybe you just need to know, once and for all, what the heck is my favorite late-nineties sitcom. Whatever the case, join us Thursday night and you’ll find out!

10/19 – Live on Vivid Radio!

I’ll be in Los Angeles next week, living it up and going live! I’ll be live on Vivid Radio with the stunning and amazing April Flores next Thursday, October 19, on her show Voluptuous Life, and I really can’t wait! April is a wonderful human being, and it’s been too long since we’ve had a sit-down chat, especially live on air! (Okay, full disclosure: I’ve never done that with her before.) From 1:00 – 2:00 pm, you can listen to our chat on SiriusXM 415, or at!

10/20 – In the Flesh at Book Soup!

I actually cannot contain my excitement about this event. I’m doing the mental equivalent of the “pee-pee dance” you do when you’re about to burst. Because you guys, as a promotional event for my book, I’m doing a panel discussion about Ethics in Porn on Friday, October 20, at Book Soup on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood! And it’s not just me! I’ll be talking with April Flores, Kayden Kross, and Mickey Mod, moderated by Mike Stabile! …I know! It’s going to be AMAZING! Join us at 7:00 pm next Friday for an unforgettable talk with a group of smart, sexy, savvy folks I’m so proud to be a part of!

10/21 – Part of the Crowd at TwitchCon

As part of Oneshi Press, I’ll be heading to TwitchCon at the Long Beach Convention Center on Saturday, October 21! I can’t wait to meet all the amazing live-streamers and artists and badasses I’ve been chatting with during Jayel’s live-streams all this time. It’s going to be a fabulous day of face-to-face, IRL love, followed by a party on a haunted cruise ship. I’m not even joking. L.A. is crazy.



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