I’m Back! Catch Me & Jayel Draco on the “Adrian Has Issues” Podcast!

jayel draco lynsey g oneshi press podcast
Okay, this isn’t actually us on the podcast, but it’s what we kinda looked like while we recorded it.

I went back for more of the delightfully geeky “Adrian Has Issues” podcast with my partner in life and business, Jayel Draco! Together with host Adrian King (AKA the geek with the most delightful giggle you’ve ever heard), we spent an hour mulling over the weirdness of business-hip lingo, the ethics behind operating a community-based business, and all manner of geekery. We also talked about the projects we’re working on at Oneshi Press, our indie publishing company.

Check out the episode here to get the deets on my feminist, sex-positive, sci-fi graphic novel Tracy Queen! Learn more about the six stray dogs—and one stray man—who make up the PACK in our gritty comic book series! Take a trip into epic fantasy with our vast universe, Children of Gaia! And get the latest news on our ongoing indie comics anthology! It’s all packed into one podcast.

And hey, bonus! Adrian awarded me and Jayel the coveted “dorkiest conversation every had on the show” prize! That’s some straight-up nerd CRED, right there. So listen to the podcast, right here (or on your favorite podcast platform)!

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