Homophobia, STI Testing, and Crossover Stars: Plus, An Invitation

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Hello, loves! Time for a new video and a new live-stream invitation!

Chapter 16: The Gay Divide & the Condom Wars

On April 28, I read Chapter 16 from my award-winning memoir, Watching P*rn, live on Facebook. (And I also decided to stop writing the full word “p()rn” in the hopes that I can overcome my Facebook shadow ban. It really sucks to work so hard on something–like a book–and then have nobody see it because the internet is a big prude. Blah.) In Chapter 16, I went deep into the strange history and current status of the bifurcation of the porn industry. There are two big segments of mainstream porn: “gay” and “straight.” And according to many, never the twain shall meet. Chapter 16 talks about why this divide exists, and how it’s tied up with homophobia, STI testing, safer sex practices, and outside pressure to force porn performers to wear condoms. It’s a long chapter that takes a long look at some of the lesser-known realities behind adult entertainment. So settle in to watch the video below, or check it out (and LIKE it!) on Facebook or YouTube!

You can also find further notes and links on many of the folks quoted in the chapter, like Lance Hart, Christopher Zeischegg, Nina Hartley, and more. Those are at the Facebook and YouTube pages, for further reading, viewing, and inquiry. So go check those out. And please hit that “Like” button!

Chapter 17: The Feminist P*rn Awards

This weekend’s reading will be non-standard, folks. I’ll be reading LIVE at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 11. That’s because Sunday is Mother’s Day, and I’ve got BIG plans to go on a hike, eat some brunch, and watch TV! So join me this Saturday as I read from Chapter 17: The Feminist P0rn Awards, where I’ll take everyone along to the fabled land of ethical, feminist, queer, indie porn that I was becoming obsessed with in 2011. There, I met amazing humans who were celebrating sex positivity, authentic sexual expression, and great independent smut. No homophobia, no problem with crossover stars, so small-mindedness… I had found my people! Relive the experience with me when I go live on my Facebook page to read, chat, and take questions from viewers!

Other Goodies

  • Blammo! My writing coaching page has launched! I’ve got years of experience as a writer, editor, and publisher under my belt. Now, I’m ready to share my insights, training, and professional skills with you! So head over here to learn more about the workshop I’m starting up next month, the heart-to-heart writing coaching I offer, and the editorial services I provide.
  • You can get a signed copy of my book, Watching P()rn, right here! And you can also find links to other ways to purchase it on that same page.
  • I’m raising funds for my (non-adult) comic series, PACK! Issue two of the comic book about vigilante dogs in Brooklyn is on its way, so I’m Kickstarting funding to print and distribute it! Help spread the word! Pledge or a share or show it to the dog lover in your life! We’ve got six days to go, and every bit helps!
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