INDIA SUMMER — “I consider myself an Orgasmonaut exploring the inner and outer space of my sexuality!”

We’ve been captivated by the talented, titillating India Summer for a while now, and we managed to nab her for a few minutes for a faptastic interview! Be warned, wankers: some pics are not 100% SFW below!

WHACK! MAGAZINE India, thank you SO much for doing this interview with WHACK! Magazine! We know you’re way busy these days as one of the fastest-rising and most established stars in the porn biz! Thanks for your time.

INDIA SUMMER Thank you for that incredible ego-blowjob! laughing And thank you for your time.

W! That being said, there’s still an off chance some people out there don’t know who you are, so can you tell us your name and a little bit about yourself in case there are clueless readers?

IS I’m India Summer. I’m an actress and sexual athlete. I specialize in love scenes. I get a buzz from acting and I love having and performing sex. I am a true bisexual. I consider myself an Orgasmonaut exploring the inner and outer space of my sexuality.

W! You are over thirty and proud of it, never hiding or denying your age. How did you get so comfortable with being older than a lot of women in the industry?

IS I wouldn’t necessarily say that I am “proud” of it, but I happily accept it and I’m not embarrassed about it. I don’t fear my next birthday or mirrors. I am comfortable in my own skin, that’s for sure. “How did I get so comfortable with being older in this industry?” I’ve never really thought of it like that. For one, when I got into the industry it was never an issue and I felt accepted. Looks and talent trump age. I’ve met and worked with a ton of performers and to be factual, I think I am far from one of the “older” performers in the industry. I wouldn’t, but I could, name ten big stars off the top of my head who are older than me, well into their 40’s, and performing as younger. I don’t hold that against them; we live in a culture that makes people think they have to conform to that mind think to compete. I refuse to accept those “social norms” and the social conditioning that says only 17-29-year-olds are interesting and sexy. That is ridiculous and the truth is out now: people find men and women of all ages beautiful and sexually exciting. There is beauty in all ages and phases of life. Something that can be said for sexuality and women in their 30s and beyond is that they tend to know who they are and what they want… and they really want it… if you catch my drift…. They are probably appreciating and enjoying sex and their sexuality more than ever. Personally, I find a lot of people become more interesting and sexy with age, not less. Like fine wines.

W! Over-thirty performers are a hot commodity these days, and you might be the hottest one of them. How and when did you get into the porn industry?

IS Well contrary to a few sites I’ve seen with information about me and to correct the record, I actually did my first video when I was at the tender age of 29, not 31. I think that was December 2005. The direct answer here is that my natural sexuality and swinging led me to the adult industry. I was swinging in my personal life and I was getting a lot of compliments from people.  I ended up getting some photos done of myself and I started shopping myself on modeling sites and adult industry sites. Soon enough I started getting calls and offers. So I was very much born by the internet into the adult industry.

W! How do you keep yourself in the right mental state to bring the same amount of intensity to every scene you do? Do you ever get burned out? How do you recharge?

IS Thank you for noticing! Thank you for saying that! This is a good question and when it comes to myself it’s hard to pinpoint. I feel blessed to have a fairly balanced nature. I’ve never had trouble with addictions to things I enjoy. I don’t become preoccupied with them, drugs, food, sex… I have good relationships with people in and out of the industry. I have a stable home life and the support of loved ones. I don’t abuse drugs or alcohol. I exercise and I try to eat right. I have outside interests such as scuba diving, yoga-relaxation, hiking, traveling, etc. When it comes time to perform I love and enjoy what I do. It’s a thrill performing and I dig sex because it feels good. I’ve never felt “burned out” by performing but when I’ve had five or six gigs a week for a couple weeks, or when I’ve done 18 hours a day for three straight days on an adult feature, I can get pretty “worn down,” but that’s “good” tired.

W! You’re big in feature films and are one of the industry’s most prized actresses. Did you ever act before you got into the biz?

IS Can I tell a fart joke here?

W! Are you looking at any mainstream films for opportunities?

IS Yes and no. I was never the frustrated wannabe Hollywood starlet stereotype whose dreams were dashed and ended up in porn. I went into adult work because I wanted to do adult work. Like, how dare I admit I dig sex and acting as a job? Crazy me, I believe there is artistic merit in the depiction of human sexuality. Also, I don’t have PR or agents that are knocking down mainstream doors trying to get me roles, so I don’t actively spend a lot of time pursuing that. That being said, I have had small mainstream roles and whenever I am offered one, I jump at the chance. I have the adult industry to thank for giving me the exposure that has led to mainstream opportunities.

W! If you could create a porn parody feature in which you starred, of any movie you want, and play any role in it that you want—what would you make? Who would you be?

IS I would love to redo something fun like “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls” or some other Russ Meyer classic like “Faster Pussy Cat! Kill!…Kill!” Maybe something like “Talladega Nights” and I would write myself in as Danica Patrick crowding in on Ricky Bobby instead of the French Formula driver. I do have a couple of obscure movies-books up my sleeve that I think would make perfect vehicles for me as an actress-performer, but those are state-secrets for now.

W! You use toys in scenes and have talked about how much you like them — what’s your favorite toy to use?

IS I do love toys, but I enjoy them most when I play with them in conjunction with a lover. I love trying out and experimenting with new toys and sex machines but my number one is a “Wanachi” vibrator. Kind of a cordless wand. I’m probably on about my 7th one now. I wear them out!  It’s battery operated but has excellent power, it’s also very quiet, so it doesn’t sound like there’s a lawnmower in the room. I don’t use it for penetration, I mostly use it to stimulate my clit. For penetration I go with the “Fucksall”. And I broke that too with my steel trap, so I need a new adapter for mine.

W! You call yourself a sexual athlete. I tend to agree — porn performers in general have to stay in great shape. But there are a lot of people who would laugh that off and say porn isn’t exercise. What would you say to that?

IS Well, I did mean for it to be funny. Funny but true. Also, I would say that it doesn’t surprise me that some people would laugh that off because some of those people are probably having very boring, perfunctory sexual relationships, that amount to glorified rutting, which lasts for the standard two to fifteen minutes, in the dark and in the privacy of their own bed and in whatever position feels best to them. I think they are called “arm-chair” quarterbacks. They are ignorant, as in not aware of what it really takes and requires to perform.
The nature of what we do is physical and we need to perform as a team. Now, try performing high-energy sex for 1-4 hours, under hot lights, in front of a crew, in precarious and uncomfortable positions. Don’t forget to keep the pace and intensity up! Rarely do I do a scene that doesn’t require 40 minutes minimum of sex footage. In addition to that 40 minutes, we are often performing the same acts for the still photographer. (No, they aren’t usually shot concurrently.) I doubt that many men or women who aren’t athletes would have the skill, stamina, and conditioning to do that. Try getting slammed on a hard desk or other very uncomfortable platforms/furniture and making it look “hot.”
Here is a good rule of thumb… the hotter a position looks on your screen, usually the more uncomfortable or athletic it is for the performers to do. Try putting yourself into camera-friendly positions and then going at it hard and fast for extended periods while maintaining balance, poise and posture. And maybe it takes several takes in each position to get the right shot. Try having the stamina, energy, and intensity it takes to get through a normal or long adult video sex scene and still photography shoot.
I don’t think most people have a clue about the energy and stamina required to make a quality adult performance. Most people break a sweat from low-impact sex for ten minutes; imagine 60-80 minutes under the conditions I mentioned. And that’s just one scene. I’ve done up to 3 sex scenes in one day and it’s not uncommon for performers to do two scenes in one day. Now try keeping it up for three to five times or more a week. In my opinion, working adult performers are actors and athletes.

W! You come from Native American ancestry, as well as European. Do you maintain any contact with your native roots?

IS I am predominantly Caucasian, but I do have some native blood and yes, I like to think that I do maintain those connections through some traditions I practice, through my world view, and through my study and appreciation for Native American culture and history.

W! You’re a very spiritual person, from what I hear. Do you follow a religion or doctrine, or do you have your own philosophy?

IS I don’t prostrate myself to any one religious institution, dogma, or spiritual tradition. I have spent some time studying and searching many of the major religions and some of the lesser known ones. When you transcend the dogma and mind control you find that each one of them has pearls of wisdom and light to share. In looking at the myriad forms of religion, you often see the fruit of their teachings, the cream, rise to the top. In comparing their wisdom and teachings you find that they often share the same core message. I try to incorporate the wisdom teachings I’ve learned from many sources into my own practical spirituality. Primarily I would say my spiritual ethos is to practice kindness.

W! You mentioned once in an interview that you want to make your own sexual statement without boring, banal, thrown-together sets. If you wrote a sexual manifesto, what would you call it?

IS In that interview question I was probably just shooting for having high production values and avoiding cookie cutter scenarios in anything I produced, (easier said than done) but if I wrote my sexual manifesto what would it be titled?
“Make Fuck Not Hate,” or
“I Fuck Therefore I Am,” or
”How to Have Mind Altering Sex,” or
“The Fucking Truth,” or
“How To Experience Guilt-Free Sex by Transcending Your Social Conditioning,” or
“I’d Rather Be Fucking,” or
“Who Said Love and Sex Have to go Together?”
But seriously maybe “Enlightened Sexuality.”

W! You are a serious iconoclast and very critical of our culture. If you were president, what would you do on your first day (aside form having sex in the Oval Office… I mean, that’s what I would do first)?

IS Our culture is immersed in superficiality, greed, absurdity, corruption, and hypocrisy, If you’ve seen the movie “Idiocracy” that’s about where I think we are headed. I think our culture and institutions have earned the criticism. I’m hardly alone in suspecting we just may be able to do better. But back to the question…
They would probably send the likes of me to Dallas for a parade before they would let me take office….~wink wink, nudge nudge
Of course it’s hubris to think any one person could go to D.C. and face down the thousands of lobbyists and billions of dollars put out there to ensure the status quo remains the status quo… but ahh…”If I were King for a Day!” First things first, I would share a joint with Willie Nelson on the White House roof, then to “support our troops families” and save our country tens of billions of dollars a month I would bring our military home from Afghanistan and Iraq immediately. Then I’d do whatever I could to reverse or overturn the Supreme Court’s decision on the “Citizen’s United” ruling. From the bully pulpit I’d slam the do-nothing congress and tell Americans the truth about what the global casino-finance, corporate-welfare, consumer-defrauding juggernaut that controls this congress has been doing to their jobs. Then I’d have “No Holds Barred” investigations leading to reform of Wall St and the Financial industry. Most importantly I would get to the bottom of the whole UFO issue. Disclosure! Wink wink, nudge nudge!

W! You’re a very out-of-the-box (except you love being in the box, haha!) thinker, so I’m going to ask you this: Things are a little tense in the industry these days with the latest HIV scare. In your opinion, what is the best way to keep porn performers safe and healthy? Testing? Condoms? Both? Neither?

IS I think testing is the minimum that should be required. I never would have come into the industry to perform if testing weren’t required and I wouldn’t stay in the industry if testing were dropped.
If talent chooses to use condoms they should be able to use them without facing future employment consequences for choosing to do so. I would also personally advocate a mandatory orientation system (enforced by agents/agencies, production companies and talent) for new talent entering the industry to include requiring talent to have HPV and other relevant vaccinations prior to performing. The orientation could also provide factual medical knowledge regarding sex, the potential hazards of sex, unique sexual acts (not all sex acts have the same degree of risk) and the identification of symptoms and problems resulting from sex and STD’s. The idea being to establish a base line of sexual education for performers, directors and producers. A working knowledge regarding sex, health and safety within the industry to promote safe and responsible practices and standards that protect the industry, it’s product and most importantly it’s performers. These are like…just my suggestions Dude.

W! You’ve discussed your attraction to certain stars and your “crushes” on performers. Any new crushes develop lately?

IS Oh yeah! It’s a constant process. Chemistry happens. I’m always meeting fresh faces and new talent or working among friends… You get to know them a bit, you perform with them, and you find yourself a bit fond of them. It’s natural for me. It’s a good thing and one of the benefits of my job. I don’t mean to give the impression that I am following anyone home or anything heavy. When I say “crush,” it’s an innocent thing… a good chemistry thing.

W! If you had to pick the most chemistry/crush-driven, hottest scene you’ve ever done, which would you tell me about?

IS I can’t choose one. It’s too many for too many different reasons.

W! Are you romantic?

IS I’m not averse to it. Yes. No. I don’t know. Define “romantic.”

W! How do you take care of your hair down there?

IS I hired a fabulous landscaping team.

W! I’ve seen more bushes lately — is the bush coming back?

IS That’s been my observation too! One of the most common things I’ve heard or overheard on set when I strip is along the lines of, “Oh thank God! She has a bush!” So, yes I think the bush is in again. I am fond of mine. I like well-trimmed pussies, I’m ok with brazilians once in a while, and I like a good pussy ‘fro too, real 70’s like. I like changing and going through the styles. It helps keep it interesting I think.

W! If you could pick a pattern to shave your bush into, what would it be?

IS The sign of “Om.”

W! What song do you want to have sex to, with a man?

ISFeel Like Makin’ Love” by Bad Company or maybe “Whole Lotta Love” by Zeppelin!

W! With a woman?

ISFeel Like Makin’ Love” by Roberta Flack or maybe the old blues song, “Women Lovin’ Each Other”… talking about the “fisthead”

W! What’s your latest big fantasy, now that you’ve done so much in the industry?

IS I would like to have a harem of men and women to service me and to entertain me when I want to watch. At least for a weekend. I find myself fantasizing about having a hot double penetration or double vag experience with the men of my choice.

W! What are your latest big projects?

IS This summer has been happening for me! I directed and shot my first movie for Girlfriends Films. It’s in post production now and I’m working on my editing chops. I’ve performed in many adult features including…. The Addams Family, Anchorman, Captain America, The Graduate, Spartacus XXX, Romeo And Juliet, and lots of other non-parody features for Wicked and Penthouse. I’ll be in several episodes of “Sons of Anarchy” and I have a featured extra role in “Dexter.”

W! Are you doing any feature dancing gigs, signings, or appearances soon that we can send some readers to?

IS If any of your readers are in Europe they will be able to catch me appearing for Girlfriends Films at Venus International in Berlin in the end of September and beginning of October.

W! Thanks again, so much, India! It’s been totally rad! Cowabunga!

IS Thank you, WHACK! and crew!

—Interview conducted by randy reporter Miss Lagsalot.

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