A Gift Guide for the Last-Minute Conscientious Pervert

You know who you are. You’re late on all your holiday gift-giving plans. All your friends are of similarly sex-obsessed minds, but they’re progressive thinkers and sex geeks with expansive ideas about what sex and gender and beauty mean. They might be anticapitalist, but you want to show them you care, and in a kinda-hot way.

What’s a conscientious pervert to do?

Never fear! I have ideas for all your last-minute gift-giving needs!

2016 Calendars for the schedule-keeping conscientious perv crowd: they’re gorgeous, they’re practical, and they’re sex-, body-, and gender-positive as hell:The Adipositivity Project: The 2016 Adipositivity Calendar &emdash;

  • The 2016 Adipositivity Calendar by Substantia Jones, featuring the gorgeousness of curvy bodies of many shapes, colors, and identities.
  • The 2016 Daughters of Mercury calendar, featuring twelve original paintings of trans women, created in compliance with the models’ wishes, from live modeling sessions.
  • The French Firemen calendar by Fred Goudon. I’m not sure how you can order one of these, but they’re available somewhere, so if you’re into  hot French firefighter butts, do some searching!

Books for all your thinky and image-loving pervy friends and family:

  • gift guide coming out lynsey gComing Out Like a Porn Star, edited by Jiz Lee, with essays by probably every single sex-positive porn personality you know and love.
  • Genderqueer,  by Dave Naz, celebrating gender nonconformity in the world today with beautiful portraits and musings.
  • Unshaven: Modern Women, Natural Bodies, by Nikki Silver and Tina Horn: a reflection on hairy women of all kinds, with gorgeous photos!
  • Best Bondage Erotica 2015, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Enough said.
  • As always, The Feminist Porn Book… You could buy  me one if you want, actually, since somebody made off with mine at some point over the past year and I am not happy about it.

The always amazing Karma Pervs project from Jiz Lee! There are numerous ways to participate and get a beautiful holiday card (or cards for all your friends) from Jiz! Find out more here.

Feel a little awkward giving someone a sex toy? Consider Gift Cards! It’s not just iTunes and Target that offer them, friends. You can get gift certificates or cards from all your favorite sex-positive toy stores:good vibes gift guide lynsey g

I’m sure your bountiful imaginations can branch out from here, my lovelies. Have happy, safe, and joyous holidays with whomever you spend them with (especially if it’s yourself…those gift cards could lead to some excellent solo fun time)! Merry solstice to all!

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