I Want to Publish Your #Inktober Art in My Graphic Novel!

tracy queen inktober 2018

It’s October! That means that artist from all over the world are going to be creating new art every day for #Inktober 2018. This year, I want to get more involved. I want to offer you a chance to have your work published in my graphic novel!

Maybe you don’t know much about Tracy Queen yet. Well, buckle up, because the subject of my first graphic novel is a glorious, empowered, messy AF feminist hero with a gigantic sex-toy collection, an army of cyborg-clones, and zero fucks to give. And she needs your help to achieve her heart’s true desire: World Domination.

I wrote a graphic novel about Tracy, and my publishing company, Oneshi Press, is gearing up to publish the first issue of the 7-part book. It’s being illustrated by Jayel Draco, but I want to fill the book with gorgeous images of Tracy from a variety of artists. That’s why I’m creating an #Inktober contest: Make art of Tracy, tag it so I can see it, and you’ll get a chance to have your work printed in the graphic novel!

Here’s the deets:

Make #Inktober #Queentober!

Create images of Tracy for #Inktober, hashtag them with #Queentober, then tag Oneshi Press on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to make sure we’ll see them.

Check out the Art Gallery on Tracy’s website for inspiration and visual cues to get you started! Read about Tracy’s story to find out more! And peruse our social media accounts for all the deets! You can even nab 8 pages of her story and art in each of our indie comics anthologies, available in print and digital formats.

Get Published!

When October is over, we’ll announce our favorite images…and we’ll print them in Issue #01 of the graphic novel! In October, we’re launching a Kickstarter for Issue 1 of Tracy Queen—the epic, pulpy, sexy, sci-fi graphic novel!  Tracy’s journey from repressed mafiosa to liberated adult star is going to be massive, and we want you in it. So, we’re reserving a few pages of the first issue for your #Inktober art! We’re going to print our favorites in the pages of Issue 1, and it’s going to be epic.

Keep Up with Tracy (and Get a Preview of the Graphic Novel)!

You can stay up-to-date with all things Tracy Queen by subscribing to the Oneshi Press newsletter! When you sign up, you’ll be the first to find out when the Kickstarter goes live! You’ll also be eligible for early-bird specials! And you’ll be first to discover who won the #Inktober contest!

Oh, and you’ll get a free 8-page sample from Issue 1 of Tracy Queen! Um, can you say “win-win”? Subscribe now for all the goodies!

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