Shameless Self-Endorsement (and India Summer, too!)

Well, hey, if I’m on a “not really thinking but posting anyway” kick… Let’s do more self-promotion and links! Weehoo!

1) I did a really fun interview with the hyper-hot, super-spiritual, highly horny, and impressively articulate India Summer for WHACK! Magazine that published today. I think anyone who reads this blog will like it. A sampling:

WHACK! You’re big in feature films and are one of the industry’s most prized actresses. Did you ever act before you got into the biz?

INDIA SUMMER Can I tell a fart joke here?

WHACK! You mentioned once in an interview that you want to make your own sexual statement without boring, banal, thrown-together sets. If you wrote a sexual manifesto, what would you call it?

INDIA SUMMER In that interview question I was probably just shooting for having high production values and avoiding cookie cutter scenarios in anything I produced, (easier said than done) but if I wrote my sexual manifesto what would it be titled?
“Make Fuck Not Hate,” or
“I Fuck Therefore I Am,” or
”How to Have Mind Altering Sex,” or
“The Fucking Truth,” or
“How To Experience Guilt-Free Sex by Transcending Your Social Conditioning,” or
“I’d Rather Be Fucking,” or
“Who Said Love and Sex Have to go Together?”
But seriously maybe “Enlightened Sexuality.”

2) I absolutely hate sharing videos of myself, but I’m rather proud of this one, so without further ado, my reading at Bluestockings Books in NYC this weekend as part of LitCrawl NYC, on behalf of Sean Labrador Y Manzano’s anthology, Conversations at the Wartime Cafe:

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