On the first Saturday of May, there’s usually an event called Free Comic Book Day that brings together comics creators, publishers, retailers, and readers. Hordes of ravenous fans gather at their local comic book shops and make off with bags full of free comics. It’s awesome in that special way that only giveaways of free content can be.

This year, since most comic book shops are shut down during the pandemic, Free Comic Book Day has been postponed indefinitely. Which is a big bummer. But my publishing company, Oneshi Press, decided that we didn’t have to wait. We can give away our stuff anytime we want! And we do want to celebrate spring! And comics! Plus our fans!

So, hey. Head over to the Oneshi Press store now and download 6 FREE COMICS. Right now.

Hint: Three of them were written by me: Tracy Queen, V1 is about a woman who leaves behind a life of violence for a life of pleasure. PACK #1: Humility is about a mutt who was rescued by a gang of vigilantes. Who are also dogs. And COG: Trinkets is about a fae child who doesn’t fit in until she finds a band of misfits who can even protect a bully.

Also a hint: I edited ALL of these.

And this is a hint, too: I published ALL of these.

So hey, check ’em out! For free. Free comics. For real. Today only, though! Hurry!

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