I Can’t Shut Up About Tracy Queen.

lynsey g holding pages of tracy queen

Sorry, folks. You’re going to have to endure another week of me incessantly prattling in about the sex-positive, feminist graphic novel I wrote about Tracy Queen–a sex worker, a warlord, and a hero. I can’t shut up about it.

That’s because there’s just a little over a week left until the Kickstarter I’m running to fund the first issue of her graphic novel is over! That. And I’m 110% obsessed with Tracy, her story, and the bigger issues that her story touches on. Issues like sex-positivity, sex work as a real topic, and of course junk science (but more on that later).

But don’t let me prattle on here in text! I’ve got two more entertaining options for you!

Live Video!

During last weekend’s live chapter reading from my memoir, Watching Porn, I spent some time talking about Tracy Queen, why her story is worth telling, and why the world needs more stories like it.


I’m on this week’s episode of Wayne’s Comics Podcast, talking about Oneshi Press, our latest comics anthology, and of course, Tracy Queen!

Listen here!


When you’re done with those audiovisual goodies, check out the Kickstarter! Tell your friends about it! Mention it on social media using the hashtag #tracyqueeniscoming so I can see your post, and I’ll repost and give you a biiiiig social-media hug!

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