Introducing Oneshi Press: A New Video!

Hooray!  A new video introducing Oneshi Press—the independent publishing company I co-founded with my amazing partner—explaining who we are, what we do, how we do it, and why you should become a part of it, too!

Oneshi Press is making big strides toward putting our first book early this year, and we’re starting to spread our wings to work with other people: artists, flatters, and letterers. All thanks to the amazing community of supporters at Patreon who are making it possible for us to get off the ground. When you subscribe, you become a part of this fabulous community and receive a bunch of cool rewards.

Jayel Draco put this video together—check out the incredible animation and effects. And on top of that, he made literally all the art. This guy is amazing! I’m so incredibly lucky that he’s my partner in life and in business.

Together, as Oneshi Press, we’re building gorgeous, progressive, immersive worlds for you to explore. Come join us!

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