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A ha-yuuuuge thank-you  to anyone and everyone out there who came to the opening of Consent at apexart on Wednesday! It was a massive success, with the attendees numbering over 200 and the bottles-of-wine-gone-through-at-an-opening record for the art space just as smashed as the crowd was! Porn enthusiasts, represent!

Life has not quite yet returned to normal, friends, but when it does! Updates! Website coolness! All sorts of fun new doo-dads to fiddle with! In the meantime, get all wet and bothered by this:

Wednesday, April 4: 6:30pm

We’ve got one word for you: porn.

Join the exhibition curator Lynsey G, director Paul Thomas, and producer Dan Reilly, at apexart to enjoy a double feature of The Graduate and The Graduate XXX. Featuring commentary on the film from the people who made it, popcorn, and—at long last—Mrs. Robinson giving a blowjob.

The term “MILF” may have only become popular slang in the past fifteen years or so, but we all know that Mrs. Robinson was the first pop-culture Mom we’d Like to Fuck! The Graduate might have been an even bigger hit, don’t you think, if we’d been able to watch went on between her and Ben in that hotel room?

Paul Thomas thought so, and he made it happen! The Graduate XXX: A Paul Thomas Parody, released 44 years after its namesake, finally gave fans of the classic movie a long-overdue visual of all the cross-generational action, hilarious “pornified” takes on the original’s script, and plenty more!

In conjunction with the upcoming exhibition Consent, curated by Lynsey G.

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