It’s Me! In a Video! About Tracy Queen!

Hey, everybody, look! It’s me! In a video about my sex-positive graphic novel and the Kickstarter campaign to fund it!

This is one slick-as-heck video, if I do say so myself. Check out those nifty animations! Enjoy the theme music! And let the mellifluous tones of our fan and supporter Deus Nova wash over you. You can watch the video below, or at the Kickstarter page!

And you can share this video and the Kickstarter link with your friends, followers, fans, family, and literally anybody else you possibly can! It would mean a lot to me. The more folks who see this, the more likely it is that my beautiful baby, the most amazing thing I’ve ever written, will get funded! And hey, if you’re hesitating to mention it to your friends, remember this: It’s a graphic novel about empowerment, cyborg-clone warfare, and radical self-acceptance. What’s not to love?

Still not sure? Never fear. I’ve got lots of information about Tracy Queen here on this website! And a whole website dedicated to Tracy. And hey, look! It’s me in another video that will tell you just why this book is so damn important!

PS: When you share the Kickstarter on social media, use the hashtag #tracyqueeniscoming, so I’ll see it and can say THANK YOU for helping out!

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