Happy Holidays from Me, Tracy Queen, and Oneshi Press!

I am so extremely, unbelievably, amazingly fortunate and grateful to say that this year I am celebrating the solstice in a cozy apartment with my partner and my cat, and spending some time at my mother-in-law’s apartment with family, food, and so much joy! The tail end of a Christmas Eve blizzard is wrapping up, and there are inches of gleaming snow on the ground to blanket the earth with sparkles! I am as snug as a bug in a rug. I wish happy holidays to everyone reading this!

But this year has a been a tough one, for me and for the world. It’s been one that has brought into sharper relief than ever for me the many battles that need to be fought in our world, as well as the millions of people who have less in the way of safety, comfort, and security than I do. My thoughts are with so many who are fighting injustice all over the world, whose lives don’t afford them the opportunity to enjoy winter holidays as I do, and I wish them peace, joy, and above all, success. I’ve spent much more time, energy, and money this year on helping their causes than I think I ever have before, and I know that 2017 will require more work from all of us who are devoted to justice of all kinds.

For now, though, a few treats from yours truly via my new publishing company, Oneshi Press! We launched in the spring of 2016, and we like to think that an independent press devoted to exploring progressive themes in gorgeous art and immersive storytelling is a way to help this world find a path to a better future. We are very small now, with only three projects on our docket at a time, and we are accepting support from our growing community of subscribers at Patreon. Here is a video we made to thank them—and everyone who has liked, shared, or otherwise supported us on social media—for their help this year!

And, to sweeten your sexy holiday pot, there’s a brand-new holiday blog post with a super-yummy, scantily clad selfie from my favorite feminist, sex-positive, sci-fi hero, Tracy Queen! We’re hard at work on her epic, ridiculous, pulpy, sexy graphic novel over at Oneshi Press and are so excited to be releasing the first eight pages early next year! In fact, you can watch the live-stream of my partner in business and life, Jayel Draco, creating the selfie of Tracy you see on her blog post. Check it out here! (And sign in to Jayel’s Twitch channel every Tuesday night as he live-streams his work on all our Oneshi projects)

And, of course, happy holidays, no matter how you’re spending them! Love and warm thoughts and joy to you, from me!

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