Free Nooky Box Giveaway!

nooky box giveaway lynsey gI don’t know if you know about The Nooky Box yet, but if you haven’t heard about it, here’s an opportunity for you to get up-close and personal! The Nooky Box is doing a free giveaway of a “Sex is Passion” box, so you should definitely throw your name into the hat NOW to get in on this action!

The Nooky Box is a quarterly subscription box that offers a curated, unique sexual experience with every delivery. Started right here in my home of Missoula, Montana by CEO (and all-around amazing human) Meg Ross, the company combines an upbeat, sex-positive attitude with tasteful, gender-netural branding and only the highest-quality, body-safe, environmentally-friendly products that you can subscribe to receive four times a year or purchase in one-off boxes. The company’s goal is nothing short of a sex-positive revolution: Just like most of my sexual heroes, Meg Ross and her crew are determined to change the conversation around sex in our culture by removing shame from the equation and replacing it with education and communication. And what better way to achieve that goal than to provide the finest pleasure products to customers via a hand-crafted, pre-curated, thoughtful, sexy experience in a box, delivered discretely to your home? You can subscribe to their quarterly boxes or buy one-off boxes that cater to your tastes and needs

The giveaway box‘s retail value is nearly $140, and it includes a super-rad Vesper vibrator necklace, high-end Überlube, bangle bracelets that double as handcuffs, and more. (For more info on the products included, check out their subscription site here.) Every Nooky Box also comes with a curated playlist that you can access on Spotify to listen to while you get your groove on, and customized short erotic story that gives you fun ideas about how to use the toys in the box! Go on, enter to win your own curated sexual experience!

Full disclosure: As the recipient of a Nooky Box and an unapologetically sex-positive individual, it should be noted that I am 100% in favor of everything they do. So much so that I’ve interviewed Meg Ross for Luna Luna Magazine and cross-promoted her product via my fictional character Tracy Queen’s blog. I guess you could say I’m biased. But I am NOT getting paid for this, I promise! I just think you should get some free sex stuff in the mail, because “Yay sex!”

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