INARI VACHS — “A lot of the passion has been lost… that’s what I’ll bring back!”

Most of the WHACK! staph got overly excited and had to go spend some time in the bathroom when, late last year, we heard that the legendary Inari Vachs was returning to adult entertainment. It’s been tough, but we finally managed to wrangle an interview with this incredible specimen of a smut superstar!

WHACK! MAGAZINE You’ve just made a triumphant comeback to the sex biz after eight whole years, and you look as good, if not better, than ever before! How are you enjoying storming back into the cooze castle?

INARI VACHS Thank you so much!!! It is great to be back… I’m very much enjoying my return to the biz…

W! What did you do while you were gone?

IV Life just kind of happens when your busy making plans, ya know?  I got involved in businesses in other industries, moved out of the country for a while, became a mother… by far the most amazing accomplishment of my life.

W! Why did you decide to come back?

IV The time was just right for me… Mentally, physically, emotionally… I did a little research and found that my fan base was still solid, my marketability was still there and my peers were more that supportive.  At the time I took my initial break, my career was at its peak.  I hadn’t brought my career full circle… So why wouldn’t I take the opportunity and run with it?  How many times in life do we get the chance to do it all over again?  Only better, faster, stronger… harder? laughing

W! How has the industry changed since you left? Do you think it’s a better place to be than when you were in it before?

IV It’s definitely  larger…….. In “my day” the circle was much smaller, everybody knew everybody. I’m not sure if it’ better or worse… just slightly different…. But what’s nice about how the majority shoot now, is with less interruptions during the actual shooting of the sex… producers and directors are seemingly very concerned about the moment being “real.”

W! Your first-ever shoot, I hear, was with Max Hardcore in his early career. From everything I’ve heard, you enjoyed yourself with him. What do you think of all the crap that’s gone down with him going to jail while you were away?

IV Max always treated me personally very well and with a lot of respect. I can only rate people on my personal experiences with them. I can’t say that I’ve agreed with everything I’ve heard and or read on his actions, however I do not believe he should have gone to jail either. It’s sensitive subject matter with our constitutional rights.

W! I’m sure there are a lot of new faces you’ve encountered already! Any of the new performers strike you as really amazing or not amazing?

IV Thus far I’m very pleased with the new talent I’ve been lucky enough to encounter!

W! Have you been able to work with any of your old favorites? I hear you have something of a history with Sean Michaels, one of our favorites at WHACK!

IV Sean is amazing. An all time favorite for sure! I’ve known him since the beginning of my career and he’s very dear to me!!  It’s been fun getting “reacquainted” with my faves from the past!  Gonna be a GREAT year!!

W! As I said before, you look absolutely stunning, and I love it that you’ve stayed all  natural! Your boobs are just as beautiful as ever. Has anyone ever tried to convince you to get implants?

IV Thank you so much! I believe in not fixing a thing if it’s not broken!  No one has ever tried to get me to change a thing!

W! I’m sure you get asked this type of thing a lot, but I find the topic reeeally interesting, so… Do you think it’s true that you are responsible for the sloppy blowjob phenomenon in porn?

IV I’m definitely not the first to give a “sloppy bj” in the industry, however it seems that mine were the ones started the most recent trend…

W! I find it interesting because, well, the sloppy blowjob thing is one of the most identifiable “porn sex” act that’s come about in the past decade or so. People get all pissed off about it, turned on by it, defensive of it… It’s like this huge thing! So I just have to ask, how did it evolve with you? Did you always give head like that in your personal life, or is it something you started doing for the camera, to make it more of a spectacle?

IV laughing I’ve always said when there’s something good in my mouth it salivates! It’s always been that way… whether or not my partner enjoys it super sloppy or not — they are ALWAYS wet… so my partner has always determined the extent. Porn likes all aspects of sex to “look” good… So we show it all to the camera.

W! Where do you think the sloppy blowjob/“Inari” stands now? Have people improved upon it?

IV Every individual has their own technique… who am I to say what’s better or worse?

W! Are you bringing a whole new level to the game now that you’re back? School these newbies?

IV My “whole new level” is bringing back “old school!”  All I know is how to do what I do well.  We are not reinventing the wheel… but I think a lot of the passion has been lost… that’s what I’ll bring back!

W! You’re known for your acting talent as much as for your sex talent; what would be your ultimate acting role in a porno?

IV It’s hard to say…..

W! What do you think of the parody phenomenon? Any ideas of your own?

IV Oh goodness… no!  They’ve made parodies of things I’ve never thought possible!

W! What have you acted in and performed in so far?

IV Since my return I have 4-5 movies that have been released: Harder – SkinworXXX and Adam & Eve; To Catch a Predator 2 – Zero Tolerance; Dreamgirlz 3 – Third Degree; Seasoned Players 15 – Tom Byron Pictures, to name a few….

W! What else do you have coming up?

IV LOTS! So stay tuned!!

W! Are there any big signings, dancing gigs, movies, or appearances we can send our readers to? Websites or social networking?

IV I’ll be performing at the Penthouse Club in Houston, TX, March 24-26, making an appearance at the MobScene Magazine Tattoo Convention in Lake Havesu, Arizona, and appearing at Columbus Gold, Columbus, OH, April 15-17.  Follow me on Twitter @RealInariVachs… Facebook/inarivachs …. Email me at ….

—Interview conducted by the ever-cooch-crazed and curious Miss Lagsalot.

W! Thanks so much, Inari! You are a super busy superstar, so we really appreciate your time! Keep on rocking it, girl!

IV THANK YOU for finding me and showing the love! Take care!!

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