Drawing a Blank on Titles Over Here

I suck at naming things. I can’t think of a name for this blog post. I can’t ever properly name stories I write. I feel like all my poems should just be “Untitled” with a number. It took me months of considering to name my art exhibit last year. I am just terrible at this. Titles are basically succinct recaps of what’s inside a given thing, which are supposed to be informative, memorable, and witty. I’m not witty. And I’m not succinct. I like explaining myself. That’s why I blog so damn much.


I’m drawing a blank particularly today because I’m still trying to recuperate from Cinekink 2013. Which is kind of silly because I only attended about half of it, as opposed to the all of it I attended last year, but hey. Things change. My energy level is low these days. And also, looking back, I think every year since I’ve started going, the caliber of the films I’ve seen has steadily increased, to the point where this year, at the 10th anniversary kinky film festival, I was so bowled over by so much of what I saw that my brain is still trying to process it all. And then reprocess it down to a blog post title.

I’m not there yet.

I’ll work on it.

In the meantime, know this: if Cinekink comes to a city near you, GO. See “Krutch” by Matthew Clark. Watch “Impact.” Dear lord, please take in “Pinecone.” Oh, please, please make sure to catch “Sexing the Transman” and don’t you dare miss out on “Remedy.” If you can’t make it to any of Cinekink’s tour stops, find a way to support these films and encourage your locality to screen them somehow. Order DVDs if they’re available. E-mail the filmmakers and tell them that you want to help their work be seen. Do something. Because the kind of films you can see at Cinekink are the kinds of films that need help and support, and that need to be distributed to large audiences. They’re the kinds of films that bring people together, educate the masses about the humanity in all sorts of things they might not otherwise understand (this year in particular: rope bondage, suspension, and rubber-n-plastic love), and speak for underrepresented communities. It’s fucking fantastic that they exist, and we should all do what we can to help them get seen.

In other news, did you all read my interview with Buck Angel from WHACK! magazine last week? It’s fucking magical. This guy… ah. I love him. And you will too, if you don’t already, once you’ve read this interview.

And um… ok I’m done. Still no title in mind.

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